Posted on August 16th, 2017

Dr sarath Obeysekara

Let us start with the sudden decision made by Maithreepala , M K D S Gunwardane .Rajitha Senaratne Patali Champaka  Ranwaka and Duminda Dissanayake breaking away from Rajapakse regime in end 2014 ,This was the very first episode like the one Doo Daruwo which was a popular tele drama some time back .Then explosive revelations were uttered in meetings and people were going home after work .dying to sit in front of television to see and hear the episodes of the drama.In 2015 Maithree won the election with a slight margin and Rajapakse’s sudden departure from  Araliyagamandiriya with a purported  loot of the state  property and money  in the back drop of a coupe ,people were getting intrigued. Then new cabinet was formed with a mixture of ingredients like in a Malay Pickle  ( achcharu) .In February episode, SLPA Chairman .Sahhin ,Sri Lankan chief ,,Avangart  chief etc were implicated and CIABOS was formed . Few more episode were making people living in suspense ,like in Dallas ,which was a popular US series ( I remember when the Media was having headlines Who killed JR ?” and now we can have Who killed Thujudean?” )

These episodes went on and on and washing of dirty linen has been taking place in every episode,Like Rathupaswala ,Selling elelphants ,Satellite Launching ,Thajudean murder ,disappearance of Eknaligoda ,Killing of Lasantha and most importantly  Aunty of the ex president’s son owning a house in Colombo 7 .

New episode have been shown about Slalawa,Meethotamulle,Muuthrajawela ,which are all connected with inefficiency of state apparatchik ,and none of the episodes had any happy endings .Latest show about a Deal Dasa ,and Ravi K has made the people forget about the price of staple food like coconut ,and rice and transport costs . Episodes about Weerawansa and Galaboda have been shown and people have forgotten about them.

All of sudden sleeping cabinet wakes up and wants to expedite punishment of corruptive politicians .Ciabos, Bribery Commission ,and Pacifac  keep calling accused  every day for interviewing and we do not see end to this .

There are many TV series which are of few Seasons (like in Netflix) where each season has about 12 episodes ,We also had seasons during  2014.15.16 and now 2017 season where we watch one season every month. Various TV stations are busy with having entertainment like Derana Star,Hiru Star.Siarsa Star etc and in between they have episodes of Satana, Rathu Ira etc for middle class TV viewers to see after 9 pm .

We cannot complain about any of above,We Sri Lankans are peace loving people who want to live a life with full of fun like in Caribbean’s or in South America with full of carnivals .Next episode is coming soon after 8th September,where actors may be shifting sides .People who were cheering the actors/players  will keep cheering irrespective of which side they are in .

Dr sarath Obeysera

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