The 13th Amendment and the Rajiv/ JR Accord should be scrapped immediately
Posted on August 14th, 2017

Comments by Sudath Gunasekara 14.8.2017

Reference Why we mustn’t move a millimeter beyond the 13th amendment”

(Dayan Jayatilka)

August 7, 2017, 8:48 pm The Island

Reference above observations on Wigneswaran, the neo-Pirapaharan, by Dr. Dayan Jayatilka in yesterday’s Island, I would like to make the following comments.

While fully endorsing what Dayan in his analysis has said, I would like to stretch a point further and demand the immediate and complete abolition of this curse, Provincial Councils, at least now, ASAP before this Island nation is completely destroyed by these mad Tamil communal outfit and the gang of parasitic white clad pinguttara politicians with the support of anti -Sinhala anti-Buddhist Western Colonial elements who are struggling day and night, to do what they failed to do for 500 years of their hay days from 1505 to 1948.

Highlights of the 13th A

1 It was the attempt made by India to complete the conspiracy of dividing this country of the Sinhalese on ethnic basis initiated by British colonial Invaders in 1833 and completed in 1897 by dividing this country in to nine Provinces

2 It was the Indian conspiracy to give Administrative and Legal teeth for the residents of the North and East so demarcated, to claim ownership over the land earmarked and parceled out by the British in pursuance of their divide and rule colonial policy.

3 It was the vicious Indian plan to tame JR Jayawardhana for aligning with USA and adopting a covert anti- Indian policy

4 It was India’s strategy to make Sri Lanka a protectorate of the mainland India by pursuing the Kautilyan policy of expanding the Kingdom.

5 It was India’s subversive strategy to satisfy the aspirations of Tamilnadu politicians as part of their political manipulations to strengthen the hegemony of Delhi in South Asia.

6 It was part of India’s subversive plan to consolidate its political and economic control over this Island

7 It was to consolidate their strategic power in the Indian Ocean to counter emerging Chinese power in the Indian Ocean as well as that of the West.

8 It was also a part of their long term strategy to get the Central Provinces of Central, Uva and Sabaragamuwa where there is a sizable Indian plantation population annexed to the North and East as traditional Tamil Home land inSri Lanka

9 It was a part of their long term conspiracy to wipe out the Sinhala Buddhist Civilization on this Island as they have done to Buddhism in India.

10 Finally to satisfy their  millennia old never fulfilled dream started with the Rama’s invasion of acquiring this Paradise Island as a subkingdom of the Indian Hindu Empire by converting it to a Home Land of South India Tamils whom they call ‘People of Indian origin’

All patriotic and sensible people like the writer have wasted their precious time in the name of the country and the Sinhala Nation, for 3 decades without any tangible results, writing and talking on the dangers of this conspiracy hatched by India with the support of Western imperial remnants, separatist communal Tamils like Wigneswaran and all other anti-Sinhala and anti- Buddhist forces. There is no point in writing or talking any more. I, along with many others patriotic men like Gunadasa  Amrasekara and Nalin de Silva and many others have been writing from 1987 against the imminent dangers of this curse. Politicians like Mrs Bandaranaike and even Mhinda Rajapaksa and Dinesh Ggunawardhana have protested and led public agitations and many have died. What we should do now, therefore is to demand this Government of unpatriotic, deaf, dumb and blind  political crooks to immediately scrap the 13th A along with the JR/Rajiv Accord that laid the concrete foundation for this trap that is the 13th A 1987 for the dangers enumerated above and further more for elaborately discussed  in the following  pages..

There is no sense at all in retaining it at all in any form as it has brought the country almost to the brim of disaster. Thirty years of its impact has already handed over   2/3 of the total area of the country in the North and North East to Tamil and Muslim separatists. Meanwhile hectic action is being taken under the provisions of the same anti Sinhala and anti-Buddhist Indian sponsored Amendment by the  present Government ( led by Minister Kiriella and Ranil Wickramasinha) from 2015 to give the entire CP, Uva and Wellassa Provinces to Indian Estate Tamils to collect their votes.

The13th amendment was the illegitimate child of Indian expansionism and Sri Lankan political naivety that prevailed at that time. It was brought up in pursuance of the Indo-Sri Lanka agreement of 29th July 1987 entered upon between Sri Lanka and India. This was signed by J.R.Jayawardene, the then President of Sri Lanka and Rajive Ghandi the Indian prime Minister. Though it was called an agreement, in reality it was oneway traffic. It was the will of the Indian government imposed on old JRJ by the Indian government under the able and cunning stewardship of Dixit the then Indian Ambassador in Sri Lanka. We all know how it was preceded by the famous ‘dhal invasion’ of Jaffna peninsula in which demonstrated the high handed action on the part of Indian expansionism. It was a blatant violation of all accepted international diplomatic ethics. In fact we all still remember how Dixit summoned JRJ to his office and got JRJ to succumbed to his dictations under threats of imminent invasion.

In the words of a group of patriotic people who made an analysis  ‘The Indo-Lankan Agreement was an agreement between the two Heads of States that was conceived, incubated and hatched in the greatest secrecy’ until it was singed. It was singed under a country wide curfew and a total press censorship. Even the foreign Ministry was kept in the dark. Prime Minister Premadasa stayed out of the country in protest. Minister of Internal Security Lalith Atulathmudali also boycotted it. It was also singed under a country wide protest organized by the opposition under Mrs. B’s leadership in which the present President also participated. Thereafter JRJ used his steam roller majority of 5/6th to get it passed by the Parliament by keeping the MPP herded in a hotel until the voting time, The Chief Justice of the country also resigned and left for Australia in protest.

This was the backdrop under which JRJ used his dictatorial executive powers to get the 13th amendment through. This scenario makes it more than clear that he singed these agreements under pressure from India for his own political survival. It is also not surprising that he did so, when we recollect that it was he who said in 1920s that ‘Sri Lanka of Dutugemunu and Parakramabahu is a thing of the past and if you want to develop the country, Sri Lanka should be affiliated to India as one of its regional states’.

This tragic event in the political history of this country has once again highlighted the mistake of leaving everything in the hands of power hungry politicians, when it comes to matters dealing with the destiny of the nation. It also focuses on the serious vacuum created by the tragedy of absence of powerful national level leaders and organizations who can tame the politicians, when it comes to issues that decide the future destiny of the country.

All in all this chain of events clearly demonstrate that the Indo-Sri Lankan Agreements did not have the support of the masses in this country, in whose hands lies the sovereignty of the Republic which is also said to be inalienable. Obviously therefore the 13th amendment has violated article 3 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, although JRJ has legitimized it subsequently using his dictatorial executive powers. The Indo-Sri Lanka agreement was the result of a diabolical conspiracy hatched by India against Sri Lanka, under the then prevailing sour relationship between the two countries. It also has violated the provisions of Article 1 of the constitution which says that ‘Sri Lanka is a Free, Sovereign and independent country etc. Thirdly since by establishing provincial councils and the manner in which their functioning has been maneuvered, the unitary status of the Republic is also violated. (Article 2).

The intension of the 13th amendment itself was not bon-fide. It was not enacted in the broader interest of the country and its people. JR singed this for his own survival and the survival of his government in the face Indian threat of imminent invasion.

One can argue that under the then prevailing rather sour Indo-Lankan relations (for which JRJ and his government was responsible) he had no choice. Therefore he had opted for the best choice in the interest of the country. But that is only mere rhetoric. The content of the agreements and the subsequent legislations (13th Amendment) clearly demonstrate how they have cleverly sidetracked the interests of this country and betrayed the nation. Even the removal of civil rights of Mrs. B is a part and parcel of the same conspiracy.

Of the six amendments that were brought under the 13th amendment to the constitution, only amendments 2 and 4 are discussed here.

The 2nd amendment amended Article 18 of the 1987 constitution which stated that the ‘Official language of Sri Lanka shall be Sinhala’, making Tamil also an official language of Sri Lanka. It also said English shall also be the link language.

Amendment 4 on the other hand which amended sec 154 of the original Constitution added a new Article as 154A under a new chapter XV11A and it provided for the establishment of the Provincial Councils. Under this it was proposed to establish a Provincial Council for every Province.

Each Council to have a Governor who will exercise executive powers in relation to subjects assigned to the Provincial councils. Legislative powers will be carried out by the Provincial Council headed by a chief Minister and a board of Ministers elected by the people of the Province. Wide and far reaching powers were given to the Provincial councils under the Ninth Schedule List 1, which is called the Provincial Council List. This includes practically all powers pertaining to governance within the province including among other things Land, Police powers, Legal powers, tax and Finance These Councils were also given powers even to negotiate with foreign governments and organizations. This has been already done in the NWP when Jayawickrama Perera was the CM. Provision for establishing ‘Super Provinces’ were made under Article 154A, (3) by combining two or three adjoining Provinces to form one administrative unit with one elected Provincial Council, one Governor, one Chief Minister and one Board of Ministers. It was under this provision that the North and East were merged.

The implied main purpose of the Indo Sri Lanka Agreement was to find solutions to the so called ethnic problem said to be present here and find a solution to the North- East problem and restore peace and normalcy in the country. But it is rather ironical that it also included a clause to make Tamil also an official language and another for repatriation of the estate Tamils who had already been declared to be Indian citizens. The provisions of the latter violated the provisions of the Nehru-Kotalawala agreement of 1954 which is still valid law as it had not been annulled by the JR/Rajiv Accord. These manipulations and the proposal to establish nine Provincial councils on the Indian model and sometimes even going beyond in matters of devolution are definitely sinister moves on the part of subversive Indian politics.

What was even more serious were the provisions made to amalgamate two or three provinces to form one Provincial council? Here they went further by providing for a referendum to be held for the people of those provinces only to decide whether they should stay together as one administrative unit or get back to their status quo. This again is a nullification of the sovereignty of the people of this country. Probably the designers of this sinister plan would have had the North, East and the Uva and the Central Provinces to be merged where there is a majority Tamil population it to form in to this happy pro-Indian Tamilnadu” within Sri Lanka. The fact that Saumya Moorthi Thondaman has already had discussions long before this event at Ella Rest House with some foreign donor agencies to construct a super high way to link Nuwara Eliya and Badulla with Batticaloa further support this argument and conspiracy.

In fact the recommendation of Provincial Councils for the other provinces was made only to hoodwink the southern people. In reality India wanted them only for the East, North and another Province of their choice, where there was a sizable Tamil population. Following the 13th amendment fortunately only the North and East provinces were merged and that also had to be dissolved after Vardharaja Perumal unilaterally declared independence. The proposed referendum for the people of the two Provinces to decide whether they should remain as one or two was never held. After nearly fifteen years of debate, thanks to the JVP who went to courts, finally the North- East provinces were demerged and now the first danger of Provinces getting together on an ethnic basis to form  a Tamilnadu in Sri Lanka, perhaps what the Indians had in their minds when they designed the Agreement, is no more there. It should be noted that even today Perumal is kept as a ‘state guest’ by India.

Although the two Provinces have been demerged consequent to a court order we cannot remain complacent that the danger is over particularly when we see the emerging new moves, both in international and local lobby circles to implement the 13th amendment. As we all know nearly for 15 years we did not have a provincial council for the North and the East for which it was really intended. Instead we have Provincial Councils in all other Provinces; causing an additional burden to the coffers of the state and enormous confusion to the good governance of this little Island nation.

Since I have in several occasions discussed at length the tragedy of the Provincial Councils, I do not intend to deal further on that issue here. Instead now I will divert to a brief discussion as to why the 13th amendment should not be taken up at this critical moment of history of this Island nation.

As you would have already seen from the above observations neither the Indo-Sri Lankan Agreement nor the 13th Amendment were ever wanted by the people of this country, with whom the country’s sovereignty rests. The agreement was something imposed from above by India against the wishes and sovereignty of the people of this country and the 13th amendment was thus thrust upon the people by JRJ to safeguard his political survival and none of the subsequent legislations were passed or implemented in the interest of the recipient country or its people.

Three major things happened as a sequel to the 13th amendment. They were unprecedented in the history of this country and critical too, in the context of the political future of this island nation.

1 Setting up of 8 Provincial Councils with provisions for amalgamation of two or more councils and there by paving way for future independent political divisions on an ethnic basis finally leading for independent ethno-political states. .

2 Making Tamil also an official language (perhaps the only country in the world with two official languages)

3 Awarding Sri Lankan citizenship to nearly 500,000 estate Tamils who should have been otherwise sent to India under the then prevailing laws

Establishment of Provincial Councils was the biggest bane in this game. It not only strengthened the political boundaries set up by the British for the permanent division of the Island in 1897 but it also further polarized the minority groups, both Tamils and Muslims who were clamoring for separation.

The establishment of PCC also has multiplied the political and administrative institutions, which have in turn increased the government’s expenditure with almost zero returns. State of California in USA, six times larger than Sri Lanka, has only one Governor but this tiny Island has nine governors and nine Provincial Councils with a top heavy expensive state machinery over burdened with politicians and officials. For whose benefit do they exist? The increases in the number of political institutions, politicians, officials, offices and connected expenditure to maintain them were phenomenal and unbearable for a small country like ours. All this expenditure is a criminal wastage going down the drain with zero contribution to national development. The waste, corruption, duplication etc also have unprecedentedly increased in keeping with the Parkinson’s Law.

The new system also has increased ethnic polarization. Neither the LTTE terrorism nor the tendency for ethnic segregation among the Tamils has ceased or decreased as a result of this agreements or the implementation of the 13th amendment. Instead all problems in all fronts have escalated and it has even given new political aspiration to Muslims and the estate Tamils as well. They will also now agitate for separation as they have already demonstrated.

The proportional representation and the District MP system introduced by the 1987 constitution has made things even worse by complicating the election process and adding to the cost and above all alienating the elected from the voter and creating electorates without representatives; thereby making representative democracy a big mockery and a joke in this country.

As such the remedy recommended has now become worse than the malady itself. Therefore it could be safely concluded that the overall outcome of this whole exercise has been disastrous to this country’s future. It only has consolidated the sinister intensions of colonial policies of divide and rule and the intentions of India of balancing political power at home and keeping Sri Lanka destabilized. The continuation of this system could be even more disastrous for the future of this country both politically as well as economically. What this country needs today is not policies that perpetuate and accelerate the disintegration of the Sri Lankan State but to look for ways and means of re-establishing the political stability, once we had in this country for millennia.

Therefore it is high time that we drop this curse and political cancer, the trap laid by the colonial masters in conjunction with India by marking them on ground as well as in the minds of the minorities. It also gave political and legal meaning and substance to Tamil aspirations.

Therefore at least now, we should go for some pragmatic and meaningful system like the ancient ‘Tun Rata’ concept which will not only once again bring back political stability and ethnic harmony but also economic and social prosperity to this Island as one nation.

I think Sri Lanka has already established an unbeatable world record as the country that has the highest number of Ministers, Governors, Ministries, politicians and public officials, political and administrative institutions and that spends the highest percentage of the national income to maintain them, relative to its geographical size,, compared with all other countries in the whole world. This also means the biggest burden to the public coffers adding very little or nil to national production. The expenditure incurred on this machinery therefore in my opinion is a criminal wastage. It could be reduced at least by 50% if the proposed model is accepted and the savings could be gainfully diverted to national development.

Proposed solution

The Provincial Council system and proliferation of unwanted and superficial public institutions is one of the biggest burdens we face today as a nation. Arresting proliferation of both political and administrative institutions therefore is a sine qua non, if anyone is serious in good governance that marks efficiency, honesty and economy, in this country. The existing system only accelerates negativity in nation building and distances us far and further away from positivity. Why should this country labour the luxury of maintaining 873 politicians (including 9 Governors and 155 Ministers) when it could be run more efficiently with about 280 politicians and 25 Government Agents as shown below after devolution of power to Three political divisions and decentralization of administration to 25 districts.?

See the following table for details.

Present                            Proposed

President                  1                                                  1

Prime Minister       1                                                  1

Governors                9                                                 3

Total                                   11                                                5

Present                                      Proposed

MPP     Parliament                     225                                        125
Provincial CS                              638        (Ratasabhas)       150

Ministers Parliament                109                                         15

Provincial Councils                     45                                         45

Total No Politicians           10+225+638= 873           4+125+150=279

(Since the PM is included within 225 and 125 he is not included to the total)

In addition we can have even a deputy Prime Minister to be reserved for the minorities to be held alternative by Tamils and Muslims (For Eg T=3 years and M+2 years).This is on the assumption that the country will be governed by one government at the centre with a Parliament headed by a President and three Rata Sabhas, Ruhunu, Pihiti and Maya.

In this backdrop my view is that not only the 13th amendment and the JR/Rajiv Accord should be scrapped forthwith.

Now that the LTTE menace has been successfully defeated, this is the best time for the President to make a new beginning and make a bold resolution to re-create and re-built that pristine and glorious Sri Lanka that was destroyed by Magha invaders in the 12th century. Then he will go down in the annals of history as the ruler in the Islands history and once again restored our lost heritage in the 21st century from its gloomy and dark uncertainties after 800 hundred long years.

16 Responses to “The 13th Amendment and the Rajiv/ JR Accord should be scrapped immediately”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    If My3 wants to go on history by doing a good thing for Mother Lanka, this is what he has to do.

    We don’t care about political parties but we care of Mother Lanka more than our own lives.

    We don’t care who does it. But we know who ever do this is a true son of Mother Lanka. The whole nation will be with him for ever.

    If My3 does this, we will consider you as our true Leader.

    If not, we consider you as another back stabbing opportunist.

    You have no competition. Even MR has not declared he will do it. So he can not tell later that he was also thinking about it.

    So please grab the opportunity dear My3 and dissolve the PC’s… No elections needed.. no one will blame that you did not hold elections. After the next day, it will be the GA’s who will rule the districts as before and peace will prevail. Maintaining a while elephant will stop.

    Please go for it!!!

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    I hope and pray that this impassioned appeal move Maithri to act in accordance with it. But he must forget himself and only think about the country. Let us think about the lives of millions of our innocent children. Is leaving them a potentially blood soaked future – the kind that we were tortured by for over 30 years – just because you fell out with your long time political friend Mahinda worth it do you think? Don’t you appreciate the natural affinity you probably still have with MR? Who is RW to you? Don’t you know he is even less to the country?

    Don’t you have the intrinsic sense of fair play that all Sinhalese Buddhist villagers have? It is in their DNA.
    May you be inspired to take the plunge and do what Sudath is suggesting here. Forget about the fame you will automatically earn, like a true hero. Do it, if you choose to do it, because it is the right thing to do.


    Hand back the leadership of the SLFP to Mahinda now. Let him dismiss the central committee you appointed and appoint one of his own. Don’t worry about the corrupt fair weather friends who gathered around you just to save their skin. Have no qualms about leaving them twisting in the wind. They will in any case betray you as easily as the dogs did Mahinda.
    Admit that we are being subjected to an undeserved Hitlerite ‘final solution’ dictated by the West and India, using as a cover a section of our own people (diaspora Tamils, mostly Hindus), who cannot disown us in the calamitous future that is bound to take shape in time, but instead will have to fight by our side.

    Put on hold the current constitution making project which people did not ask for, and which the Mahanayakes (our Last Refuge) have also declared to be unnecessary at this otherwise critical time.
    Why worry about the present constitution under which MR achieved, with your participation, the biggest victory for the country since independence (i.e., putting an end to separatist terrorism and restoring sovereignty and peace over the whole of our beloved Motherland benefitting all communities).

    Stop harassing MR, his family, and the patriotic officials who worked under him for the good of the country and made great contributions to economic development.
    Some individuals may have done wrong. Corruption is not unique to any administration. Even though top leaders may be absolutely uncorrupted, some of those around them may not be so. That is a situation that all politicians must address together.

    Punishing crimes alleged to have been committed under the MR government is not the need of the hour. Continuing the good things it started is a present imperative.
    We will formulate our own new constitution after electing a parliament that represents all the communities fairly and equally.

    Restore the country to where it was before January 8, 2015, and enable us to work again towards an undivided peaceful and prosperous country where there is only one Sri Lankan community (no majorities, no minorities) where Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malays and many others live in shared prosperity, dignity and equality.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Sudath Gunasekara and Gunadasa Amrasekara and Nalin de Silva

    13A is untouchable Indian baby , but We-Eelam Thamilar also fully support to abolition of this curse !!!

    Mother Lankan Modayas & Sakkiliyas never learn .

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Sudath Gunasekara

    You Well cleverly written because you never mention a word about our ethnic problem .

    to whom you try to fool Chignkala sakotharam apart from yourself !!!

    1956 to 1983 Demila baila also 1983 to 2009 Sinhela Theepavali not done by Indian We both done it & paid high price for it.

    Our Kolaveri is not finished yet !!!

    Why this Kolaveri machagn ?

    let’s sing together Sri Lanka Thaayae, Nam Sri Lanka,Namo, Namo, Namo,Namo Thaayae………..

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    fallen soldiers of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) in a solemn ceremony at the IPKF memorial in Colombo.- fallen by whom We patriotic of Mother Lankan We-Ilankai Demila !!!

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  7. Senerath Says:

    One of myTamil friends Sivakumar (studied together in a foreign Uni with me in 1980) told me their’s are shorter than us Sinhalese. That could be the problem.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    a saying in Tamil – Viddiya vidiya Ramar Kathai , vidinchathum oruthan kaddanam Seeththakku Ramar enna purai enru !!!
    Over night people watch Ramar drama, next day morning a person ask other one all fine this drama but could please tell me what is the relationship between Ramar & Seetha ???

    at lease please can you remember 1956 to 1983 Damila Baila & 1983 to 2009 Sinhela Theepavali in Our Mother
    Lanka ????

    let’s sing together at lease until Eelam war V , Sri Lanka Thaayae, Nam Sri Lanka,Namo, Namo, Namo,Namo Thaayae………..

  9. SA Kumar Says:


    Their’s are shorter than us Sinhalese.- Than how come our PM sorry CM’s both Daughter in law are Sinhalese ???
    may be shorter do better job than longer ???

    Machan why this koraveri ???

    Have your friend Sivakumar ever let you down ? No
    We both are living in Our mother Lanka last 2,500 years & live for 3,000 years or more……. of cause We fight each other time to time .

    Live & let’s live in United Mother Lanka until Eelam war V !!!!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    The 13-A is ILLEGAL and therefore must be removed.

    The 13-A was imposed under DURESS on the JRJ govt in 1987, and is therefore ILLEGAL.

    There is NO law and order in Sri Lanka.

    Is Sri Lanka a Democracy ? NO !
    Thanks to Tamil leaders Separatism and CASTE WARS from Tamil Nadu and UNPATRIOTIC and fearfilled local leaders as at present who cannot govern with honesty and decency.

    Call a spade a spade – it’s visible for all to see.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    SA Kumar, dear ole chap,

    What is this you keep harping about “our” ethnic problem?

    We Sinhalese DON’T HAVE an ETHNIC problem.

    You Tamils HAVEthat disease in SPADES; NOT us Sinhalese!

    So please FIND A CURE FAST, or we will have to CURE YOUR DISEASE ourselves!

    What is this kavadi kolaveri machang? What?

  12. Senerath Says:

    SA Kumar,
    It is just that Sivakumar told me machang, I didn’t ask him or measure. He told me voluantirily.
    How do you know your CM’s sons are really his ? There is no proof machang. He lived in Colombo. I know the handsom next door neighbour.
    This is call Recolisilly work machang.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    “our” ethnic problem?- agreed not yours it is our , We-Ilankai Demilas.

    You Tamils HAVEthat disease in SPADES- correct but unfortunatly You Chignkalavar have to live with your disease Thamil sakodarayas for ever in OUR Sinhela island ( Chignkala Theevu) .

    we will have to CURE YOUR DISEASE ourselves- you tried 1956 to 1983 but we both know result 1983 to 2009.

    so Please why do not try different method like United Provincial of Mother Lanka (fully implement 6A &13A together like Indian system .

    Kavadi Kolaveri – You Sinhalese know better Tamil now (Seriously).

    What is this kavadi kolaveri machang? What?- What is that Eelam war V ( oyatha alaikal 4,5,6 , thaval pachchal 4,5,6 , Jeya sukku muriyadippu 2.3, Anai Iravu camp 2, over run etc…..) that will end in Manik farm IDP camp (Mulivaikkal 2 ) where YOU cook & serve 3 meal for three years than release so on……..

  14. SA Kumar Says:


    me too just joking You know We all are good people unfortunatly our Karma Our both community divided too long.

    hope & pray not any more …..

  15. Senerath Says:

    It is all under your control. You stop the racism, cheating at exams, putting ony Tamil people to Tamil jobs etc. etc . and you are going like us love us. Otherwise after another 20 years this country will be a Elamistan with Sharia Law.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    cheating at exams, putting only Tamil people to Tamil jobs etc. etc – those are olden days now We Tamil have to learn from our Sinhala machgn all jimal .

    all good .

    Live & let’s live in United Sinhela Lanka !!!

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