Saying it’s not the Constitution but an Interim report, Sirisena –Ranil want it passed with a two third majority in Parliament.
Posted on October 30th, 2017

By Charles S.Perera

Friends, fellow Patriots, if the Constitution is to be ours, written by a free people, we must first resist this diabolical project!  Tamara Kunanayakam.

The Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya hoodwinks the Parliamentarians and the people to pass the so called interim report placed before Parliament by a two third majority to make it the document on which their New Constitution with a federal character will be written or has already been written, to be presented to the Parliament.

Who wants a new Constitution to Sri Lanka ? The people of Sri Lanka do not want a new Constitution, they want to live in peace, brining in all Communities into one Nation of Sri Lankans ?

The West lead by USA is determined to write a New Constitution to  make Sri Lanka a Federal State giving the Tamil Community equal rights with the Sinhala Majority. USA Ambassador Keshup seems to be some how  behind the project with the active support of the US State Department.

Tamara Kunanayaka says in an article to Investig’Action, that even the name given to this Ranil-Sirisena Government Yahapalanaya or Good Governance”  had been proposed by the USA . Good Governance is a term  coined by IMF, World Bank and the US Treasury as a political conditionality for the enslavement of indebted countries of the third world.

The Sirisena –Ranil Governments proposal to write New Constitution had been pre-arranged perhaps even before  Presidential election of 8th January,2015 on the insistence of  the  US State Department on the demand of the Tamil Diaspora.

It was evident from the many high ranking US Officials visiting Sri Lanka an making visits to the North or issuing Statements from Temple Trees as it was by US Acting Secretary of State Alice Wells , Edward Marks  one time US Deputy Chief of Mission (1987) who said that transformation from Colonial rule to an independent nation state is proving to be too much for fragile mlti- ethnic societies.

There were two visits by John Kerry the  US Secretary of State, and the US Under Secretary for Political Affaires Jeffrey Feltman, Samantha Powers, George Soros who said that Sri Lanka has no Constitutional Democracy, and  Nisha Bswal US Assistant Secretary of State admitting that the US Human Rights Council Resolution foreshadows the writing of a new Constitution to Sri Lanka.  Then the US Ambassador for Sri Lanka Atul Keshap stated that Washington would assist drafting a Constitution to Sri Lanka.

Is it now not clear that Sirisena-Ranil Government is all out to write a Constitution based on the interim report placed before the parliament and on which there would be a debate  from to day for which  interim report they are seeking a two third majority in parliament, not for the people of Sri Lanka but for the want of the USA and the West ?

Is it not enough evidenc  from the coincidence of  the US Nimitz Nuclearpowere  Aircraft Carrier along with six warships are scheduled to arrive or have already arrived in Sri Lanka just when the debate to pass the interim report to draft a new Constitution to Sri Lanka is to be debated.

Isn’t it a show of American Force,as a  threat to the Sirisena-Ranil  Government to honour what ever promises they have made to the USA , the West and the Talmil Diaspora ?

Think my dear compatriots who else other than Sirisena –Ranil and USA, wants a New Constitution to Sri Lanka ?

Even the 62 lakhs of people who voted for Sirisena did not want a new Constitution, the ordinary Tamil people are not interested in it,  other than the TNA Tamils and the Tamils of the diaspora and their sympathisers. The people of Sri Lanka do not want a new Constitution, they want to live in peace, they want security, they want a better standard of living, they only want to be a part of  a united community of the Nation of Sri Lankans ?

Yahapalanaya was never given a mandate by the people to write a new Constitution. Nevertheless the Yahapalanaya Government is going ahead with the same determination of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to eliminate terrorism, to write a new Constitution  giving the Tamils almost all  that the terrorists yearned to have through their ruthless terrorism.

Yahapalanaya which refused a Chinese Submarine to enter the Colombo port , and when President Mahinda Rajapakse was criticised both  by India and the then UNP opposition when he allowed a Chinese Submarine to dock in the Colombo Port in October, 2014, has now allowed  a whole American naval battalion to dock in Colombo Port !!

The new Constitution for Sri Lanka has perhaps already been written and the attempt to pass a document saying it is not the new Constitution is just hood winking the people and the  naïve Parliamentarians. It is pointless asking for amendments to the  document the SLFP and the JO have placed before the Parliament today for discussion as these enemies of the nation,  will accept all amendments  to have the two third majority vote to pass the document as a bill!!.

Therefore the Parliamentarians of the JO , SLFP and others of all shades of political view, if they really  love this Unique Sinhala Buddhist country the like of which exists no where else in the world , should not vote for this diabolic documents which would be the first step in presenting the New Constitution perhaps written by  the USA experts who know how to hide the truth and make the falsehood look like the truth.

It is perhaps time for the people to take to roads to protest against this interim report for a New Constitution which if passed would  annihilate the historical Sri Lanka twhich would  never be the same again.



9 Responses to “Saying it’s not the Constitution but an Interim report, Sirisena –Ranil want it passed with a two third majority in Parliament.”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    * We do not need new Constitution

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yes, MORE DIABOLICAL TRICKERY in the OFFING: Call the Bill an INTERIM REPORT, pass it with 2/3 majority, and REDEFINE & PROCLAIM IT LATER as the NEW CONSTITUTION!

    It is TIME for MILLIONS of Patriots to STORM the Parliament and THROW THESE TREASONOUS BUGGERS OUT by the SCRUFFS of their NECKS!

    Will Sri Lanka’s BASTILLE Day HAPPEN this WEEK?

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The TIME has COME for ALL Sinhala MPs who are PATRIOTS to LEAVE the Yamapalanaya and JOIN the JO!


    We PATRIOTS of Lanka will ENSURE that! It is TIME to CLEAN the STINKING Augean Stable at the Diyawanna!

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Lorenzo Says:

    ONLY the MILITARY+SANGHA can save SL.

    NO rowdy BASTILLE Day. We have enough PROTESTS every day.

    Breaking inside news – RAVI K wants a ministry to support the new con-stitution!!!


  6. dhane Says:

    After Japan surrendered in 2nd world war US Army Field Marshal MacArthur got Japan New Constitution drafted & passed within short time. Up to date this constitution make Japanese progress retarded. US & Western countries want same thing done to Sri Lanka after defeating LTTE. Is SL MILITARY or any other Force could can save SL? No! All are powerless good to be inside barrack. Its only hope of MAHA SANGHA & Sinhala PATRIOTS movements save Our Motherland! First ousted Ranil & then Sira most unreliable two political correctors ever in SL. Clean-up rest of others in total politics like Champika, SB, Rajitha, Malik, Ravi, Mangala, Kiriella and more.

  7. aloy Says:

    ‘Bastille Day’ is what MR is hoping for while hiding in India. It will not happen and new constitution also will not be passed. Sanga will prevent it. And the circus will move on, if not no money for the UNP rogues and the so called SLFP (and also JVP).

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Separatism through fake action & skullduggery is what RW is engineering !
    He has done it before using the piggy back ride of other issues on the Womens Participation vote in Parliament, passing it all as one bloc.

    His ‘see thru’ act is apparent to all.

    The fact that most of the Tamils of Sri Lanka live outside the so called Northern ‘Eelam areas’ is proof positive that Separatism will not work. All this is just the dream world of the ‘Divide & Rule’ folk who sponsor the likes of RW !

    Reality Check needed for RW & Co. !!

    Also, take the Separatism test in Catalonia (Spain) : Only 30% voted of the total 43% who voted, voted ‘yes’ for Separating from Spain.
    And Catalonia happens to be an economically salubrious area too, yet in spite of that, the total vote of ‘yes’ was only 30% of the 43% who voted.
    Yet the leaders of Separatism in that area said it was a success.
    Massive protests there in that region against the election proves otherwise, does it not ?

    What is going on the world ?
    Neo-Colonisation ?

  9. ranjit Says:

    Charles as always it’s a fine article. Ordinary citizens must be educated on this so called new constitution written by USA and other yahapalana friends abroad and within before they pass it by bribing the Ministers and MP’s. The whole Yamapalanaya comprises with thieves,thugs,cut throats and pimps who has taken our beautiful nation backwards with their stupid plans and actions. They don’t have any solution to any public issue in the country except blaming Mahinda Rajapaksa. When we have so much burning issues concerning our poor citizens in this country like cost of living,jobs, housing, health etc these yamaballo only interested in satisfying their special group of friends abroad and within who has evil minds and plans to destroy our Sinhala buddhist country in to pieces and make us paupers. Down with these coup plotters and enemies to the nation. Keep on writing such useful articles without a break. Appreciate what patriots do to our Motherland at this very grave situation. Bravo

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