Pohottuwa will get over 55% of votes and win majority of the Councils – Former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa 
Posted on February 7th, 2018

Translated by : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA

Former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa participated in the 360 political programme of the Derana TV channel on 5th February.  Given below is the full interview he had under this programme.

Q: When you had two more years to remain in office you called for the Presidential Election two years earlier.  It is claimed that you did this with over confidence.  Your comments?

A: No I did not act with over confidence.  Even the 2010 election was held in advance and I lost one year then and this time in 2015 I held the election two years early and accordingly I have lost three years. I felt that I should go for elections then.  Unexpectedly people who were very close to me conspired against me.  My name for the Presidential election was nominated by Maithripala Sirisena, the Secretary General of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.  I never expected that the person who nominated me would desert me and would betray me. On the other hand I very much trusted some of my Ministers.  At that time much of my attention was focused on the prevention of the re-emergence of terrorism, and the attention of the intelligence unit was focused on that matter and they were not used to pay much attention to the activities of my Ministers.  As a result some of them violated the trust that I had reposed on them.

Q: With your defeat in the Presidential Election you handed over the leadership of your Party to the new President.  There is a dispute about whether it was handed over or taken over? Also, we do not see the former President Chandrika attempting to form a new party,

A:  I do not think it was handed over.  When there was an attempt by making use of the Executive Powers to split the party and form a group loyal to him and as a measure to prevent the split of the party I allowed the new situation to happen.

Q:  Now you have been accused of attempting to split the party?

A: It was the former President who was behind all these moves to split the party.   She was a main character in the conspiracy.  She came and met the Ministers clandestinely, discussed with them and canvassed them on the sly to turn against me and was always aiming to topple the government at any time.  I in fact wanted to handover the country and retire but the people started to come to meet me from all over the country and there were long queues of two to three kilometres to meet me and just to see my face for a second. They came and asked me to protect them. At the same time the SLFP supporters faced many problems, they were being attacked and they were dismissed from their employment, 400 odd people were chased out from the Presidential Secretariat office and many were labourers and innocent public servants who worked under me.  Similar situations got created everywhere, and the President who was there to protect them as the leader of the party did not do anything and remained silent.  It was under such conditions we were compelled to take some action to protect these innocent people.

Q: Will it not be harmful to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party by your action to make another party victorious?

A: No.  I do not think.  Because the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is not something merely having the party office, having the name board and there should be the principles of the party.  Today these noble principles are not there with them.  The President of the SLFP, the President has betrayed the noble principles of the SLFP. He went to the Sirikotha wearing a green shirt, sporting with a green colour garland and betrayed the SLFP and told them that he will never forget the support and assistance given to him by the UNP.

Q: The allegation of betraying the SLFP is being made against you saying that you have formed a new party to defeat the SLFP?

A: The late Prime Minister S.W.R.D.Bandarnaike, my father D.A.Rajapaksa, Sri Nissanke, A.P.Jayasuriya and others formed the Sri Lanka Freedom Party by leaving the UNP Madam Sirimavo Bandaranaike, T.B.Ilangaratne and others strengthened the party by safeguarding the party policies.  They held the view that the UNP policies are not suitable for this country.  On the contrary after contesting the election under the Swan symbol with the support of the UNP Sirisena went to UNP headquarters and betrayed the SLFP.  As all are aware the leader of the Swan party is a world renowned rogue. We held discussions to prevent this situation and with the objective of rescuing the party.

Q: What happened to the discussions? People expected that there will b some positive outcome but it failed.  Why was that?

A: People opined that the SLFP Ministers should quit the government and then only they should be allowed to join the opposition.  So, we told them to quit the government and quit the Minister posts to join with us.  At least the Ministers to leave the government. How can they be with us by being in the government?  What justification is there?

Q: Isn’t it like asking for the whole pound of flesh.  If they quit from the Minister posts the UNP can form a government by appointing the required Ministers from other parties.  Isn’t it better to retain the Minister posts and oppose the government activities?

A: What is meant by a Minister and what is meant by a cabinet.  The cabinet is the body of Ministers ruling the country, taking decisions on the ruling the country.  See what is happening today?  It is not the SLFP policies that are being implemented today. The late Prime Minister Mr.Bandarnaike nationalized the harbour and this government sold the harbour. The airport is to be sold, the Trinco oil tank farm is to be sold, expressways are to be sold, the Colombo city is to be sold, Norochcholai and other power plants are to be sold. We wanted them to be away from these activities.

Q: During these discussions it was suggested to contest under your leadership under the Chair symbol, why it did not happen?

A: In that case, if they are genuine, they could have agreed to contest under the Flower Bud symbol.  The symbol of chair belongs to the People’s Alliance. It is an outdated symbol.  There is a saying that the one who got hit by a fire-brand is scared of even to a fire-fly. We trusted them and got assaulted once.  We were made to suffer defeat and a group who was rejected by people, who was defeated by the people brought through National List and strengthened the government.   There is a clause in that party, the People’s Alliance that all the posts should be held by the people in the party and the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party can dismiss any elected member at any time.  Who is the General Secretary? Duminda Dissanayake.  This is what happened after the general election.  All those who lost, who were defeated by the people were brought in through the National List and given them Ministerial portfolios.

Q: It had been a normal practice that in a local government election nominees of the existing government win the election Will you consider that people vote for you going outside this pattern?

A:  For the last three years the Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas were ruled by this government.  They dismissed all the councils and without holding elections these councils were ruled by the government through the Commissioners appointed by the Minister concerned.  What happened during these three years?  Similar to the country was being subject to deterioration by the government the Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas were also deteriorated. Garbage got collected in all the areas, and in all the towns, and an unbearable stench prevailed everywhere.  Colombo city which was a clean city had garbage dumps everywhere. Go to Colombo Fort the stench is unbearable.  It was same in other places, in Galle, in Kandy and other places as well.  These situations gave rise to the spread of dengue mosquitoes.  The number of dengue patients increased and were found them everywhere. Due to lack of beds for them in hospitals they had to sleep in corridors, under the beds and on stair cases as well.  Ultimately hospitals refused to admit them and even private hospitals refused to admit them.   There were more than thousand deaths, more than 1500 deaths, from babies to elders including doctors as well. Who was responsible for this? The government failed to control this situation, failed to properly administer this situation.  The country was brought to face such a situation.

Q: We cannot expect a change of government from this election?

A: Change of government can be seen when the results come out.

Q: But there was no such experience in the past?

A: We have made many things that they were not experienced in the past.

Q: You consider this election as a referendum for and against the government.  It is okay if you win this election.  What will be the situation if you lose? Will not that mean that the people have endorsed the actions and activities of this government?  What will happen then?

A:  See TNA is contesting this election asking the people to vote for them to get a separate country.  If they win, will they be given a separate country?  In this contest there is no question of winning or losing for us.  There is nothing called defeat for us in this election. We will get over 55% of votes in this election and win majority of the Councils  It is very clear.

Q: An allegation against you was that you are racist.  It was because of this that Tamil/Muslim votes got distanced from you.  You have said that based on the percentage of votes polled in the North you decided about your defeat.   To change this situation and to win back the Tamil/Muslim votes what you have done?.

A: It is this government that spreads racism. It is being spread by the associates of the government.  By doing so they think that they can keep those votes with them forever.  What the TNA and Sumanthiran says.  We tell the Sinhala people that we will keep the unitary status, we tell the Maha Nayake theros that we will give prominence to Buddhism which makes them happy but we will make a constitution that allows for creating a country beyond a federal system to create an Eelam eventually.  We must make the people to clearly understand this situation as this situation cannot be allowed to prolong.  See the situation in the country today.  Cost of living is unbearable.  It has been deteriorated in all sectors and there is no sector that has not been deteriorated.  We concentrated much of attention to defeat terrorism and to get rid of Prabhakaran and under this situation certain unexpected things too happened.  However the younger generation now feel the value of freedom and they will not be misled forever.  Take for instance the Beruwela incident.  Those who were connected with and responsible for creating this situation is in the government and are responsible members of this government. The people have understood it very well

Q: We remember that you said that several prominent SLFP Ministers in the government are to join you.  We have not seen that happening.  Has the door is kept opening yet?

A:  Some have already come and some others too may come.  Some have been prevented by various forms of threats.

Q: Well. There is speculation that the split of SLFP votes will be taking place in this election and some people have turned towards the President’s side due to various frustrations?

A: The genuine and bona fide SLFPers are with us.  They are well aware that Sirisena has betrayed the original SLFP policies, Mr. Bandaranaike’s policies and Madam Bandaranaike’s policies to the UNP.  Now the Sirisena faction has Chandrika policies and they are not SLFP policies.  Apart from  Chandrika’s era, under the Sirisena rule the SLFP policies have been betrayed disgracefully.

Q: We see large crowds at President’s meetings?

A:  UNP people too attend them.  Sirisena’s SLFP and UNP are same nothing different.   As Mr, Kiriella said they are two lovers and they remain separate temporarily and will reunite after the 10th.  It is quite clear that they acting in a mega drama.  But the problem is that the accusations being made are very serious.

Q: If a situation arises in which the SLPP becomes unable to form an administration in some institutions with whom will you join to hold power in such institutions?

A: Not with the UNP. We cannot accept the policies of the UNP.

Q: Is the SLPP  a party formed centering the individual of Mahinda Rajapakse?

A: No. It is not like that.

Q: Who will give leadership to this group after you?

A: There are plenty of leaders.  I do not claim myself a leader.  It is not difficult for a party to find a leader to lead that party.

Q:  The next Presidential election is to be held next year.  You cannot contest.  Who is the person you will be nominating as the candidate?

A: We will discuss about it at that time and as per the people’s desire we will nominate a candidate who can build this country.

Q: Do you have anyone in mind for this in the second rank leadership?

A: We will nominate only a person as per the desires of the people.  We will take into consideration whether that person has the capability to be a ruler, has he done valuable service to the country, and most of all he should have much love for the country and he should be a person who will not betray the country under any circumstances.

Q: It is being complained that you damaged international relations due to your authoritative stance?

A: When there is war you get various forms of pressure from the outside world.  Our war heroes could have finished the war much early if they were provided with proper facilities and the past leaders did not bow down to external pressure.  Some leaders even mistakenly tried to use mercenary forces and vessels to fight the war.  It was wrong.  It was a war of ours.  Prabakharan was a national of ours and hence we should fight the war by ourselves.

Q: How is your relationship with countries such as the United States and India?

A: I had a very cordial relationship with India but certain economic questions made ruptures in this relationship.  There were proposals for some economic/trade agreements and we did not sign those agreements as they were harmful for the country. The political situation in Tamil Nadu also stood against this relationship.  In our march to rapid economic development we had to get assistance from China and the arrival Chinese submarines in the Colombo Port and China’s extensive involvement in our development activities went against this relationship.  At the same time people here also misdirected India by providing false and distorted information. The Indian NDTV also carried a critical programme about our relations with China.  It should be remembered that I had only a short period of time and during which I should develop the country without staying idle and for which I had to take loans and otherwise you can just be a ruler but not develop the country.  When taking such loans it should be taken with much constraints and in a manner that it can be repaid.

Q: The subject of electric chair.  During your election campaign people were asked to prevent taking you and taking Mr. Gotsbhaya Rajapaksa to the electric chair for ending the war and despite that Mr. Sirisena won the election.  No one was taken to the electric chair and President Sirisena has claimed that he prevented you being taken to the electric chair?

A: What about the agreement signed in Geneva acknowledging there were massacres, agreeing to hold investigations, and these investigations are being carried out and they visit our army camps and make investigations. They are being carried out systematically.  If someone says that he has closed the door for the electric chair it is a blatant lie,

Q: A few days prior to the end of the war you were abroad and it was the present President who was in charge of the war operation and he claims that he should also get a share of ending the war?

A: Just see my speeches during the end of war.  I never took the sole responsibility for ending the war.  I appreciated the contributions made by him including the Ministers some of them are with him now, to the Defence Secretary, to the members of the Security Forces, the officials and all those who contributed.  There was a time we even did not have sufficient vessels it was the naval units who manufactured the vessels we required, the trade union members refrained from taking strike action to help end the war, if doctors refused to go to serve in the North what would have happened to us.  All these people contributed in various ways and all these people should get the honour of collectively helping to end the war.

Q: What about the contribution made by General Sarath Fonseka?

A: I always appreciate his contribution and have my respect for it.  For instance he was not in the country for 14 days during the last stage of the war and he was in China.

Q: President Sirisena has also has alleged that you did not allow him to carry out his responsibilities as the Minister of Health and you pulled from his leg and even stood against publishing cancer warnings in the cigarette packets and you obstructed him in getting of his Moragahakanda dream realized?

A: In respect of Moragahakanda I must point out what is mentioned in the Mahinda Chintana.  It says that under the 10,000 tank development programme, Moraghkanda, Maha Oya,  Deduru oua, Yaan Oya, Rambakan Oya, etc will be developed.  These were dreams held by my father and grand fathers and even Minister Chamal Rajapaksa.

Q: Many people may have had dreams but he says that you obstructed getting his dream of this realized?

A: It is I who found necessary funds for this project and 70% of the project was completed and it was only 30% that was carried under this government.  No one attempted to jeopardize it.  We sent Dr. P.B.Jayasundera to carry out the finalization activities and launch this project.  Therefore it is not right to make false allegations.  I do not like to criticize people and that is not my style of politics.  On the other hand just see that you mentioned about cigarette packets.  The first thing this Sirisena did after becoming President was declare opening a Rest Hall in Polonnaruwa.  This was completely built by Ceylon Tobacco.  It is not the right thing to blame others for one’s inability.  Then it was said that I did not allow to do things.  I do not have any personal grudge against anyone.  Now he is the Executive President.  What he say now.  Now he says that the Prime Minister and certain other Ministers are not allowing him to do things.  Now it is he who is in power and it is he who should do things and not I.

Q: The PRECIFAC commission has alleged that you misused State resources, Rupavahini and ITN without payment for your advertisements.  Isn’t it misuse of state resources?

A: I was only the SLFP candidate for the election.  There were several committees appointed by the General Secretary of the party (Maithripala Sirisena) to handle various tasks.  Sirisena, who signed for my nomination was a member of these committees. I had to attend to the administration of the country while carrying out my political campaign as well. I do not know even up to now who were in those committees.  The committees had taken various decisions and accordingly the agency which handled publicity activities had given the advertisements to the ITN.  This issue has just been brought up for mud-slinging.  They talk about this issue without talking the grand robbery, the Treasury Bond Scam. It is to divert attention from the Treasury Bond Scam this issue has been brought forward.  Now they say due to this I will be disenfranchised.  I saw the Prime Minister telling the other day that I will be disenfranchised. In that case he should be disenfranchised ten times for what he has done. Since he does not have to say anything he keeps on saying these things since he is under heavy pressure.  The President is accusing that the Prime Minister is like a pickpocket.  It is not necessary to go to a stage and make a speech. It is enough if we put the speeches of both of them and both factions to make the peole understand the right situation. They are making serious allegations at each other. The news about the Treasury Bond Scam spread among the people like a virus. To cover it up and divert the attention in a different direction these stories are being told and these dramas are being performed.  These are various strategies that are being used. There are some good advisors who manipulate these things.

Q: Do you say that these things in performing various dramas, and making various statements are being done on a planned manner?

A: Yes they are manipulating things in that manner.

Q: Well. Already many members of your family have been imprisoned?

A: Yoshitha was imprisoned for 40 odd days.  Finally the judge, magistrate said it is matters beyond judiciary.

Q: What is being said in this respect is that you have a deal with the UNP to get your family members protected?

A: Who are telling these?  It is being told by guys who have got Ministerial posts and lick bones at Sirikotha.  Fellows who have entered into deals with Ranil.  If that is so Ranil can steer the judiciary the way he wants and the President too could steer the judiciary the way he wants then there is no independent judiciary in the country.  Now see what the Election Commissioner says – anything can be done or can be given if it was a decision taken before the election. When someone feels a court verdict is wrong it can be appealed. The Sil cloth verdict was appealed in this manner.  It was not a proposal of mine or anyone else.  It was a suggestion brought forward by the members of the Maha Sangha in connection with the Buddha Jayanthi and we implemented it.

Q: Haven’t you made any telephone request to the Prime Minister or the President in connection with taking into custody of a family member of yours?

A: No I have not  done.  Why should I do?

Q: About media freedom during your period. Lasantha Wickrematunga murder also took place during that period.  What you say about the allegation of lack of media freedom at that time?

A: He was friendly with me and he used to come and meet me during the night times.  About his murder it was discussed in the parliament and Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and another member accused two persons as responsible for this murder and both of these accused are in the government today.

Q: With taking into custody of some intelligence unit personnel. It can be assumed that there could have been some truth about these allegations?

A: I have no trust at all about taking into custody.  When a Suddha comes in respect of human rights the intelligence unit people are taken into custody and they kept remanded without bail for months.  The truth of allegation made by Ranil Wickremasinghe in the Parliament should be probed. It was the first allegation that was made and those who responsible should be taken into custody.  Other than that taking Thajudeen’s case coming forward when an election comes, these things should be probed. Mostly only politically motivated false allegations are being made.

Q: The President and the Prime Minister claim that you created a massive loan burden and made the economy collapse in this country and high tax is a resultant of it?

A:  For everything it is Mahinda.  They have not done anything for the last three years. I have the Cenntral Bank Report for 2016 and it states that the per capita income which was USD 1,062, in 2004 increased to USD 3,821 in 2014 with an annual average increase of USD 280+and under this government increased to USD 3,835 by the end of 2016.  It had taken 33 years to get it increased by 1,000 Dollars.  He also quoted from the Central Bank report in detail the economic achievements made by his government He said that after the war economic development per year averaged over 7%  (quoting from the CB report) for 3 consecutive years.  He also explained in details with statistics about loans taken by the Sri Lankan government from the time of J.R.Jayawardene government, during his government and the present government within the last 3 years.  He also explained about the allegations being made by the President about the Rs. 10 trillion foreign loans and robbing Rs. 9 Trillion out of it (9/10th of it) regarding which many reputed Economic Professors ridiculed Sirisena for making false and allegations and which Mr. Rajapaksa countered the allegation with statistics and with documentary proof and beyond imagination and warned him not to endanger the country by such falsehoods.  Mr. Rajuapaksa also refuted the Bond Scam allegations purported to have taken place during his period with statistics and displayed relevant charts issued by the Central Bank.  He also pointed out that Srisena has also stated that revenue received by the government during his period, for the last three years and asked why Sirisena was impotent to take action against such activities.

Q: What are you explanations of selling 6 acres for Shangrilla hotel and giving Port City lands free to China.

A: After ending the war 8n 2009 we wanted to undertake a rapid development with foreign investments. to develop the country.  However at that time foreign investors were wary of coming to Sri Lanka due to the fear of the possibility of reemerging the war situation.  It was at this juncture I was able to get internationally reputed Shangrilla hotel chain which has over 100 hotels, around 130 hotels all over the world to build a Hotel in Colombo at 6 acres of the Army Headquarters premises and use that money to build a new security headquarters in a different location.  The money received from Shangrila was deposited in a separate bank account to utilize those funds for the construction of the security services headquarters.  This government took that money to the Treasury and that is why they are now finding difficulties to build the Security headquarters.  With the Shangrilla investment confidence got built up and many foreign investors started coming to our country, an Indian hotel builder next to Shngrilla, apartment builders, hotel builders, and so on

As regards the Port City Development Project we wanted to build a modern multi facilities city adjoining Colombo and since there is no land available by reclaiming land from the sea.  We told China to undertake the project in return for 25 hectare from the reclaimed land and they agreed for it.  It was given under the condition they should pay all taxes etc.  They agreed and it was started with the Chinese President himself coming to launch the project.    But soon after this government came to power the project was suspended and after Chinese government’s objections it has now been recommenced.  It was sad to note that hooligans of this government have removed the plaque with the name of Chinese President and have thrown it into the sea.  This government suspended this project.

Q: The joint opposition alleges that this government has discouraged agricultural development which was being carried out under a well planned programme, and fertilizer subsidy was abolished by this government?

A:  Immediately after this government came to power they suspended the Rs. 350 per bag fertilizer subsidy.  Another thing they did was saying that there is a surplus production of paddy cut off irrigation water supply to 100,000 hectares of paddy lands.  They used Mattala airport as paddy storage warehouse it caused a considerable damage to the airport and the damage amounted to Rs. 800 Million.  We in fact need a surplus of rice and it is possible to sell the surplus to foreign countries.  It was planned to sell the surplus to foreign countries.  I went to Uganda and some other African countries and they were prepared to purchase our rice. We even donated rice to World Food Programme.  We were able to do things like that. Ours is a country with an agricultural culture.  Our ancient kings built tanks centering temples and built this Tank and Daagaba agricultural culture.  The British colonialists destroyed all tanks and reservoirs in the Wellawaya, Moneragala area. It was done to destroy our economy.   That is why the Moneragala became a backward district.  We put an end to waiting for the arrival of foreign shipments for our food.  We also developed other cultivations as well.  We made the country self sufficient in Maize and even started exporting Maize.  We created a situation making us able to face any global economic crisis.  Bur, what this government did was that they stopped these activities.  This government shattered the confidence our people had on agriculture.  They started filling the paddy fields and thought of establishing industries.  That wrong attitude was one reason for the downfall of this government.

Q: The government is reported to have taken some positive decisions about fertilizer?

A: Aren’t all these lies.  What we have today are things devoid of poisons? People say the imported rice cannot be eaten, they are sticky and they are good to make ping pong balls and the children to play.  It is by eating this imported rice that people become ill.  These people talk as everything they do are good things.  All these are lies.  What they say are lies.  Things should be done on a systematic basis instead of suspending things instantly and attempting to change patterns.   Madam Sirimavo attempted to change these things systematically but she was not allowed to do it.  We did the same thing without making people to feel about it and we suspended the import of rice.  The President was a cabinet Minister of ours until the last day, until he ate the hopper meal.  Everyone gets the credit for the good things done and at the same if he had done any mistake he should accept that also.  It is not possible for him to pass on the bad things to me and take responsibility for good things.

Q: We found that certain government officials had to go before the commissions and even those attended functions too had to go before the commissions. Will you make this a precedent in the future?

A: The officials who do right things should have protection.  Otherwise they become fearful of performing their duty.  Today many officials just mark the time without getting involved in things. They harbour the fear of questioning by the CID at any time and they would be called by the commissions to give evidence.  If commissions are to be appointed for what is being done today nothing will be able to do in this country..

Q: Now the joint opposition say that Ranil Wickremasinghe should resign for his involvement in the Treasury Bond Scam.  Similarly it has been alleged your involvement also s the Finance Minister in the past.  Then it is possible for people to say why only Ranil Wickremasinghe, Mahinda Rajapaksa should also take responsibility for his period.  Your comments?

A: I can take responsibility.  But Ranil Wickremasinghe’s role in this issue is an entirely different matter.  If Ranil Wickremasinghe without getting involved in it remained performing his duties as the Minister of Economic Affairs he need not take the responsibility. But in this case he went beyond his responsibilities and got involved in a process. It was because of that he was summoned before the commission and questioned him.  But he was involved in a personal involvement beyond the responsibilities of the Prime Minister and the Minister.  And he appointed a foreigner to the Central Bank. He attempted to extensively protect this person in the Parliament. There are many such things.  It is because that this charge has been directed at him.

Q: The President made an invitation at Ratnapura if the SLFP and the 96 UPFA MEMBERS OF Parliament join with him he I even prepared to form a SLFP led government even the next day?

A: It was another ploy to mislead the people.  I don’t consider it as a genuine statement made by him. It was a proposal just sprouted.  After saying that, he started blaming me the next day. Getting blamed and extend the cooperation will be a big joke.

Q: Without rejecting it outright your side could have responded differently?

A: We have already told them to leave the UNP and then we will consider the next move.  If we now stand with him we will be standing with the UNP government.  We will be standing with the UNP-SLFP government.  Then we will automatically become UNPers as the government has been already formed.  We need not go to accept those trash dumps.  It was only performance of another episode of the mega drama.

Q: You say that in this election you will usher in a change and capture the local government institutions.  If this change happens what is the future plan you have as the alternative?

A: When I came to power I was given a country that had been destroyed by the war with a great challenge.  We accepted the challenge and administered the country with a proper plan.  Similarly we have a plan for what things have to be done and we will implement it.

Q: Your appeal?

A:  What we ask the people is to handover over the power of the cities, towns and villages to us to build them under suitable plans and when these institutions are administered properly the country will automatically get changed.  Thank you. .

6 Responses to “Pohottuwa will get over 55% of votes and win majority of the Councils – Former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa ”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    55% is way too much for any party particularly for SLPP which only has Sinhala support. The highest Sinhala votes percentage in any enationally-held lection is 70% for Chandrika in 1994. Mahinda came second with 68% in 2010. To get 55%, SLPP must take over 72% of Sinhala votes. Just impossible. I will be pleasently surprised if they win 40%. We will soon find out.

  2. Nanda Says:

    We have seen these estimates in 2015 too !

  3. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, indeed … we will soon find out, but I am willing to bet that President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s prediction will be CLOSER to the REALITY on Feb 10th, than your prediction!

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. ranjit Says:

    Mahinda is right, pohottuwa will get 55% for sure or more. In what bases you give your vote to other parties? What did you get from this Yamapalanaya government for the last three years? Is the economy good? Have you seen any concrete development around the country? How about the essential goods, are they cheap? After Jan 8th country got more divided than any other times. We got more drugs to the country, more murders, accidents, protests, street violence, home grown violence, killing wild life, destroying our environment, buddhist monuments etc. Nobody knows who’s running the country. It’s a mess. We who loves this nation cannot allow this type of government to go on like this anymore. We all should get united to remove them from power as soon as possible. Sinhalaya cannot stay idle or sleep while this yamaballo play with our lives and the country we love dearly. February 10th we must help pohottuwa to win this election by a big margin. It’s the only symbol you should keep remember. Send the dogs to hell.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Susantha, Thank you for the welcome!

    I have been in the field in Sri Lanka for over 4 months, and I am happy to report that a significant STEP towards the Liberation of our Motherland from the clutches of the PARA-GATHI DESHA-DROHI Yamapalanaya will be taken tomorrow, the 10th of February, 2018, exactly 200 years after the UVA-WELLASA Uprising in 1818!

    This is not the BEGINNING nor the END, nor is it the END of the BEGINNING, but perhaps it is the BEGINNING of the END of the DESHA-DROHI Yamapalanaya!

    The HOPES and DREAMS of the Patriots of Lanka ride on this election.

    Let us hope and pray that ALL PATRIOTS will do their BOUNDEN DUTY to PROTECT the Nation at this LONG-DELAYED ELECTION and BANISH these ENEMIES of our Motherland from the HELM of our country.

    JAYAWEWA Deshapremini! Oba hamata JAYAWEWA!

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