A Worrisome Aspect Of  Neglect By ICC In Recent India / Sri Lanka Test.
Posted on December 7th, 2017

Top Spin by Suni 

07th Dec. 2017

As the 4th day unfolded in the 3rd Test between India and Sri Lanka at Delhi there was a horror story which probably shocked the onlookers and reflected poorly on the ICC as well as the organizers and umpires at Delhi who failed to recognize the importance of the health aspect which affected some players due to the smog, visibility and poor air quality and continued in an apathetic perspective to let the game proceed instead of calling a halt to it.

Were these sources blind and insensitive to the point of being moronic not to call the game off despite seeing players like Lakmal and Shami throwing up on the field and some wearing masks while others showed obvious discomfort over the playing conditions and struggled in conditions which seemed not only dangerous but virtually impossible at times despite the occasional breaks where the air cleared but was the risk worth it to imperil some of the  players visibly struggling?.

Bearing in mind that many expert medical opinions have now been given to the effect of dangers to health, some even life threatening, someone needs to be held responsible for the scenario which unfolded and hopefully this will never be repeated in order to uphold the precepts and objectives of the game and the safety of all concerned.

Perhaps it is time appropriate for the governing body of cricket the ICC to take remedial action and the organizers and adjudicators of games such as the umpires to be given strict instructions towards ensuring the safety of players relative to health and making timely decisions to avoid incapacitating them which could even result in permanent health hazards as seemed to be the case in this instance while bearing in  mind that it is not only dangerous pitches and possible threats from sources bent on disrupting the game that come into play during a game.

Hopefully this will be a lesson to all concerned particularly the ICC and the umpires who failed to notice the more serious aspects of the game while letting it continue which tantamount to gross neglect on their part.


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  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    And now the SL team were stuck for hours at Dharmasala airport after the 1st ODI trying to get to Mohali their next venue while the Indians were mysteriously transported with no problems to the same venue. Hmmm!Is this some attempted sabotage after the thrashing? Hopefully not!! Well done Sri Lanka ! and keep up the victories, you have an energized young team which can match the Indians and play sparkling cricket also.One wonders how they might have fared if Suranga Lakmal had a good pace partner to back him up.
    Where’s Dhammika Prasad these days one wonders?

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