Road way extension victims
Posted on January 23rd, 2018

Janaka Perera

The Government dragging its feet over paying compensation for road extensions and expressways is causing problems to many people.  Compensation was for residents affected by the Kandy Expressway construction paid only after they staged protests on the road.  The same situation faces residents hit by the Ruwanpura (Ratnapura) Expressway Construction.

In Dehiwala people whose lands the government has taken over for the Marine Drive extension are in a limbo.

The authorities claimed the lands in July 2015 for the extension and valued the lands in July 2016. Although the owners and occupants of the houses on them have not yet been asked to move out they have so far neither been compensated nor are the road extensions begun.  The owners cannot sell the land as a result.

A major road block has been created in Dehiwala with 15 lanes of traffic merging into just four lanes into just four lanes in Galle Road, Dehiwala.  The flyover built at the junction has not eased the traffic congestion there.

Traffic from four major roads (Marine Drive, Galle Road, Duplication Road and Hospital Road fall into just one road (Galle Rd) between Kollupitiya and Dehiwala.

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