An Open Letter to Maithripala Sirisena
Posted on February 3rd, 2018


Dear Mr. Sirisena

This article is written to comment about your so-called bluff master speech made at the BMICH on 28th December under the title Pledge of Freedom for a clean administration devoid of corruption and fraud”.  First of all this is not a new slogan for we Sri Lankans as it was a stanza chanted by you and your cohorts day and night in the run up to the Presidential Election in 2015. Three years have passed since then and we are yet to find a clean administration devoid of corruption and fraud under you and your strange bed fellow Ranil Wickremasinghe.  .

Wherever we turn our attention to we find massive robberies (elaboration not needed), cheating the masses with more and more never fulfilling promises, swindling of national wealth and assets, immunity for mismanagement, nepotism and cronyism, wastage and corruption, denial of irrigation water, and fertilizer for farmers, lack of raw materials for industries, people affected by drought. floods, land slides, garbage mountain slides, and Saalawa blast longing for compensation and redress, steeply increasing unemployment, sharp increases in food prices, political victimization, shortage of essential food items such as rice, coconut and vegetables  while prior to unheard inducements are being given to your ministers (the world’s largest cabinet of Ministers being further expanded by luring opposition MPs)  and Parliamentarians many of whom entered politics as bicycle politicos like you and have now got afflicted with a chronic  disease of inability to travel without going in fuel guzzling luxury vehicles as against our neighbouring Indians who use only their Ambassador cars.  I do not know whether you remember the fact that there were SLFP Ministers in the past who drove their own vehicles. This super species also need hundreds of thousands of rupees each month to maintain their offices and some super Ministers who are very close to you and are office bearers of your party pay millions of rupees as monthly rentals for a building owned by the husband of a fiancée and keep it unoccupied for years, and while farmers suffer due to lack of fertilizer it is alleged that this Minister has fertilizer tenders contrary to the normal tender procedures to supply  fertilizer to the husband of another fiancée of this philanderer Minister.   .

In the course of your speech you have acted as the fabled Yama Rajjuruwo and has threatened that your sword will not spare anyone who indulges in wrong doings, and you will cut down (chop the heads off) whether it be your relations, friends, acquaintances, or anyone else.  We earnestly wait for your fulfilment of this threat immediately when you get the Treasury Bond Scam report this week before proceeding to chop the heads off of others for other crimes!

We also wonder why this omnipotent sword of yours remained blunt when your son-in-law Thilina Sampath was alleged of having million dollars worth commission dealings with Maharajahs as it had been widely and continuously being reported in the Lanka E News website. For the crime of this website upholding your own promise of media freedom as outlined in your manifesto you have stupidly banned access to this website from Sri Lanka but their investigative reporting continues and people read it through proxy websites.

What about your elder daughter Chaturika who has ghost written a book praising you and who is being alleged to be getting millions of rupees worth government advertisements including from your pet programme Grama Shakthi” as commissions for her two advertising agencies?

Also what about your brother casino king Dudley who is leading the rice mafia reportedly with your brother-in-law? How can a man who says that he started his life as a lorry cleaner become the owner of a chain of rice mills and build star class hotels even in the South? As many crooks in this country claim that they acquired wealth through treasure hunts, gem mining, gem business and lotteries, he also can claim that he got his wealth through casinos as he was awarded a few years ago a Benz car from one of the Casino clubs as the leading casino player of that year.

What about the alleged illegal sand and stone quarry mafias being held by your other brothers forcing everyone in these businesses to be dependent on them? May be you feel very sympathetic to raise your threatening sword against them because they are your kith and kins? It is also being said that only your family products Araliya and Nipuni rice are being supplied to Sathosa outlets and government institutions such as security forces. Are not these activities contrary to what you preached initially saying that you became the President of this country not to crown your family members and your kith and kin?

In your speech at the BMICH you have stated that you will not consider party allegiance, party colours or relationships in this march to build a pure ever living political culture for the future well being of the nation, and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party intends to form a new honest political group who would love the country and the nation and who would not subdue to corruption, malpractices and who would not indulge in waste and misuse.  How can you build your dream group by getting fringe politicians from other parties to support you by offering ministerial and other perks which we witness for the last few days?

It is also reported that your so-called puritan politicians with whom you anticipates to build a new political culture and a new society are using former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s photograph instead of yours (as yours is dud coin) in their posters and leaflets.  Even your acolyte the Western Province Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya who says he starts his day’s routine after prostrating every morning before you has requested your candidates to use Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s photograph to get people attracted to them.  What a shamofeless act?

There are news reports saying that two main political parties have earmarked Rs. 40,000 Million as election expenses.  In the rate of fringe politicians being lured to support you and the massive election shows being staged by you there is no doubt that your party is one of the alleged parties and the other one could be UNP or Sri Lanka’s richest political party the JVP.  If you are conducting a genuine election campaign keep the country being informed about your election campaign financiers? Is any foreign agency such as RAW also involved? It was only months after the last Presidential election that people came to know who had financed your Presidential election.

How can you claim that those you have already nominated as candidates are honest, pure, and innocent persons and will not indulge in corruption, thuggery, womanising and other vices?  Already you have nominated the former Chairman of the Akuressa Pradeshiya Sabha who was reported to have held a function to rejoice raping of 100 young girls – a modern avatar of Angulimaala and who can be branded as Dooshanamaala.  Another notorious character who has been nominated is a former Anamaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha member who forced an innocent teacher to kneel down in front of her students and humiliated her.  Four members out of the seven members nominated by you to the dissolved Polonnaruwa Pradeshaya Sabha had been taken into custody on various charges. If you could not nominate genuine and honest people for the Pradeshiya Sabha of your own electorate how can you trust the honesty, purity, integrity and genuineness of the people you are nominating to other areas?

You have said that people contesting under you should not have personal political agendas and they should only have a common agenda for the future well being of the country. Well, what about your nominee for Colombo Mayoralty Asath Sally?  How many political somersaults he has made during the last three decades? CP/DUNF/UNP/SLFP/Independent/UNP/Independent/NUA and now Sirisena SLFP. Has he got any pure political vision? Do you think that this commercially motivated racist politician similar to your thick pal Rathana thero will oblige to your commands?

There are also reports that underground thugs and their family members have been fielded as candidates.  In your desperation to win this election somehow which is of course an illusory dream how many of them have you fielded as your candidates?

Another blatant lie that had been uttered by you is that you struggled within the government for more than two years to get the first-past-the-post system introduced and thereby ensue each ward is represented by a member.  It is shame to find you being the president of this country thinking that the people of this country are suckling babes.  It is a matter known to everyone that due to the election phobia you had and your fearfulness to face the electorate you made use of your arrogant and egoist Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils Faizer Mustapha to postpone the elections under various pretexts and it was the former members of the Municipal Councils, Urban councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas who forced your government to hold the elections by indulging in continuous agitations.  Do you remember the issuance of how many gazette notification your government deliberately delayed and even cancelled after issuance?

It seems that the UNP has already decided to ditch you after this local government election and form a coalition government with TNA and even with the support of opportunist JVP.  It seems that some of your Ministers who now stand with you as your shadow will also join that UNP government. Their constitution will also have a clause to abolish Executive Presidency dashing your hopes of contesting for a second term. What are you going to do in such a scenario? It may be the reason you did not mention even a word in your speech about your present strange bed fellow and partner RanilWickremasinghe’s UNP although you praised the UNP governments of D.S.Senenayake and Dudley Senanayake in your speech.  Anyway in our opinion you well deserve this shoddy treatment from the UNP for the treacherous betrayal you carried out on 21st November 2014 after having a Temple Trees hoppers dinner with the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.   After that people were calling you as Kaapu Pingaane Reepu Eka (the one who has excreted on the very plate he ate).  Your political life however is limited only for another 18 months as per the clauses of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution and it is better for you to keep applied for asylum somewhere now itself as Fonseka unsuccessfully sought asylum in Australia after getting defeated in the 2010 Presidential Election.

Thank you,

A former Vice President of the SLFP Central Committee of Matara Electorate

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