Its Not The End Of The World That We Lost to India But Lessons Need To be Learned.
Posted on August 14th, 2017

Top Spin By Suni

Aug.8 2017

The cricket crazy nation of Sri Lanka is in shock over the series whitewash by India but taking into consideration some key factors it should come as no surprise and no shame to lose to the No1 test team in the world but to go down with hardly a fight somewhat gut wrenching and pathetic.

Lessons need to be learned towards the future and this is not a time to bemoan losses remembering the glory days of Sri lanka Cricket which were indeed glorious and as a team  in transition and rebuilding perhaps the administrators and team selectors need to re-group and plan a stratrgy for the team that will work as whatever they are doing at present does not seem to be working.

Losses to Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh amongst others perhaps are stark reminders of the vulnerabilities and fallibilities of the team and sooner or later a winning combination needs to be set in place if they are going to challenge the best in the world as never before in the history of Sri lanka Cricket has there been such humiliating losses.

Perhaps it is time to refurbish the Administration of SL Cricket and a major cleanup at its top level in all probabilities is in order as the team is now reminiscent of a ship without proper direction where those at its helm seem to be bungling their way, taking all the wrong directions and making wortless choices hopefully not towards oblivion but the rot which has set in certainly needs to be stemmed!

It is painfully visible that the fault lies in the Administration rather than the players where Sri Lanka has a wealth of young players but some of them never given the opportunity through selection and encouragement  to prove their worth some even subjected to personal vendettas where others through patronage and favouritism  are chosen and the result probably very apparent as the team flounders from one loss to another.

It must be noted that during the tenures of  Dav Whatmore  and Tom Moody (albeit the calibre of players being different) Sri Lanka was never known for anything but a fighting spirit and the will to win where today they seem to have a sense of resignation towards capitulation and hence the debilitating losses .It just might be that a strong and capable coach who has proved himself may be the answer to Sri Lanka’s cricketing panacea.This together with a totally new panel of Administrators and selectors who leave much to be desired as there are very capable individuals waiting in the wings to replace them.

With the Onedayers approaching against India it is hoped that the Sri Lankans will put up a better show and not go down tamely as they did in the Tests and some of the injury laden players will recover in time to provide the Indians with stiff opposition.



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  1. ranjit Says:

    Every team plays to win but win or lose lt doesn’t matter but losing like this is a shame after so many years of showing how much strong we were among other cricket playing nations. Win of lose now itself we should start building a young energetic strong team. Should remove all the older players completely. We have enough young new cricketers whom we can trained them well from now on. Cricket board must be sacked. Bookie mafia chairman must be sacked too and the sports minister must keep his hands out of cricket and allow the players to play their own game.
    Eating rice and break rest having late night parties won’t do any good for cricket. Need continues training without their families attendance. Need good coaches in every field. A foreign coach is better than our own. Our cricketers are lazy to bend to run etc. We don’t see any exciting batsmen like Sanath Jayasuriya or Sanga or even bowlers like Murali,Vas etc. We hope Sri Lanka will come up victorious in the future matches and make our team great again.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    I’m afraid blaming the administration is wearing thin. In this year alone, a total of 63 catches were dropped by our players. Some of them changed the direction of the game. If catches win matches, Team Sri Lanka doesn’t deserve to win. The captain also influences selection. Dilhara Lokuhettige made it public how a former captain deprived him. Three foreigner managers manage most ODI players which is a tragedy in itself. Cricket Administration (despite its shortcomings) is very keen for the team to win for their own survival. But I wonder if players are keen or competent enough to win. As Arjuna pointed out, success or failure of the national team has little to do with success or failure of players today. They have built a future elsewhere. Playing for the national team is only a springboard.

    Will India play its full strength ODI team? Lets find out.

  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    It seems quite aggravating that former Indian great ( depite his – at times loose tongue in the commentator’s box ) has had the nerve to say” an elite Ranji trophy team could beat the present Sri Lankan Test side” so who does he think he is? the Cat’s whisker !!.While there may be traces of truth in it ( good lesson for the Lankans) there is no decorum given the man’s class to make such a bold and unclassified statement, Put a sock on some of your comments Sunny Gavaskar, we repected your courageous batting against the thunderbolts of the West i Indies once but that and other aspects of your cricketing prowess does not give you carte blanche to be so officious.Sri Lanka will rise from the ashes again and Ranji Trophy cricket bears no relevance to Sri Lanka cricket

  4. RohanJay Says:

    The underlying problems of Sri Lankan cricket is that they have supporters who expect unrealistic things from their team and a corrupt cricket board that runs the board in Sri Lanka. That squandered all the financial wealth that the success of the Sri lankan team brought in between 1996-2016

  5. RohanJay Says:

    Sri Lankan cricket didnt invest on grassroots cricket and schools cricket and allow it to wither on the wine during the success years of 1996 to 2016. Instead sri lankan cricket supporters a good chunk of them believed that as long as the big guns were there Murali,Jayasuriya,Sangakkarra and Mahela everythin is alright. They were woken up in this series by their big south asian neighbour to the north. Who promised indian cricket fans they would thrash the Sri Lankans when they arrived in the Island for this series and thats exactly what they did. Comprehensive thrashing handed out by the equally cricket mad South Asian neighbour of Sri Lanka. That is India.


    “World Cup 1975 flashback: When Sunil Gavaskar scored 36 runs in 174 balls”. If Gavaskar continued playing ODI, the India would have been far behind Canada. Then by now “The Little Master” would have become “Belittle Master”.

  7. cassandra Says:

    As a Test player, Sunil Gavaskar was noted for playing a straight bat but in his role as a commentator he has, sadly failed to display a similar discipline. This is not the first time he has been somewhat ‘over the top’ with his comments. He’s done this in the past and many people are now not surprised when he gets a bit carried away. A good commentator should know, among other things, to be moderate with his remarks but, that said, can we really complain about Gavaskar calling it as he saw it? To lose one Test by a huge margin is nothing unusual but after three in a row – and following other recent poor performances – Gavaskar was probably right – a good Ranji Trophy team could have beaten the SL team. So, let’s not get too worried about his remarks. The best way to answer such critics is to respond with better performances.

    BTW, in November last year after the Australian team lost an Ashes series and did poorly on the sub continent, Rod Marsh, the chairman of selectors, did not offer excuses and lost no time in resigning from that position. Any chance of the SL chairman of selectors doing the same?

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    You can’t look at CRICKET alone.

    Everything has COLLAPSED under this CURSED UNP YAMA-PALANAYA govt. Tell me ONE THING that has NOT collapsed?

    Our police chief goes ASSAULTING Muslims for NOT meditating!!
    Our foreign minister ROBS the central bank!!
    Our PM RECYCLES crooks!!
    Govt. trying to do a NO CONFIDENCE MOTION against OWN minister!!

    ALWAYS BREAKDOWN. We are due for the AUGUST monthly disaster. April – garbabge collapse, May – floods, June – Dengue, July – attacking protestors, ………

    Blaming cricketers for the DISASTER is like blaming the COMMODE for loose motions!! Cricket minister is a RILLAWA (baboon) according to cricketers.

    Good luck SL for the ODI series. WIN just 2 matches and that is OK for us. We are ALWAYS with you. Our cricketers are doing GREAT under a baboon.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Is INDIA using Lanka as a bone to be thrown to the howling wolves from outside ?

    In the process is INDIA taking over Lanka, bit by bit ?

    Also, if Lanka ‘goes to the wolves’ will INDIA not follow ?? !

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    To any GoSL :
    Deals with foreign companies can be done, but they have to be done with truly advantageous items to Sri Lanka. Lanka First !
    Also, do not jeopardise Lanka SECURITY issues through foreign deals.

    Lanka LAND should NEVER be sold or given on long leases to foreigners. Leased land must be of a certain limit in size. Lanka is a small island – never sell Lanka !

    We need time tested PATRIOTS to lead Lanka.

    INDIA will look after herself. They have proven able people doing so.
    Lanka has to do the same – Lanka First ! Or else, even Pocket Stuffers Inc will have no place to call ‘Home’.

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