Bond scam loss could be up to Rs 500-1,000 billion: Cabraal
Posted on January 5th, 2018

I see it as a loss of somewhere between Rs 500 billion and Rs 1,000 billion.”

He also said that he is glad that the report of the Presidential Commission on the bond scam has recommended an investigation into the issuance of bonds during the period from 2008 to 2014.

I’m glad that was said. Because such an investigation has already being carried out by the country’s Auditor General as per the request of Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and the relevant report has been uploaded in his website. It is still there in that website to this day,” he told Ada Derana.

However, if the report states that an inquiry should be carried out on the bonds issued during that time period despite the fact that it has already been done, then we should be glad about that, Cabraal said.

2 Responses to “Bond scam loss could be up to Rs 500-1,000 billion: Cabraal”

  1. Christie Says:

    Komesaris Sirisena is busy appointing Commissions and those Commissions busy commissioning more Commissions.

  2. Christie Says:

    සිරිසේන වේට්ටිය උඩ්ටම උස්සගෙන එයා පත්කරපු කොමිසන් වාර්තාව ගැන අපිට උජාරු.
    මෙයාමනෙ අර්ජුන පත්කිරීමට අත්සන ගැහැව්වෙත්.
    කොමිසන් වාර්තාව පෙන්නනව සිරිසේන පත්කරපු අර්ජුන කරපු වන්චාව හා රටටම කරපු පාඩුව.
    සිරිසේන මුලුවගකීම බාරගන්න ඕනි.
    රනිල්ට, රවිට හා වෙනත් අයට වගකීම පවරන්න බැහැ.
    සිරිසෙනගේ කඩුතලය මතට ඔහුම වැටිය යුතුය.
    Sirisena is carrying on about the Commission he appointed and its report on the biggest financial fraud in the country.
    He is the one who finally appointed Arjuna Mahendran by signing the documents of Arjuna’s apoointment.
    The Commission Report details the fraud, amount lost to the nation by sirisena’s appointment.
    Sirisena should take full responsibility for the appointment of Arjuna Mahendran.
    He cannot pass the responsibility to Ranil or Ravi or anyone else.
    Sirisena Should fall on his own sword.

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