Craving for Eelam with the blessings of Sirisena-Ranil Junta
Posted on November 28th, 2017


With the full blessings of the Tamil slavish Sirisena-Ranil junta, the Terrorists Commemoration Day known as the Maavir Day (the Great Heroes Day) was held in many places throughout the Northern Province with the participation of sheep clothed Terrorist politicians.  The LTTE’s TamilNet website reported that more than 2,000 students along with lecturers, faculty deans and the staff of the University of Jaffna took part Monday morning in an emotional floral tribute in front of the newly renovated Tamil Eelam Heroes memorial statue, which was destroyed by the national security forces after 2009. The Website said that the event on Monday was equally emotional to the first event held 12 years ago when the statue was declared open. The website said that the people of Jaffna will never forget nor pardon the desecration of the memorial which was declared open by the vice chancellor of the Jaffna University at that time Prof Mohanadas in 2005. After 2009, the national security forces destroyed the statue inside the University premises and razed to the grounds all the terrorist cemeteries in the North. TamilNet said that the emotional event in Jaffna on Monday has passed a strong message to the world. It said the message was that Tamils would never forget the sacrifices made by the Tamil freedom fighters in the armed struggle under the leadership of LTTE leader Velupllai Prabhakaran.

Jaffna University – Monday 27th November 2017

People engaged in preparing Maavir Day near Terrorist Cemetery in Kopay, Jaffna

Koapay, Jaffna

Cemetery in Thearaavil, Visuvamadu, decorated

Preparing for the event.

Slain Terrorist leader Prabakaran’s 63rd birthday, marked at Jaffna University on 26.11.2017

Marking preparation for Prabharan’s birthday at his childhood house in Valveddiththu’rai.

Reports that the main event as shown above was held at the Kanakapuram terrorist cemetery in Kilinochchi with the participation of several MPs, NPC members, politicians and more than 5,000 people.

Newly created cemetery monument at Kanakapuram in Kilinochchi

Commemoration events have held at 11 places in the Jaffna district, In Kilnochchi, Kodikamam, Kopay, and Jaffna University.

In the Mulativu district the events have been held at Mulli Vaikal, Mulliyawalai, Vishvamud, Theravil and some other places with the participation of the TNA MPs S.Sivamohan and Sri Skandarjah.

In the Vavuniya district it has been held at the former terrorist cemetery at Eechchankulam  with the participation of the TNA MP Sivashakthi Anandan.

In the Mannar district, the event has been held at the cemeteries of Periya Pandivirichchan and Vannivilankulam with the participation of the Northern Province Women’s Affairs Minister Mrs. Anandi Sasidaran.

It is sad to note that terrorist elements have become so bold to openly hold all these events merely because of the patronage being given by this government when there were only Sivajilingam and a few others to light candles for Prabhaakaran in 2009.

3 Responses to “Craving for Eelam with the blessings of Sirisena-Ranil Junta”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Sirisena,Ranil, Chandrika should be labelled as traitors to the sinhala nation for allowing such a grand ceremony to commemorate LTTE butchers while these yamaballo put a full stop to real heroes day ceremonies in the south. It’s shame and disgusting. These corrupt rulers must understand how many sacrifices we made to secure our Motherland from this evil barbarian killers of LTTE? How can we forget so easily and so early. Because of this weak, habitual government our country is in disarray with no respect from any corner. Everyone fighting and mudslinging each other and doing nothing to take our country forward. People die, people starve,drugs, underworld taking our youths to hell and the rule of law is pathatic and corrupt, leaders are globetrotting as if no issues in the country for them to solve, they rob in millions in daylight, poor becomes poor day by day and rich getting richer day by day what a mess we are in today because of this three weak, corrupt ruling elite. Use your vote to send them packing beyond hell

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    A.A.M.NIZAM Naana

    Newly created cemetery monument at Kanakapuram in Kilinochchi !!!! for NPC (Saiva TE) How much cost to build this ???

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here is the CONSEQUENCE of MOLLYCODDLING unrepentant Tamil Political leaders by the Yamapalanaya, and allowing them to UNDERMINE the hard won victory against the LTTE!

    This situation will ONLY WORSEN in the days ahead as Separatist Tamils PUSH HARDER to secure the EELAM promised by the late unlamented SunGod!

    SPARE the ROD & SPOIL the CHILD!

    Vavuniya Campus of Jaffna University closed indefinitely
    Wed, Nov 29, 2017, 11:42 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 29, Colombo: The Vavuniya Campus of the Jaffna University has been closed indefinitely from yesterday evening, the University administration has announced.

    The administration has taken the decision to close the campus due to the escalation of a clash between two groups of students that had taken place few days ago.

    It has been reported that a group of Sinhala students have complained to the university administration that a group of resident Tamil students have celebrated birth anniversary of the Tamil Tiger terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran on the 26th of this month.

    Reportedly the Tamil students continuing the celebrations even after the Sinhala students pointed out that it was wrong to do so have intimidated the Sinhala students who then have complained to the authorities.

    Since the administration has failed to take any actions regarding the complaint, the Sinhala students have become agitated and clashed with the authorities.

    As a result, the administration has decided to suspend all academic activities and postpone all the exams.

    There are about 600 students in the Vavuniya Campus. All students have been ordered to leave the hostels within the day, today.

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