The need for all SLFP voters to stand with the Mahinda Rajapaksa Camp at the forthcoming Local Government elections
Posted on December 8th, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara

8. 12. 2017.

The need for all SLFP voters to stand with the Mahinda Rajapaksa Camp at the forthcoming Local Government elections as wining local bodies will lay a solid foundation for a strong SLFP Government in 2020, if not earlier. That is the only way open to all patriotic people to save this country from the Augean mess of miss-governance, disorder and bankruptcy brought about by the 3 years misadventures of Ranil- Maitri regime, The Green–Blue Pandora’s box”.

An independent evaluation of the policies and performance of the political parties in Sri Lanka in the post Independent period in retrospect shows that the original SLFP is leagues ahead of UNP in matters of national interests. As far as Bandaranayaka policies are concerned Mahinda Camp is the legitimate heir to it and Mahinda is the undisputed leader of the SLFP in the eyes of the masses. Maitri’s so-called SLFP is only an illegitimate pseudo outfit of opportunists (some of whom are defeated candidates rejected by the people, holding Ministerial positions given by MS as a political bribe) who have joined Maitri for nothing else but personal gain. By doing so, they have not only betrayed Mahinda, their one time hero leader, but also the SLFP and more treacherously the SLFP voters who have voted them to carry on Bandaranayaka policies as well.  I have no doubt that those who voted them must be cursing and waiting to teach them a good lesson the first opportunity they get. It is true that these voters cannot send them or the government home with the Local Government elections but definitely they can write it on the wall for them, the message as to what will happen to them in the next general election.

Being the legitimate heir to Bandaranayaka legacy Mahinda is the de facto present day leader of the genuine SLFPers in the country. Moreover he is the only man who can withstand the Western and Indian Pressure against this country, without bowing down as he has already proved in 2009 when he heroically fought against the LTTE. He is also the only living Leader who can keep the rubble rousers in the North under control and take this nation forward with the blessings of the Sinhala Buddhist clergy and the support of the patriotic people in this country

 It is a foregone conclusion that the Majority Sinhala Buddhists who love their country are with the traditional SLFP. There lies the strength and the value of the SLFP.  Majority of this segment countrywide, especially in the villages, is also with Mahinda Rajapksa. He is the only living leader at present who represents the Bandaranayaka tradition and policies.

President Sirisena on the other hand, although he pretends to be the champion and savior of SLFP has aptly demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts that he has ceased to be SLFP anymore. In fact he is the man who killed the SLFP in 2015 at the instigations of Chandrika, the blood heir of Bandaranayaka policies but the well-known black sheep of the Bandaranayaka family.  As everybody in this country knows he has murdered and betrayed the SLFP and also all the Bandaranayaka policies the moment he left the SLFP on 21st November 2014 to join the UNP, which Bandaranayaka the founder of the party left in 1951 as an alternative to UNP, a proxy of the western colonial  masters, and to usher in a new political culture more suitable to this country and its people with the support and fervent blessings of the four branches of social leaders of this country namely Sangha, Veda, Guru and Govi Kamkaru marking a new socio-cultural resurgence that could be described as a freedom revolution for the neglected and underprivileged masses in this country.

Actually Maitri won the 2015 election purely on the UNP and the JVP votes. UNP vote base includes the traditional Sinhala UNP diehards (who think that the UNP is not only their Party but it is also their religion and nation as well), and Tamil and Muslim votes. In 2015 the JVP also voted with it. Though policy wise the JVP and UNP are poles apart, the JVP opted to vote the UNP in 2015 purely on politically motivated strategic reasons.  They knew it very well that it is the only way to get rid of their only strong political enemy MR and they also knew UNP under Ranil wants last long. So they must have thought that the next chance to form a Government is theirs, (as the old Leftist leaders thought in 1948) assuming that the time gap is too short for Rajapaksa to rise from the ashes of defeat and he also could be defeated. It is with that hope that they are trying to capture power at the village level this time. In spite of the fact that  the JVP currently is led by a vociferous leader and has a couple of promising young activists like Sunil Handunhetti, Vijita Herath, Laal Kantha, Bimal Ratnayaka and Samantha Vidyaratna, that would be only a dream. Because, firstly people of this country have not yet forgotten the past gloomy history of JVP and secondly JVP has still not properly understood the Sri Lankan electorate and got in to the minds and hearts of the majority as a national political force in this country as they have miserably failed to adjust to the needs of the local electorate. They still live in the dream world of Russian Marxist dogma that is alien to our context. Unfortunately they have not been able to understand the simple equation that this country had been a Sinhala Buddhist country over a period of 2500 years, molded and fashioned by the Buddha’s teachings. Until they realize this simple fact, coming to power in this country is a far cry, unless of cause they resort to an unorthodox revolution.

Therefore the coming election will definitely be again a straight fight between the UNP and the SLFP Mahinda Camp. Now that the SLFP is split the UNP will still have a better margin in spite of all the blunders of its Leader Ranil, simply because the diehard UNPers in the village, the majority in towns, all Tamils and Muslims will in any case vote with it.  Even if the UNP does not get a clear majority the Tamil Parties and the Muslim MPP will prefer to join it rather than the SLFP in the event of a working majority is called for. This might again give a slight margin over MR Camp in forming the Local Government institutions. Even the few seats President Sirisena might get on his SLFP card will join UNP for survival and to avenge MR, that being the only objective of MS and Chandrika.

Going by the prevailing country wide situation the Jo will definitely win a large number of Local Government councils other than major cities.  Overall it is doubtful whether President Sirisenas faction will win any local government institution at all. Most Ministers who make the biggest noise are defeated and rejected candidates at the last election who have crept in to Parliament through the backdoor via the infamous national list. They have no strong vote base. People are angry with those who have joined the Government for Ministerial plums and privileges having von the election from the MR Camp. People who voted them did so against MS and what is more is they had Mahinda in their heads as the next Prime Minister. But the fact remains that the SLFP vote at village level is divided. All those votes Sirisena camp will be a minus factor for Rajapaksa Camp while it will be a plus factor for UNP. It is this point MR Camp has to highlight in its election campaign.

They must clearly and convincingly impress upon the SLFP vote base countrywide that a vote given to MS’s SLFP is a direct vote for the UNP. Whatever the JVP poles, will also stand in favour of UNP. Under this situation, unless the UNP diehard voters at the grass root level either boycott elections as a mark of protest against the unpatriotic, dictatorial and anti- Sinhalese- policies of Ranil and people like Mangala Samarweera, Ravi Karunanayaka  and Rajita Senaratna or decide to vote the MR Camp and the whole SLFP vote base stand with MR the chances of UNP capturing power in a substantial number of Local Government institutions is unavoidable. But again even if the total number of votes it poles is going to be less compared to what the JO and SLFP (MS Camp) will get there will be a big problem as the MS and MS camps are goingto contest separately. It does not matter even if the UNP win by one vote. That in short again this country will have an Island wide network of UNP Local Government institutions held by the UNP against the wishes of the majority in the country. This is unavoidable in view of the SLFP split. If this happens Maitripala Sirisena will have to bag the whole blame for all disasters that will follow in addition to the political blunder he did in 2015 just to take revenge from Mahida Rajapaksa without realizing the damage he was going to do the SLFP and the country at large.

This is going to be an extremely dangerous situation for the country more particularly for the Sinhala nation as the UNP under Ranil’s control will spoil the village mind with the help of American and Western countries as they are already doing it in the village and the plantation sector. They might even take all the divisional Council members to America for training in Democracy or indoctrination and brain washing. I can vouch for certain that UNP under Ranil will definitely do it to the village and the whole country repeating what he did to the Central Bank of the Nation

What is the way out? The only solution to avoid this disaster and national catastrophe is firstly, for all SLFP voters to reject all the nominees of UNP President Sirisena (as all those votes will be  in favour of UNP) and stand as a block vote for the MR Camp, as Sirisena is no more a SLFP man. He is being driven by Ranil like an ox tied to a cart. He ceased to be SLFP any more on the 21st of Nov 2014 as he decided to stand as the Common candidate to defeat his own leader and to bring UNP to power. Secondly, the need for all Sinhalese to rally round the MR Camp by discarding their out dated political colour and blind allegiance, at least for this election. Because, although this is not going to change the Government, it will definitely have a terrific psychological impact on the outcome of the next general election in 2020. The results of this Local Government election are bound to act like a national referendum that will show the popularity of the Government as well as the JO.

It is up to the JO leadership and members to realize this imminent national disaster and begin a vigorous election campaign round the clock educating the people to join hands under one banner, First they have to address the SLFP vote base in the country. Tell them that every vote they cast to MS SLFP nominee is a vote for the UNP; A vote against the sovereignty, unity and freedom of the country; a vote for the division and selling the country and its resources as all these votes will only benefit the UNP that is already on a selling and robbing spree in full swing. Second they also have to make a strong appeal to sympathizers of all other parties, especially those of the UNP, to discard all blind party allegiances and shake off the yoke of UNP and vote for the JO candidates to save the country from the Ranil- Sirisena disaster and to save the  Nation. At least ask them to do so at this election in view of the imminent disasters hovering over the skies of Sri Lanka.  If the UNP –MS Camp wins this election they will definitely postpone the next General election as well, citing this as a national referendum in favour of their policies. It will also stop taking any action against all who have got involved in the CB scam. It will also go ahead with the Federal Constitution and all nefarious anti-national programmes that will kill the Sinhala Buddhist nation of this Island nation. The only way to stop this calamity is to defeat both the UNP and MS Camp and give the power to the JO pohottuwa which is de facto SLFP, the legitimate custodian of Bandaranayaka policies.

It all depends on how fast and how effectively this message is conveyed to the masses and how fast and how effectively it is driven in to the mind and heart of the Sinhala patriots by the JO. If they play their cards properly there is no reason as to why the JO headed by MR cannot win this battle. After all if Mahinda could defeat the LTTE which no other president could, why can’t he do ditto to this gang of political eunuchs who have done nothing other than robbing the Central Bank, selling national assets to foreigners and betraying the nation for which the whole nation is disgusted and disillusioned over their appalling record over the past three years.  If Mahinda and his team can drive the nail right on the head of the frustrated and disillusioned suffering masses, ignite the fire of patriotism and love for the motherland in their heads and hearts and take the following steps concurrently they will definitely rise victorious like a giant phoenix from the ashes with renewed vigor for the SLFP and hopes and of a promising future for the hopeless multitudes in place of the present appalling and disgusting Augean mess brought about by the misadventures of Ranil- Maitri regime, The Green–Blue Pandora’s box”.

1 They should select the correct nominees, that is men and women of integrity, honesty, education, charisma and new blood preferably a younger group who have a clean past record in their electorates

2 Openly ensure and promise that they will never do the mistakes they did in the pre- 2015 period

3 They should give the highest priority for public good and welfare of the people, completely leaving out self- interest and personal gain with a package of maximum devolution to local bodes

4 They must convince the people that this is their first step in laying the foundation to bring about a new political culture in the country that will enthrone a true peoples government which has been brutally seduced and abused by the Ranil-Sirisena Government over the past three years and restore sanity, law and order, communal harmony and prosperity within the country and also restore sovereignty, freedom, independence and dignity and self-respect in relation to the International Community.

5 They must have a clear plan to reduce cost of living that has sky rocketed at present

6 They must also strongly convince the masses that a vote for the MS’s illegitimate and pseudo SLFP

  1. Is a vote for the UNP
  2. and that will be the death-knell of the SLFP founded by Bndaranayaka in 1952
  3. A vote for UNP as well as MS’S SLFP will amount  to,

1 A public approval of the anti-national policies and all blunders of the present regime

2 a public approval of the CB mega robbery, the biggest in Asia

3 Approval of selling all national assets such as the Hambantota Harbour, Airports, State lands all over the Island, Trincommalle Oil Tanks and the harbor, Local industries and Colombo Harbour

4Bertraying the Armed Forces as agreed to the UNO

5 Installing the treacherous Constitution written by the USA

6 Dividing the country in to 4 or 5 parts to satisfy the Tamils and Muslims at home and USA, Norway, UK. India and the so-called Tamil Diaspora to remain in power

7 Converting the entire Central Hill Country in to a second Tamil Homeland

8 Approval of the continuation of the state of anarchy brought by this regime

  1. Converting this country in to a no return situation, politically, economically, socially and in all other respects

10 Giving them power for putting the curtain down to end of the 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist Civilization in this Island nation.

Another very important point the JO has to impress on the SLFPers is the importance to not to get confused by the hand or the Bulathkole selected by the MS group as neither of them represent the true SLFP. It is only a bait to catch the birds to the UNP Vedda’s net.  In fact neither Mitripala Sirisena nor a single candidate who has opted to contest under his banner has an ethical or moral right to use these two symbols high jacked from the SLFP office as their leader MS is only a temporary decoy hired by the UNP and Chandrika to split the SLFP vote base in order to defeat the SLFP under MR. Converting this country in to a no return situation, politically, economically and in all other respects converting this country in to a no return situation, politically, economically and in all other respects. Fully converted to UNP President Maitripala Sirisena is now more UNP than even Ranil.  

5 Responses to “The need for all SLFP voters to stand with the Mahinda Rajapaksa Camp at the forthcoming Local Government elections”

  1. dhane Says:

    It is true that MS SLFP is only an illegitimate pseudo outfit of opportunists some of whom are rejected & defeated candidates by the voters holding Ministerial positions including Deputy Speaker post given by MS as a political bribe. To put Ranil on the floor & save the country Sira have one more last chance left over. Its sure in Bond commission it will highlight Minister in charge CB means PM is responsible appointing non citizen as Governor of CB not been pledged loyal to the constitution of SL, has family connection with Dealership to robbed the Bank. When 1st robbery took place and kept the CB Governor without taking any action although President requested PM to removed him. Instead up to date no action had been taken against Mahendran former CB Governor but given VIP post under PM. If Sira can put the full blame on Ranil according to Bond commission finding and wiped RW & his clan Malik, Ravi, Rajitha & footnote Group its healthy for UNP in future.

  2. ranjit Says:

    People are wise enough to understand what this evil, unpopular Yamapalanaya government is doing to our Motherland. Never in our history people suffered like now. Never in history a government rob the public funds like this government. Jan 8th was a coup orchestrated by foreign and local conspirators to oust then President Mahinda Rajapaksa. They didn’t like the lion who destroyed the tiger because the tiger was their survival. Instead of punishing the murderers who killed Premadasa,Athulathmudali, Gamini dissanayaka and many more sinhala buddhist leaders the current Yamapalanaya yamaballo trying to punish Mahinda Rajapaksa and the war heroes who saved us all and the country. This wreched Yamapalanaya government must be kicked out sooner or later and for that first opportunity will be the coming elections therefore people must rally behind Mahinda Rajapaksa our one and only poor man’s president if we are looking for a peaceful and prosperous future. POHOTTUWA is the symbol nothing else. True SLFPer’s must vote to pohottuwa the poor man’s party. MS will never leave Ranil. He is a liar and a cheater. He denied Mahinda coming to power many times therefore we cannot trust him anymore. All his supporters were rejected persons in the last election. They cannot be trusted either. So only person we can trust at this moment is our leader Mahinda Rajapaksa.
    Don’t use your vote for bank robbers.
    Don’t use your vote for land grabbers
    Don’t use your vote for LTTE sympathisers
    Don’t use your vote to one time losers.
    Don’t be misled by sweet talks and bogus promises.
    Don’t vote for the people who supports for selling our assets to outsiders.
    Be a true SRILANKAN and vote for the candidates who really love our Motherland and not for the people who fights for division.

  3. Christie Says:

    Sinhalese Buddhists, Christians and Muslims should vote for Mahinda lead party to stand up to Indian imperialists.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said Sudath!

    A VOTE for Sirisena’s SLFP Camp is a VOTE for the UNP!

    ALL Patriotic Sri Lankans should ACT in UNISON and VOTE FOR the MR-SLPP/JO Camp!

    JAYAWEWA Patriots …. Let us HAND MR a MASSIVE Landslide VICTORY in the Local Government Elections in February, 2018 as a PRECURSOR to rescuing our Motherland from the GRIP of the DESHA-DROHIS of the Yamapalana Kalliya in 2020!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Then we cannot have people like GL, Basil, etc.

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