Here are the reasons for attempting to expel Wijedasa Rajapaksa – MP Udaya Gammanpila
Posted on August 15th, 2017

(Translated by : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA)

Given below is a speech delivered by the leader of the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya Parliamentaeian Mr. Udaya Gammanpila at his Party Headquarters.

Why a No Confidence Motion is being brought against Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa if the Attorney General is inefficient and Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa is not responsible for that? Actually there are 4 reasons for bringng a No Confidence Motion against Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa.

They are:

  1. Directly and unhestantly telling the Special Rapporteur of the UN Anti-Terrorist and Human Rights Ben Emerson that information provided by him are incorrect;
  2. When the government was telling through security service units that there are no ISIS terrorists in Sri Lanka, speaking in Parliament and telling that there is Muslim extremism in the country and information has been received that there are 11 ISIS Sri Lankan terrorists fighting at present;
  3. Meeting the President with Buddhist Organisations to discuss about archaeological destructions being caused in the North and East by Tamil Separaatists and Muslim Extremists;
  4. Raising the voice sayng that by selling the most valuable treasure of the country, the Hambantota harbour to China, the government carried out a big mistake that caused a huge damage to the country.

It was because of the feelings expressed by him as pointed out above displaying his love for the country and the nation a group of MPs who do not have any feelings and love for the country and the nation have become agitated and brought a No Confidence Motion against him.  While the boone chewing Ministers of the Hela Urumaya who published full page advertisements during the Presidential Election campaign saying that as long as they remain they will not allow any harm to be caused to the country and the nation and the religion remain silent and like damp squids we greatly appreciate Minister Wijedasa for raising his voice for the country and the nation. For boldly saying by him that the country and the nation more valuable to him than holding the post of a Minister.  It is a mtter that should be appreciated by everyone devoid of party politics.

We must modify the song written by Sunil Ariyaratne and sung by Nanda Malini to suit the conditions in the country today as follows:.

While the Ministers of Hela Urumaya remained chewing bones

Mr. Wijedasa who saw that the country is under fire

Tell me whether it is wrong finding ways to douse that fire?”,

This is what we have to ask the United National Party parliamentarians who are bringing a No Confidence Motion against Minister Wijedasa.

Actually it is not the voice of the joint opposition that is being raised by Minuster Wijedasa.  It is the voice of the UNP activists in the rural villages.  The UNP supporters who were in the opposition for 21 years have realized that although they formed a UNP led governmet that the UNP will once again be thrown into the opposition due to the unpatriotic acts being carried out by the government.  Therefore, the UNPers who love the country should come forward to protect Minister Wijedasa.  What the UNPer who loves the UNP shuld do is not to hit at Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa but to extend their fullest support to Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa who attempts to direct the UNP to its right path. (niz)

2 Responses to “Here are the reasons for attempting to expel Wijedasa Rajapaksa – MP Udaya Gammanpila”

  1. AnuD Says:

    I think Rajitha Senarathen, cBK, Ranil, Mangala is one camp. Rajith awants to be the prime minister once Ranil left and he tries for Tamil, muslims votes.

    wijedasa Rajapakse wants to try with Sinhala buddhists pro-Rajapakse.

    Anyway, both are former cathoilcs. Rajitha Senarathnae, openly, angi-buddhist and anti-sinhala.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Poor Wijedasa.

    UNP leaders RUN-NIL and SA-GALA are behind saving CORRUPT politicians so that SLFP will be DIVIDED. TRUE SLFP supporters will NOT let that happen.

    Ravi K and Arjun Mahendran were removed by what My3 did.

    NO NEED to remove Wijedasa. He fully supports corruption investigations. It is RUN-NIL and SA-GALA behind DELAYING them.

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