The proposed secular federal constitution will concede that Sinhalese are inferior to rule the Tamils.
Posted on September 25th, 2017


The government completely ignoring the sacrosanct declaration made by the Mahanayake Theros of the Tri-Nikayas to shelve the introduction of a new constitution or making amendments to the existing constitution seems to be in a peculiar hurry to adopt a new constitution, despite stern opposition by the majority of the people in this country, but solely to appease the Tamils. Tamil diaspora, UNHRC, NGO vultures, the JVP, the accidently born Sinhalese (Ranil, Chandrika, Rajitha, Wickremabahu, Lal Wijenayake, Viyangoda, etc), the western powers depending on the Tamil block votes in their countries and the hegemonic India.

Although this government was established with over 95% of Tamil votes it is not morally obliged and right to serve only to fulfil the illusory Tamil aspirations at the expense of the majority people in this country.  First and foremost the government should realize that the Tamils are not indigenous people of this country.  They are descendents of illegal immigrants, aggressors, invaders, and labourers brought to this country by the Dutch and British colonialists. The Dutch and British colonialists provided special treatment to them by imparting education, other facilities, professional and skills training and government employment wilfully depriving all these facilities to the native Sinhalese.  They also inculcated the myth in the hearts of the Tamils that they are a community superior to the Sinhalese.

The government should also realize that there are around 76 million Tamil populations throughout the world and other than the 60 Million living in India the other 16 Million have migrated to many countries including Sri Lanka in a similar way they came to be in Sri Lanka.  (surf for details of Tamil population statistics the world over). It is because of spineless qualities of Sinhala political leaders that they attempt to get a government exclusively for Tamils established in this country under various pretexts and because Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru boldly rescinded and thwarted their attempt to establish such a Tamil homeland in Tamil Nadu.  Sri Lankan politicians should also emulate Nehru and totally ban making any form of demand for a federsl or separate State by these alien Tamils. .

It was due to the arrogance inculcated in them by the British imperialists that the Malaysan born Chelvanayagam, the father of Separatism said that when the gaining of independence to this country was discussed at the State Council ‘If independence is to be granted to Ceylon, Tamils should be granted independence to rule their traditional homeland areas as a separate entity since Tamils are superior to the Sinhalese and hence inferior Sinhalese cannot be allowed to rule the Superior Tamils.’ (S.J.V.Chelvanayakam and the Crisis of Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism: A Political Biography – written by his Son in Law A.Jayaratna Wilson). It was this same arrogance and the haughty headedness that was displayed by G.G.Ponnambalam in his 50-50 demand.

It is delighted to find that professionals, scholars, many politicians and patriotic masses have come forward to scuttle the government’s attempt to adopt the so-called new constitution destined to make this country a Federal and Secular State, devolve powers to provinces and amalgamate North and East as a Single Province.

A significant move in this regard was taken recently by the former Defence Secretary Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa by launching the movement named Eliya” to enlighten the public about the disastrous nature of the new proposed Constitution.  By launching the movement he said that Parliament shouldn’t be allowed to reverse the victories which were accomplished by uniting the country after defeating terrorism

Veteran political analyst C.A.Chandraprema writing his weekly political column for the Sunday Island on 10th September 2017 commented that the event of launching Gota’s Eiya was highly successful and said that among the speakers were Ven. Prof. Medagoda Abhayatissa Thera, Dr Dayan Jayatilleke, Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera, Dr Seetha Arambepola, Rev. Fr. Wimal Tirimanne, Tamara Kunanayagam, Lawyer Rushdi Habib, and Maj. Gen. Kamal Gunaratne. Chandraprema also gave brief accounts of their speeches and all of them have emphasized the need to wreck the attempts being made to introduce a federal and secular constitution. It is important that the ‘Eliya’ group should organize country wide seminars to be held throughout the country to muster the people against the proposed constitution with a view to hold demonstrations and footwalks to sustain the opposition to a new constitution alive throughout the country.

Despite the aloofness of the non Tamil politicians about the threat of the proposed new constitution the separatist Tamil elements seems to be very active in making their demands on the shape and form of the constitution.  Quoted below is a translation of the policy statement adopted by an outfit called Tamil People’s Council said to have been represented by professionals, political leaders and the people. The outfit has met at the Weerasingham Hall in Jaffna on 5th September and adopted the following demands:

  1. The solution for the national question of Sri Lanka should be a one that provides a permanent solution upon identifying the reasons for the question
  2. The solution for the national question is the right to self-rule in the north and east area and a federal and secular solution. Such an arrangement would become an impetus to establish a permanent peace under which all communities will be able to live in amity by respecting peace and honour of Sri Lanka.   This is a basic political aspiration of the Tamil people.

It is also the democratic aspirations clearly stipulated several decades through election promises, Thimpu declaration, and declarations of Pongu Tamil and Elingu Tamil events.

A federal solution in acknowledgement of the sovereign right of self rule in the North East is a political demand that cannot be left out.  Any solution for the national question of Sri Lanka presented under these conditions will be just and long lasting.

  1. The Sinhala and Muslim people living indigenously in the Tamil area of amalgamated North and East (other than those people who were forcibly settled under a planned manner) will be entitled to all rights under that federal solution. The Muslim people living in the amalgamated North East area have a right to demand for their political power.
  2. The proposed constitution of Sri Lanka should satisfactorily provide the political aspirations and the basic rights of the hill country Tamil people.
  3. In order to sustain the existence of our community from the planned genocide being carried out by the Sri Lanka government for the last 70 years against the Tamil community the above political demands should be accepted.

Further, the International Court, or International Crime Tribunal under the observation of the United Nations Organization under an international criminal law mechanism should investigate about this genocide and provide justice to the victimised people.  Our appeal for a political solution and the matter of accountability for the genocide cannot be waived for alternatives.  The Tamil people will receive righteousness under natural justice by fulfilling the above referenced two matters.

  1. It is a practice of deception being adopted by the Sri Lankan government for the last several years to give promises of instituting political solution and upholding accountability at international forums and refraing from fulfilling such promises. The Sri Lanka government is is adopting this poicy of giving false promises to get it safeguarded from international pressure.

Accordingly there is no difference between the present government and the past governments. The promises made by this government at the United Nations Human Rights Council in the years of 2015, 2016 and 2017 have not been made honestly by enquiring from the victimised people.

It is nominally engaged in deceiving the international community. The international powers should focus their attention to statements being made by the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers of this government in a manner challenging the integrity of United Nations Human Rights Council and the countries that have reposed trust on the democratic sytem clearly rejecting the recommendations made by the UN organization on international judges, repealing of the Prevention of Terrorism Act etc.

  1. Although the people presented their political aspirations and on accountability to the people’s committee for a new constitution on several occasions it seems that the President, the Prime Minister and the Ministers of this government are presenting the views of the Chairman and officials of the committee to accept views and suggestions from the people on constitutional reorms.

Official rejection of government’s high ranking personnel the trust of the Tamil people on this government in respect of accountability has dwindled and hence the international countries should directly interfere in this connection and steps should be taken to provide a reasonable justice to the Tamil people. (end of the statement)

Meanwhile the Tamil National Alliance, which attempts to gain politically and deceptively what Prabhakaran failed to achieve through military might has expressed their fullest support to a constitution that amalgamates the North and East and making Sri Lanka a federal and secular State.

The Tamil diaspora leaders who were operating hitherto from overseas are on visits to Sri Lanka and operating from within the country. Father. S.J. Emmanuel, leader of the UK based Global Tamil Forum (GTF), arrived in Sri Lanka last week on what his organisation officials describe as a low profile” visit, which coincided with the Constitutional Assembly releasing its Steering Committee’s Interim Report on constitutional amendments. This terrorist leader hiding under the cloak of a Christian Father met leaders of Tamil political parties while in Colombo and later travelled to Jaffna. Staying at the Bishop’s House, he attended an event at the Jaffna University and has told the media that he is in Sri Lanka on the invitation of President Sirisena.

While in Colombo, this diaspora terrorist leader met US Ambassador Atul Keshap. Later Mr. Keshap tweeted pleased that Father Emmanuel is striving to secure lasting equality, peace, justice and happiness for all in a united, reconciled Sri Lanka.” According to some sources, Fr. Emmanuel planned a long stay in Sri Lanka. This will help him keep in touch with authorities over new constitutional reforms and the ongoing efforts at reconciliation,” these sources said.

The bone chewing shameless SLFP goup in the government, Sirisena’s lapdogs, are reported to be making various unpatriotic moves to help Ranil Wickremasinghe to get this repulsive constitution adopted and their tactical moves include deceiving the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa saying that some of them would join the joint opposition at the time of voting for th new constitution and thereby attempt to wreck JO agitations against the constitution.

In the meantime, media outlets are replete these days with views presented by prominent writers, politicians and community leaders about the unit of devolution that should be granted in the event of adopting a new constitution.  It is a well known fact that Provincial Councils system is a white elephant forcibly imposed on us by the hegemonic India and it has not made any contribution for the development of the country other than grooming the children, siblings and spouses of politicians to become next generation politicians and duplicating several administrative functions.  It was a system forced by India for the benefit of the Tamils when we had a vibrant indigenous administration system. The expenditure being incurred for sustaining these Provincial Councils including providing perks and privileges, luxury vehicles, is an utter waste of our country’s resources

Quoted below is a translated extract written by Dr. Channa Jayasumana in his ‘facebook’ page under the title The whole counyry is misled on behalf of Tamil Chauvinists.  Interim report of the Constitution flays Sinhala Scholars.  Here is the hidden trap”.

In the ancient Sri Lanka there were three main administration rregions namely, Ruhunu, Maya and Pihiti.  It was by the recommendations of Callrook-Camaron the province system of this country came into being.  Accordingly, 5 provinces namely North, South, East West and Central were introduced. The Kandy region and major portion of the Anuradhapira were also included in the North province then.  Bintenne, and Thamankaduwa came under the province of East. That was today’s Polonnaruwa district and a large part of present day Uva Province. A province under the name of ‘Wayamba’(North Western) came into existence in 1886. The North Central Province consisting Kandy region and Thamankaduwa was created in 1873. Uva province came into being in 1886.  As Bintenna which was under Eastern province joined the Uva province the present day Eastern Province came into being in 1886.  The present day provinces became complete with the creation of the Sabaragamuwa province in 1889. Accordingly the Northern province when the Waddukkodai conference was held in 1976 had a history of only 103 years and the Eastern province had a history of only 90 years.

The provinces introduced by the Britishers had beem created only for their convenience and maintain their power and they were not based on any geographical, climatic, social, economic or cultural foundation.  Therefore in the year 1955 the district was made the main administrative unit in the country.  By that time there were 21 districts in Sri Lanka.  Nonetheless J.R.Jayawardene who became under the influence of Tamil chauvinist politicians and scholars made ‘Province’ once again the main administrative unit of the country in 1978. The reason behind that was to affirm the Northern and Eastern provinces as the homeland of the Tamils. Not only that, President Jayawardene also took action to add two new districts to the Northern province, Mulativu in 1978 and Kilinochchi in 1984.  The chauvinists were able to make hundreds of corpses through the revived provinces in 1978 and through the Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987.  However the Tamil chauvinists could not get their Federal intentions achieved due to the impatience of the Varadarajaperumal and the terrorism of Praabhakaran.

What the interim report of the steering committee of the Constitution Council has made is motivating to carry forward the fundamental concept of Northern and Eastern provinces are traditional homeland of the Tamil people” innovated by the Tamil chauvinist Erudites.  Other than providing an unequivocal safeguard to the province” there is no other proposal in this interim report.  All the proposals containing in the interim report directly and indirectly strengthen the province.  That is misleading the whole country to appease the Tamil chauvinist Erudites,  (unquote)

At present the media channels and national newspapers are replete with arguments about the unit of devolution that should be adopted in the new constitution being formulated.  It is a constitution wanted only by Tamils and their Sinhalese stooges and all attempt should be made to impede this attempt. These arguments are based on whether the unit of devolution should be the province or the district.  Similar to the attempts that should be taken by the country as a whole to reject the proposed secular federal constitution all efforts should be made to scuttle the provision of power devolutions to provinces.  This government which has become notorious for evading Supreme Court injunctions and introducing abhorrent laws through the back door undemocratically may certainly attempt to bring in separate legislation to grant devolution in the event the people become successful in forcing it to abandon the new constitution process.  Along with demands to roll back the new proposed constitution stern demands should also be made to annul the Indian imposed 13th amendment to the constitution together with its baby white elephant Provincial Councils. Devolving of powers to provinces will be the fulfilment of the demand made by Chelvanaagam requesting for a separate entity for Tamils saying that they are superior to be ruled by the inferior Sinhalese.

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  1. Senerath Says:

    Let me copy a small section of the article by Prof. GH Pieris,

    The following non-negotiable principles” (cited below verbatim) were formally adopted at its inauguration.

    The provisions in the present constitution relating to the National Flag, the National Anthem and the Buddha Sāsana should remain inviolate.
    There should be no division of the country for political or administrative reasons on the basis of ethnicity.
    Sri Lanka being the homeland of all is citizens, the claim that the North and the East as the homeland of the Tamils is rejected and it has no validity.
    The 13th amendment to the constitution should be repealed and all legislative action taken under it should be treated as null and void. The provincial councils will be abolished.
    Devolution of power should not be used as a means to the resolution of a non-existent ethnic problem.
    Executive presidency should be abolished.

    How valid were these conditions even today ( these were back in 2000 well before the war ended) ?
    Are we not back to ZERO ?
    Where is JHU today ? Wasted are the lives lost to finish the war. What a betrayal !

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