Time to identify our enemies
Posted on October 12th, 2017

S. Akurugoda

As stated in recent editorial of a printed media titled  ‘Crooked and fleas’, our country today, has earned notoriety as a rogues’ paradise.

The basic question we have is ‘who is responsible for creating this situation?’.

The eradication of terrorism militarily under the Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) leadership was of ‘grave concern’ to some countries (including those who trained and armed the racial groups at the very beginning), who are interested in maintaining their ‘superiority’ over the others. On the other hand, the eradication of terrorism also caused tremendous hardship to the political wings of the militarily eliminated LTTE, TNA and GTF, politicians who signed pacts with the terrorist leader and promoted so-called political solutions for three decades  and the lobbyist NGOs who were the paid agents of those spy agencies. They were exploring  every possible  political avenues, by hook or crook, to  topple MR and to install a puppet regime to achieve their goals.

We were under foreign powers for centuries due to the acts of saboteurs and traitors. We have witnessed, during our life time, how powerful are enemies within, when toppling regimes. Throughout our history,  invaders manipulate public opinion using  ‘Creeping through Ears’ (Kanen Ringeema) and ‘Giving Dead Ropes ‘ (Dirachcha Lanu Deema ) as weapons  to capture power, more than artilleries. The invaders used  the above weapons with the enormous support from power-hungry segment of the society.

What we achieved in January 2015 was the mere consequence  of manipulation of public opinion (similar to what the invaders did in the past) by these foreign and  local elements to create distrust, ill-will among allies and  loss of confidence with the leadership of  President MR.  Unfortunately, no one is perfect and we are witnessing some of negative effects of his apparent weaknesses.  Although President Mahinda Rajapaksa has done a wonderful thing by keeping parliamentarians with different interest  in his government, probably with the intention of achieving political stability as a short term measure,   he too appeared fail to identify enemies within.   There are ardent supporters of 13th Amendment and Federalism even , even today, among his JO members.

The coming few months will be very crucial as the enemies of our nation and their paid agents will work overtime and will spend billions of rupees to turn the country onto turmoil , to trap all those who were opposing them and to achieve their goals at any cost. Unless we are fully aware of what is going on and act wisely to defeat the sinister motives of those enemies, what we achieved  by defeating  racial separatism militarily , will be at stake.


8 Responses to “Time to identify our enemies”

  1. Senerath Says:

    Rajapaksas are extremely silent about

    1. Maru Sira’s paga demand through Australian SMEC, which world bank now think credible
    2. Ranil’s involvement in CB maha Salli mankollaya
    3. Current bank robbery involving Hansaya party’s boss and Ali Baba RK.
    4. Central Expressway Gold paved contracts

    Only WW is making some noice even that is mostly through is ‘C News’. Also Maharaja making noice through ‘Sirarsa’.

    Time for a fresh leader, no doubt.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Weerawansa met Sirisena and extended conditional support to Sirisena if the new constitution process fails and harmful sections of Geneva are not implemented. This is a good development as the JO (influenced by SLPP) has sidelined the NFF and PHJU.

    JO must realize it cannot win any national election without Weerawansa.

    Mahinda did this fatal mistake in late 2014 when he rejected NFF’s 12 point demands and JHU’s 9 point demands. While JHU left Mahinda, NFF stuck with him (and paid the price). Since the JO cannot clearly say whether they support or oppose the new constitution, there is no difference between SLFP and JO.

    The real enemy of Sinhalese and Sri Lanka is following political clans without regard to policy. Nationalists must hold political clans to ransom on account of defending the nation. If not, they must not hesitate to destroy those clans electorally. It is true the Senanayake clan won us independence and won so many victories for the nation. But the single act of D-C Pact (1965) ended it.

    When the new constitution is presented and debated on 30 October onwards, we can see who cunningly supports it by not voting or voicing against it in parliament. All those who do not vote against it are equal traitors. This includes those who are absent at voting or debating this vital piece of law.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    YAHAP: There are so many scams re the Economy as well as the Law of the Land, that one can hardly keep up with the goings on !

    In a nutshell, RW’s “Crash & Sell” is carrying on, regardless of the People of Lanka.

  4. aloy Says:

    I think MR had to hand over power to the present lot as the lower ranks in the military were reluctant to follow the instructions of the commanders as planned on the presidential election night. Perhaps there will be a similar situation due to the constitution making as time goes on. I believe it will be those lower ranks that will save SL again.

  5. dhane Says:

    President Sirisena had a discussion recently with Weerawansa, same as he had talks with others earlier. If the President is genuine the best for the country is to STOP topic of a new constitution process completely which had no mandate given either in Presidential or Parliament elections in 2015. Country need only for the moment to amend system of Voting & Presidential Powers. Let mover forward with these two topics.

  6. Senerath Says:

    This is a very important point ALMOST ALL convenienetly or foolishly forgot.

    ආචාර්ය – චරිත හේරත්

    මේ මගින් ඉදිරිපත් වන යටි අදහස වන්නේ හරියට ව්‍යවස්ථාවක් හදා ගත්තොත් ඔක්කොම ප‍්‍රශ්න ටික ඉවරයි වගේ හැගීමයක්ය. තේරි පත්වන හැම ආණ්ඩුවක්ම පාහේ දිවුරුම් දුන් දවසේ සිටම ව්‍යවස්ථාවක් හදන්න පටන් ගන්නේ මේ නිසාය. මා හිතන ආකාරය මේ අදහස එච්චර නිවැරැදි එකක් නොවන බවය. මේ රටේ සමහර ප‍්‍රශ්නවලට හේතුව වන්නේ නෛතිකමය වූ ගැටලූකාරීත්ව පැවතීම යැයි සරලව කිව හැකි වුවත් ඊට එහා ගිය සමාජමය හා ඥානවිභාගාත්මක ගැටලූවක් අපේ රටේ යටත් විජිතයෙන් පසු දේශපාලන අවකාශය පුරා ව්‍යප්තව තිබීම මේ සමහර ගැටලූවලට මූලිකම සාධකය බව මගේ අදහසය.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Weerawansa met Sirisena and extended conditional support to Sirisena if the new constitution process fails and harmful sections of Geneva are not implemented.- at last only one card is UNHR .
    1) to carry out WW request MS has to obey UNHR order to avoid harmful .
    2) what UNHR (India & West) want ( not reconcilasion BS) implement of 13A (Fedaral ).

    Live & let’s live in United Sinhela Lanka

    ( Indian flag is flying in Jaffna & Hamabadoda sky – Aiyo….. Mother Lanka is Kaput – that is different mater)

    Aiyo ….. wake up mod……..

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    INDIAN flags flying in Sri Lanka : Because of Tamil Terrorism inspired by Vadukoddai REsoln (1976) etc >> possible re-colonisation of Lanka, no other reason.

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