Why do Tamils hate-Sinhala ? Part I
Posted on December 27th, 2017

By Charles.S.Perera

It is a question that has not been probed. Why do Tamils hate Sinhala?

There is something deeply embedded in the minds of the Tamils- a gene, which makes them unreasonably hateful towards the Sinhala. The psychologists try to understand the problems of individual human beings,  without applying their studies  to  communities, a population or  or even nations.

Even in the study of individuals there are disagreements amung psychologists following different schools of thought on psychology. The Western psychologists do not believe in Kamma and afterlife. Hence they study the human mind from the beginning of the life of an individual dividing it  into a conscious and subconscious mind.

It was Carl Gustav Jung  the first Western psychologist ,psychoanalyst,  who went beyond the Western belief system to understand an individual according to Eastern philosophies where the mind or the consciousness is not limited to an individual’s present life”, but is connected to its existence beyond this life, and shaped according to mental activities in previous lives-Kamma, and Buddhist Dependent Origination.

Therefore, if a study is to be made on why Tamils are anti-Sinhala it has to go beyond this life to the previous lives to understand  how their genes have been influenced to accumulate hatred towards Sinhala. This is perhaps not a psychological way of putting it, but  it is an attempt to understand the phenomena by an ordinary person, who would put this Tamil behaviour  to an inferiority complex.

An ordinary unprejudiced view is that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are not treated differently by the Sinhala. The Sinhala Governments had committed no genocide against the Tamil Community, with which certain mentally deranged  Tamil individuals try to fuel the minds of Tamils as a reason to hate the Sinhala.

But they fail to see that  the Sinhala on the other hand  have accommodated them amoung the Sinhala, introducing some of their religious practices into their Buddhist  temples ,  even  accepting inter-marriages.

The Tamils we have in Sri Lanka are of the Dravidian stock,  who were driven to the southern tip of India by the Invading Aryans who settled in the North. Therefore the Dravidian culture is different from the Aryan culture, perhaps more wild and savage with an undeveloped primitive belief system as seen from decorative grotesque figures on Kovil Gorpurams

The study if made by psychologists on this question,  it has to be a study not restricted to individuals,  but to the whole of the Tamil population. Such a study is certainly not to degrade the Tamils vis-à-vis the Sinhala, but to understand why Tamils are different and why they do not want to have any thing to do with the Sinhala to the extent they want an area for themselves, separated from the Sinhala.

This Tamil dislike for Sinhala is such that we see this even with people from unexpected quarters  showing their dislike for the Sinhala.

For instance,  Venerable Buddhaghosa maha Thera, a Tamil master of Veda, who later became a Buddhist Monk  was allowed to translate into Pali a vast collection of  Sinhala Commentaries to the Buddha’s teachings,  some of them written by Noble  Arahats of the Mahavihara. Venerable Buddhaghosa after completing his work of writing the Visuddhimagga, secretly burnt all the Commentaries which were written in Sinhala.

We now see what a great loss it is to the Sinhala Buddhists. Venerable Buddhaghosa would not have done that if he was an Arahat. But how could he have justified burning those Commentaries,?

Could it be  that Venerable Buddhaghosa too had the same gene in common with  all Tamils that made him as destructive as Kalinga Magha the Tamil Tyrant who destroyed  the Sinhala  Buddhist Monasteries ?

Because those Sinhala Commentaries were a great Buddhist treasure, more valuable than even the Monasteries  destroyed by the Kalinga Magha, or the ancient Sinhala Buddhist  ruins being bulldozed by the Sri Lanka Muslims today.

The Aryans were fair skinned and the Dravidians dark skinned. The caste system was introduced by the Aryans , and the Aryans employed some of the Dravidians who were retained with them as their slaves doing manual and menial work.

In Sri Lanka the fair skinned Sinhala are supposed to be of the Aryan Stock. And perhaps the Tamils believe that the Sinhala Aryanas had pushed the dark skinned Tamils to the north-,but this cannot be so as the Tamils in Jaffna are fir skinned. Perhaps the fairskinned Tamils in Jaffna come from the same Sinhala Aryan roots !!!


May be the Caste system affected the Tamils psychologically and made them anti Sinhala-the Aryan Stock that introduced the Caste System.

To be continued.

11 Responses to “Why do Tamils hate-Sinhala ? Part I”

  1. Christie Says:

    It is not just Tamils (Indians) who hate Sinhalese. All over the world Indians treat their subjects and untouchables. The ones who are not humans. For Hindi Tamils (Indians) we are untouchables; that is we are not humans.

  2. Charles Says:

    Indians are what they are and will hate the Sinhala. But why should the Tamils in Sri Lanka hate the Sinhala. That is what is difficult to understand.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    why should the Tamils in Sri Lanka hate the Sinhala. That is what is difficult to understand !!!

    Charles, at last We both have same big question ???
    honest answer for this question is misunderstanding thats all nothing else . this is my personal life time experience answer but I may be wrong .
    please comments.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Tamils in Sri Lanka are Tamil Nadu Tamils. There is no real difference. The term “Sri Lankan Tamils” was only introduced in 1911 and is a misnomer. Tamil by definition belongs to Tamil Nadu.

    Kalinga Magha was not a Tamil. He was from Kalinga (Orissa). He was aggressively promoting the Jain religion. That’s what drove him to use destruction on other religions.

    When Tamils were confined to Tamilakam (the Tamil nation in Tamil Nadu region) there was generally good relations between the Sinhala island and the Tamil nation. When Tamil slaves were brought into the island to work in Tobacco and Tea plantations, things turned bad. It was deliberate.

    Aryan is only a linguistic group and not a human stock. All South Asian nations have an Aryan majority. Only 4 Dravidian languages in South Asia (and the world) but there are over 50 Aryan languages in South Asia.

    My take is, Tamils are brainwashed continuously by their historical beliefs, religious beliefs, politicians, teachers, religious leaders, parents and grandparents against almost all other ethnic groups they come into terms with. This is part of the Tamil Nadu culture. It is completely opposite in the Sinhala society which talks good of other cultures.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    make some sence but TN is only 15 sea miles away from Kachcha theevu ( I am also brain washed as you said) so why they did not cross before 1505 ??? .

    my own I have found my 6th generation (not last) lived in Chignkala Theevu so at least 400 to 500 years ago.

    there was generally good relations between the Sinhala island and the Tamil nation- How We can rebuild ?????

  6. Christie Says:

    ” When Tamil slaves were brought into the island to work in Tobacco and Tea plantations, things turned bad. It was deliberate.”.

    Indian Colonial Parasites were never slaves. They were equal partners with the British. British took this parasite to all of its Tropical Dominions.

    Please open your minds and look at things as they are.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Indian Colonial Parasites were never slaves. They were equal partners – Estate Tamils worker work for less than 100 SLR per days are equal partners ????

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor tamils hate Sinhalese since the foreigners wants the whole country for themselves. Anti Sinhalese, anti
    Buddhist, anti Sri Lankan traitor catholic run UNPatriotic has been dividing the Sinhalese and make the minorities
    tamils and mussies kingmakers. Knowing traitor Sinhalese deshapaluwan licking their backs for their votes,
    minorities take full advantage. To make matters worse Sinhalese are divided along the religious lines as well.
    This make Sri Lanka ideal ground for these two foreigner low lives to dismember Mother Lanka. While the foreigners
    can make or do anything unconstitutional, Sinhalese has to be low abiding 100%. These traitor foreigners know
    this and use it the max. That’s why the traitor Tamil Nadu Alliance aka TNA and Sri Lanka Multiplying Community
    aka SLMC mussies at it like no tomorrow. While native Sinhalese have to bend over backwards to please the
    foreigners, they can do/say anything they like. So hatred gets intensified. Tamils have been left to their own
    devices in the north and the east giving them a free reign. Same time they can live anywhere in the country
    without any complaints, the traitor low lives wants exclusively tamils only drealam in the north and the east.
    Traitor pig neshwaran is a prime example. While living in Colombo comfortably, traitor wants his separate country
    in the n&e. Any other nation on earth will throw the pig into a piggery. Not the Sinhala modayas!

    Today Sri Lanka is ruled by traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Bay Gal
    Karaya Batalande Wadakaya Lajja Baya Nathi Aga Matta pol pot r@nil wickrama Sinhala killer while the rubber
    stamp vairapala sorry sena looking on helplessly. So the traitor foreigners putting all the pressure to dismember
    Mother Lanka. There are a lot of Sinhala traitor modayas also helping their cause. Look at some of them:
    vairapala sorry sena, Batalande Wadakaya, cham pakaya, arjunaya durjanaya, karume j, somersaulting banda
    aka sb, lakshman xxxiballa, kudumindaya, parajaithaya, red elephant the lapaya & co, etc. etc. The list is very
    very long. Is there any wonder then, the traitors hate Sinhalese knowing their deshapalu low lives only remember
    them during election times!

  9. charithsls Says:

    A few factors among others,
    1.Tamils would dearly love to have their own country, India has subdued them irreparably & they are caught in the Indians vice grip eternally. All should sympathize with them in a way & they are the only other ethnic group like Palestinians, there are spread in most countries but don’t have the luxury of calling a country of their own. This simmer in their minds & no wonder they cringe seeing us making waves in the world just sitting at the tip of their nose. So they thought at one time there is a possibility they could take over our country by war or by force or by other means.

    2. Jealousy is a main factor. Eleven Sinhalese names were playing in the ODIs right in front of their eyes recently & no surprise they are resigned to their ill fate (made by the North Indians).There may be a lot of suppression to Tamil culture by the North Indians that don’t come to our notice.

    3.Of course it is Buddhism. Though their political plight is from the North Indians both those groups are united by Hindu religion. Buddhism is anathema to all Almighty Gods followers. No surprise so the West loves the Hindus than Buddhists though we foolishly think would be us, a gentle religion. Why, birds of the same feather! Easy to fool each other!

  10. Dilrook Says:


    Tamils even tried to takeover the Maldives in 1988 when they realised Tamil Eelam was not possible in Sri Lanka when IPKF was battling LTTE. Malaysia was far too brutal for any Tamil uprising.

    Buddhism is a powerful reason why Tamils hate Sinhalese. Destruction of Buddhism was the main target of repeated South Indian invasions. Buddhism was always alien to Tamils. The few South Indian Buddhists mentioned by Charles were very rare exceptions. Tamil Nadu area was not part of the Asokan Empire so they missed out on the spread of Buddhism. Only 11,500 Buddhists live in Tamil Nadu today out of a population of 72 million. All Tamil majority districts in Sri Lanka have a similar (extremely low) percentage of Buddhists (except Nuwara Eliya).

    Jealousy also extends to the Dry Zone-Wet Zone disparity and Sinhala history of the island.

  11. Senerath Says:

    යාපනයේ අපූරු සංහිඳියාව

    රජය සංහිඳියාව ගැන හඬ නගයි. එහෙත් යාපනයේ නාගවිහාරාධිපති නාහිමියන්ගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවය නගර සභාපිටියේ පැවැත්වීමට එරෙහිව අධිකරණය වෙතින් තහනමක්‌ ලබා ගැනීමට උත්සාහ කළේ හින්දු සංස්‌කෘතික කවුන්සිලයයි.

    එසේම එලිලන් නම් වූ කොටි මිනීමරුවාගේ බිරිය වූ ආනන්දි සසිතරන් එම්. කේ. සිවාජිලිංගම් උතුරු පළාත් සභාපති සිවඥානම් සහ ද්‍රවිඩ සංධාන මන්ත්‍රී ශ්‍රීධරන්ද උන්වහන්සේගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවයට එරෙහි වී ඇත. මේ හැර වත්මන් රජයට සංහිඳියාව ගැන උපදෙස්‌ දුන් ජනාධිපති නීතිඥ ශාන්තා අබිමානසිංහම්ද ඊට එරෙහි වී අධිකරණයට පෙත්සම ගොනු කළ වුන්ට සහය වී ඇත.

    ද්‍රවිඩ ජාතික ජනතා පෙරමුණේ දේශපාලනඥයකු වු මනිවන්නන් මේ පෙත්සම අධිකරණය වෙත යොමු කළ නීතිවේදියා වේ. එසේ වූවත් අධිකරණය පෙත්සම ප්‍රතික්‍ෂේප කර තිබේ.

    එහෙත් රජය සංහිඳියාව ගැන හඬ නගයි. උතුරේ සංහිඳියාවක්‌ ක්‍රියාත්මක නොවන අතර ද්‍රවිඩ සංධානය සහ උතුරු පළාත් සභාව සංහිඳියාවට මුවා වී බලය ලබා ගැනීමට උත්සාහ කරන බව පැහැදිලිය.

    එසේ වූවත් රජය යථාර්ථය අවබෝධ කරගෙන නැත. එය වන්නි මෙහෙයුමට ඊශ්‍රායලය සහය දක්‌වා තිබියදී පලස්‌තීනය ඊට සහය වූ බව පැවසීමට සමානය.

    යාපනයේ නාගවිහාරාධිපති හිමියන්ගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවය ව්‍යර්ථ කිරීම සඳහා අන්තවාදීන් දැරූ උත්සාහය සඳහා අපූරු තර්කයන්ද අධිකරණයට යොමු කර තිබුණි.

    ඒ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවය නිසා ප්‍රදේශයේ සෞඛ්‍ය තත්ත්වයට හානියක්‌ සිදුවන බව දැක්‌වීමය.

    ප්‍රභාකරන් යාපනයේ බෝම්බ පිපිරීම් සිදුකරද්දී සෞඛ්‍ය තත්ත්වයට හානියක්‌ නොවුණේද?

    එදා ප්‍රභාකරන්ට එරෙහිව කිසිවෙක්‌ වචනයක්‌වත් පැවසුවේ නැත. එසේම යාපනයේ සිදුවීම් ගැන නිවේදන නිකුත් කරන විකල්ප ප්‍රතිපත්ති කේන්ද්‍රයේ රාජ්‍ය නොවන සංවිධාන ක්‍රියාකාරිනියක වූ මරියාද සිල්වා නමැත්තියත් නාගවිහාරාධිපති නාහිමියන්ගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවය නතර කිරීමට අන්තවාදීන් දැරූ උත්සාහය ගැන කියන්නේ කුමක්‌ද?

    මේ පසුබිම මැද යාපනයේ නාගවිහාරාධිපති නාහිමියන්ගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවයට එරෙහිව සිදු වූ එදිරිවාදීකම් මෙරට බහුතරයෙන් වසන් වී ඇත.

    එම එදිරිවාදිකම් ද්‍රවිඩ සංධාන නායක සම්බන්ධන් හා උතුරු මහ ඇමැති සී. විග්නේශ්වරන් පවා හෙළා දුටුවේ නැත. අඩු වශයෙන් ශෝක ප්‍රකාශයක්‌වත් ප්‍රකාශයට පත් වූයේ නැත.

    එසේම කොටි හිතවාදී වෙබ් අඩවි අපවත් වී වදාළ නාහිමියන්ව හඳුන්වනු ලැබුවේ අන්තවාදී භික්‌ෂුවක්‌ ලෙසිනි. මෙහිදී ආනන්දි සසිතරන් නමැති කොටි කාන්තාව පැවසුවේ නාගවිහාරාධිපති නාහිමියන්ගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවය පැවැත්වීම තුළින් හමුදාව සිංහල බෞද්ධාගම ද්‍රවිඩ ජනතාව මත යොමු කිරීමට ක්‍රියා කරන බවයි. ඇගේ මේ අවමන් සහගත ප්‍රකාශය කිසිදු දේශපාලනඥයෙක්‌ හෙළා දුටුවේ නැත. මේ හැර මෙරට භික්‌ෂු පරපුරට පවා යාපනයේ සිදු වූ මේ එදිරිවාදීකම් වසන් විය.

    කොටි හිතවාදී වෙබ් අඩවි එම ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවය ගැන තවදුරටත් පැවසූවේ ද්‍රවිඩ දේශපාලනඥයන් සහ ප්‍රධාන පෙළේ නීතිවේදීන් ඊට එරෙහිවී තිබියදී හමුදාව මැදිහත් වී ආදාහන පුජෝත්සවය පැවැත් වූ බවයි.

    එහෙත් උතුරේ පළාත් සභාව පවත්වාගෙන යැමට රුපියල් මිලියන ගණනක්‌ ලබාදී ඇත්තේ උතුරේ ද්‍රවිඩයන් නොව මෙරට බහුතරයේ බදු මුදල්ය. උතුරු මහ ඇමැති විග්නේශ්වරන්ද ඒ බව අමතක කර ඇත.

    මේ පසුබිම මැද උතුරේ කොටි හිතවාදීන් උන්වහන්සේගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවය පැවැත්වීම ගැන දොස්‌ නගා ඇත්තේ ආරක්‍ෂක හමුදාවට සහ හමුදාපති මහේෂ් සේනානායක මහතාටය.

    එහෙත් යාපනයේ නාගවිහාරාධිපති නාහිමියන්ගේ ආදාහන පූජෝත්සවයට එල්ල වූ එදිරිවාදීකම් මෙරට බහුතරයෙන් වසන් විය.

    එසේ වූවත් යාපනයේදී පොලිස්‌ භටයකුගේ වෙඩි පහරින් ද්‍රවිඩයකු මියගියේ නම් කොළඹ රාජ්‍ය නොවන සංවිධාන නටන නැටුම් බලාගත හැකිය. රජය පවා මේ සිද්ධිය ගැන නිහඬ විය. ද්‍රවිඩ සංධාන නායකත්වය පවා එම එදිරිවාදීකම් හෙළා දුටුවේ නැත.

    කීර්ති වර්ණකුලසූරිය

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