Carlo wows to topple the government over SAITM and jump the sinking ship?.
Posted on September 4th, 2017

Bodhi Dhanapala, Quebec , Canada

Dr. Carlo Fonseka, a leftist with the credentials needed to survive any regime has now stated that he will  work to topple the government on the SAITM issue. Ostensibly, he is fighting to save free education”.  Why did he not do anything to stop the granting of degrees in Chemistry, Management, Engineering and a whole host of other subjects done by private and professional institutes in Sri Lanka?
Don’t all that make an indent into free education, if that is what is sacrosanct?
Is it only the doctors who have a right to protect their turf? It is these same doctors who engage in private practice after having got a free education. If they can do private practice t is absolutely essential that the private sector also engage in medical education.

It should also be remembered that in the 1940s, when A. Ratnayake and C. W. W. Kannangara launched the campaign to have Free Education in Ceylon, Dr. N. M. Perera even wrote a book stating that free education should NOT be established until AFTER the REVOLUTION! It  was argued that free education will be used as a tool to brain wash the people against revolutionary ideas and the inexorable dialectical out come of a revolution will be delayed by the introduction of free education. The ambivalent attitude of many revolutionaries” to welfare measures and Fabianism were also based on the argument that the rise of a middle class with bourgeois values” was detrimental to creating a militant revolutionary people who should be in a state of saa duka” (hunger) to rise up in arms.

But today, many leftists identify with free education as if they championed it. Today, they use it as a means of currying favour with student organizations. These student organizations have rarely bothered about the academic progress of the students; instead they agitate for political ends. In our era as undergraduates, in the last quarter of the 20th century, it was normal for the 3 year B.A or B. Sc degree to take five or six years due to strikes launched by the JVP and other leftist” organizations who had forgotten the Lichchavi-Buddhist culture of this land and embraced the principles of violent agitation, false propaganda and the satanic claim that the end justifies the means”.

Of course, the bond scam, highways-construction scams, toxin-free” nation scams, exhuming dead bodies scams,  hauling war-heroes to courts, building Volkswagon-factories scams, and all the other corrupt acts of this government   as well as its bid to sell the country to the West, the East and the Indians have put the writing on the wall. Seasoned politicians like Carlo Fonseka know that the ship is sinking. So, it is best to jump the ship and find a heroic excuse to do so. But at least Fonseka has recognized the nature of this government, put in place with the shrill support of other so-called leftists (e.g., Kumar David, Chandrika Bandaranaike) who were in fact witting or unwitting puppets of the West executing its plan for regime change. Let others also see the writing on the wall, and unite to topple the government, not because of SAITM, but because it is the most corrupt and most treacherous government that Sri Lanka ever had.

Bodhi Dhanapala, Quebec , Canada.

2 Responses to “Carlo wows to topple the government over SAITM and jump the sinking ship?.”

  1. Christie Says:

    India may appoint a new governor.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HEY CARLO !! I know that you are 85 years, and Iam 83. Picked this info from the media. Just go home and enjoy your retirement Carlo, without trying to be a Hercules. CARLO, no offence, NO MALICE, can you remember how you, Clive, Sri etc, tried to force me to smoke at Medina Hotel, opposite Maradana Station. UPTODATE, I have not kept one Cigarette between my lips and taken a pull. I remember that day like yesterday. So you have failed miserably. Where can you topple a Government ? All the popularity you gained, is going into pig shit. Just let it go. Love and Regards. Sus.

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