Why do Tamils hate Sinhala ? Part II
Posted on December 31st, 2017

By Charles.S.Perera

The Sinhala even before the Independence had a very cordial relationship with the Tamils. Even in the small towns in the South, the barbers, the small boutique keepers selling cigars, and Saaivar Restaurants were run by Tamils, mostly Jaffna Tamils.

These Jaffna Tamil traders were so well accepted by the Sinhala they were even  invited for their weddings and funerals. Most of these Jaffna Tamil traders came alone to the South without their families, except some of them who came with their  male children who were sent to local Schools and studied with the Sinhala  children.

I the writer, had been travelling alone in whole of Jaffna, but never did I have an unpleasant  word directed at me by any one from three wheel drivers to those I met in the town or outside. I was always given a seat in crowded buses, by someone leaving one to me with a smile. I was received in their homes. I ate their meals together with them.

The Tamils were never rejected by the Sinhala  because they were Tamils. How then can we explain this phenomena of hatred, the anti Sinhala bias?

It appears to be a politically motivated  later development by the upper class Tamils. Even today we see it amoung the politicians, but not amoung the ordinary Tamil people.

Unfortunately the voice of the ordinary Tamil people is not heard. We hear only the Tamil politicians, and those of the Tamil diaspora who are the ones who show their hatred most towards the Sinhala, and sow the seeds of hatred amoung the ordinary Tamils.

The ordinary Tamil people  old men, women and children who were herded like cattle from place to place by the terrorists to keep them as a human shield, who suffered without clothes to wear, food to eat, water to wash or drink  rescued by the Sinhala soldiers cannot surely hate those Sinhala soldiers who took them away from which was  hell on earth for them !!

The worst hatred seem to spring from Wigneswaran who was born in the south , grew up amoung the Sinhala, went to school with Sinhala children  and became a Judge, and got his sons married to Sinhala women.

The other whose hatred towards Sinhala  is not understood come from the UNP State Minister for Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheswaran, whose husband was assassinated by the terrorists.

She pines for the terrorist Prabhakaran. She states that the Tamil Community wouldn’t have lost their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran if they had voted for the UNP candidate Ranil Wickramasinghe at 2005 Presidential election.

Has she a secretly kept love for the terrorist leader Prabhakaran, perhaps like UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillai, who it was said that  when she was a young student had a photo of Prabhakaran pasted on the wall  in her room

Could it be some thing endemic, meaning  a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location”  ?

Is it jealousy towards the Sinhala by the Tamil politicians who try hard but cannot stand  up to the Sinhala politicians ?  If it is that  it may be an extreme inferiority complex ?

Inferiority complex has several definitions, that which may be close to that from which the Tamils suffer may be , a persistent sense of inadequacy or the tendency to diminish oneself, sometimes resulting in excessively aggressive behaviour through over compensation.”

That would explain why Venupillai  Prabhakaran became a terrorist. Prabhakaran was not educated and came from a caste considered low by the upper class Tamils-the fisher caste. He kidnapped a high caste girl Mathivathani Erambu and married her.

Prabhakaran as a young man who had formed a group of  young activists around him, assassinated the Governor of Jaffna. He was taken notice of by India which wanted to make him their cat’s paw to make inroads in to Sri Lanka to divide it territorially;  which obsession of India continue to date. Prabhakaran and his young companions were taken away by the Indian RAW to India  and set up a camp for them in the jungle of South India to train this  group of youngsters to be terrorists.

Prabhakaran was therefore the outward  projection of the inferiority complex of the Tamil political mentality which includes the local Tamil politicians and the Tamils living in foreign countries.

To be Continued

14 Responses to “Why do Tamils hate Sinhala ? Part II”

  1. Christie Says:

    My Bramas, Gods and Sacred Cows. Tamils are Indians like Navi Pillay a Tamil. They are all Indian Colonial Parasites and live in fear of being kicked out. Idi Amin was a Great man. All Indian Colonial Congress to hate their hosts. It is as simple as that.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lankan catholic run UNPatriotic party bend over backward to please
    tamils, mussies and of course catholics for their votes. Fool some Sinhala modayas with few Bay Gals and you are
    in a win win situation! This way UNPatriotics have groomed tamils for over 50 years dancing to their tunes. Tamils
    only have to ask the UNPatriotics, they get it. Because of this grooming, they have developed a culture of never enough, never happy. So they keep asking for more and more. When they don’t get it, traitors blame
    the Sinhalese. So the hatred goes on and on until the traitors get full control of the country.

    This is the root cause!
    Who do we blame? Traitor UNPatriotics of course! Traitor UNPatriotics have divided the Sinhalese and made the
    two foreigner lots king makers for their votes. So the traitors keep asking and the traitor low lives keep giving.
    Then is there any wonder the country is a melting pot. Thanks UNPatriotics! Thanks Sinhala modayas who keep
    voting this mega thieving, mega lying, murderous (Sinhalese only) UNPatriotics. Ever heard digging your own
    grave Sinhala modayas?

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Who signed indo-lanka accord? Traitor UNPatriotics

    Who signed 13, 13A? Traitor UNPatriotics

    Who gave citizenships to 650,000+ estate tamils who were prepared to go to tn under Sirima-Shastri Pact? Who else?

    Who turned a blind eye to catholic tigers of tamil dream? Who else?

    Who gave land deeds to 2000+ estate tamils to break up the social fabric/tea estate in up country? Very recently
    by the Batalande Wadakaya

    Who gave half the country on a plate to barrel man hitler mala paharan? Batalande Wadakaya

    Who sent 600+ policemen to catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet? Alugosu (to Sinhalese only) lk porisada

    Who sent millennium city intelligent officers to catholic tigers of tamil drealam? Batalande Wadakaya of course

    Who creatred forever Sri Lanka hating diasporats? UNPatriotics of course

    Treachery list goes on and on. ‘Gold medals’ go to Batalande Wadakaya and alugousus (to Sinhalese only) thambi
    mudiyanselage jr@. Aslo Sinhala modayas who support these traitors deserve tonnes of punakkus!

    Who still support this anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lankan catholic run UNPatriotic party after all these
    treacheries? Sinhala modayas of course!

  4. Senerath Says:

    First two paragraphs indicate Sinhala people are not in bad terms with Tamils, they would like to live in harmony with them. ( I purposely avoided the term ‘do not hate’ becuase I know, as a Sinhala, we DO NOT HATE but we get angry)

    Third paragraph explains it is the same with ordinary Tamils, as you have experinced it.

    Then suddenly you go on, on the assumption that Tamils hate Sinhalas and trying to find why ?

    My sincere thinking is Sinhala people will never be able to understand why Tamil people, ganging up with a ruthless killer, killed Sinhala babies in villages. They have no experience or any data to process that question. There is no point telling them ‘discrimination’ when , clearly, there isn’t any. Therefore recosiilyaction will NEVER WORK. It is only a GERM spread by Mahinda to the world. ( Germ may have been given by someone else to him- he , being a simple friendly man though it is correct.)

  5. Charles Says:

    Sorry Senerath that is not the substance of what i want to know. Reconciliation is the germ sown by Yahapalanaya and not Rajapakse.

  6. Senerath Says:

    Reconcilliation, if that ever to exist between Tamils and Sinhala, should be initiated by Tamils. Sinhalese never got organised to kill a single Tamil baby or a child. It was Tamils who started that henious crime. Therefore they should acknowledge responsibility first. Have they ever done that ? Have any Sinhala leader even mentioned that publically after war ? many Sinhalas apologised on behalf of UNP organised 1983 looting. Some Sinhalas even today wrongly blaming it as the root.
    The South African style commison was not started by Yahapalanaya. Even you probably sent your ideas to it. Many good people did. I have never seen a Tamil apologising on behalf od Prabhakaran.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    “Reconciliation is the germ sown by Yahapalanaya and not Rajapakse.”



    “musavada veramani…..”

  8. Charles Says:

    MR’s reconciliation was not as destructive as the one by MS

  9. Christie Says:

    If you look at “Global Reconciliation” of Desmond Tutu run by Indian Parasites of South Africa and elsewhere you will see who started the so called reconciliation in our country?


    We are a colony of India run by India and Indian Parasites here and overseas.

    Until we get this in to our heads Sinhala Genocide will continue, until we will be like the natives of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  10. anura seneviratna Says:

    “Tamils hate Sinhala”, is a conspiracy strategy to set up a second Tamil country with more freedom than the true Tamil country of Tamil Nadu. By publishing hatred against the Sinhala people with fabricated discrimination can win world sympathy for Tamil self determination.

    Primarily, the Tamil community leaders feel jealous about the small Sinhala Nation having their independent country while they don’t.

    Most of all, these Tamil leaders know that due to hybrid and putrid Sinhala leaders who have kidnapped the Sinhala Island and for their vision since 1948 to exterminate the Sinhala National Sovereignty is winning in favour of Tamil national demands.

    No other indigenous country of the world or even otherwise have dished out “foreign national rights” to settler communities except in the nicknamed SL. This is the greatest crime in the world subjecting the Sinhala Country to be invaded insidiously by settler communities because of illegally granted “foreign Tamil national rights”. BUT not one Sinhala person able to talk about this crime due to brainwashing by these mixed and rotten Sinhala leaders at the helm.

    Invasive Tamil leaders are impatient to capture SL before, if sleepy Sinhala psyche awakes and JUSTICE prevails!

  11. Senerath Says:

    There is no conspiracy called “Tamils Hate Sinhala”. The conspiray is ‘Sinhala Hate Tamils” , if not “Sinhala kill Tamils”.
    As I said earlier Sinhala do not hate Tamils, they are incapable of doing such thing.

    Reconcilliation is a good thing, recommended by even Buddha in various ways. Just to recall two,

    1. Akkohdena Jine Kodham ( Hatred is won over by not hating – my translation)
    2. There are two types of fools, those who do not accept mistakes and ask for forgiveness and those who reject when asked that way for forgiveness.

    Problem is Tamils killed innocnet Sinhalas, destoryed their country still depending on them for everything but yet waiting for Sinhalas to say sorry and reconsillying like fools. There was no need for the governement to even start this nonsence, it was Tamil leaders and India who created LTTE who should have initiated with an apology and Sinhala leaders who should then could have accepted the apology.
    This is a huge mistake from then governement. We can forgive even this, but even Charles is rejecting to realise it as a mistake , how could then the erring people realise it ?

  12. Charles Says:

    Senerath Stop quoting the scriptures. It should be to chang life. All Buddhists should take the five precepts every day and follow it and get to meditate which you had on your own accepted cannot do. It is only after that you can relate material life we spend into a spiritual understanding. Better perhaps quote latin phrases or Biblical sayings.

    For me this reconciliation process as continued by Sirisena Ranil is a utter destruction of Sinhala and Buddhist values. Security means the Armed Forces and military camps in the areas where there is a tendency for the resurgence of terrorism, and those camps those lands and those Armed Forces should be strengthened in the North and East.

  13. Senerath Says:

    Sorry Charels, I don’t understand this.
    Stop quoting the scriptures.” – you mean Buddhists should not quote Dammapada (if they cannot meditate )?
    “Better perhaps quote latin phrases or Biblical sayings.”– I don’t even know these. You are now insulting me ! why ?

    “meditate which you had on your own accepted cannot do ” – I never said that Charels ! why are you making up things ? It is very bad !
    I said a different thing, please read it carfully. I said I don’t experience long time Samadhi, and Buddhism it is about understanding (without doubt) core Buddhist teaching but not mearly about learning various meditative techniques whic existed even before arrival of Buddha.

    There is no resurgence of terrorism necessary for Tamils now , Charles.
    Yes, whoever started weakening of Armed forces is VERY WRONG !

    You didn’t even looked at my point, taht is reconcillation should start with the leadership of Tamils, not Sinhalese.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamils do not hate the Sinhala people.
    But, for various reasons, Tamils have been encouraged by their Tamil Leaders in Lanka and outside, and others, for a long time to form a Separate State for Tamils in Lanka.
    Best remove the ILLEGAL 13-A.

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