SriLankan Politicians, Subornment, Enticement, Leading to the Country’s Collapse
Posted on February 7th, 2018

Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), GradCertEng(Rel Eng-Monash), DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), CEng. MIEE

Democracy, Sovereignty, and the three arms of governance

In a democratic government, the three main columns of governance are the Executive, Legislature, and the Judiciary. Each should be independent, and should not interfere with other functions. However, each of the three arms functions and activities should be transparent to the public. Each of the arms should not assume that it is superior to the other and overexercise its authority. (Ref: SriLanka, Sovereignty, Democracy & Terrorism by Kanthar Balanathan)

In a sovereign State/Nation, all three arms should have authority by the people of the nation. When SL received its so-called mirage independence, on the 4th February 1948, the key arm, Judiciary” remained with the British Government. This is the Privy Council. Although Courts were conducting judiciary functions in SL, the supreme authority of the Judiciary function was in London.

Therefore, it cannot be determined that SL was a democratic country until the 22nd of May 1972 when the country became a republic and a 100% sovereign state. In this context please refer to  A Tamil was able to win a case in the Privy Council against the GOSL.

The anecdote now is that we are still celebrating the 4th February as the Independence Day and not the 22nd May. Is it because our politician’s mind is clouded and confused or made to obscure by the British? OR is it because we think that we achieved a milestone (victory) on the 4th February, although SL received its independence with no loss of lives. It may be that we still have the slave mindset. Well, SL did not become a sovereign state on the 4th February 1948.

Speech by SriLankan Tamils on Independence Day celebration 2018

SriLanka is trying to surface and achieve progress, reconciliation, peace, and growth. Most of the Sinhale presenters gave good speech In Melbourne.

Tamil Australian politicians should remember that they are the representatives of the Australian people and they have not been elected in SriLanka. Particularly the GREENS”. Here are the details of the Australian constitution.

The author is not a Constitutional Law expert; however, from what I read on the functions of the Australian Senate I read section 1, subsections (a) & (b) as follows:

[The functions of the Australian Senate is summarised as follows; (Ref:

(1) As an essential of federalism, to ensure adequate representation of the people of all the states, the main elements being:

(a) Equal representation of the people of the Original States;

(b) equal legislative powers: except for the financial initiative, powers which, in effect, are equal to those of the House of Representatives: The Senate cannot be compelled to pass any proposed legislation; except for certain financial bills it has unrestricted right of amendment; in respect of those money bills which it cannot amend, the Senate has the right to make, and to insist on, requests to the House of Representatives for amendments.]

Can we interpret that the functions of the Senate are mainly to address the issues relating to the Australian people and the states?

While Australia has a Foreign Minister, there is no sponsorship required for every Tom, Dick & Harry Tamil Australian politician to go about talking about 83 riots and suffering etc in an Independence Day celebration. It will be only pouring fuel into a fire”

Any Australian citizen can ask the question whether the person is fit to represent the Australian people?

Education, and intelligence of voters and candidates.

SriLanka is full of congenitally imbecilic people. Most of the Tamils and Sinhalese citizens are imbecilic. A bottle of Arrack and a packet of Biriyani will drive them to vote for the candidate who supplied. This may be because the people have no understanding and knowledge of politics, economics, and industrial growth.

The initial concept of democratic election is that since the majority of the people are uneducated, the thoughts by most of the people was that an uneducated person will better serve the mass. Here the failure is that an uneducated person (candidate/politician) has no idea of what the people need and how he can serve them. The purpose of job specification for an engineer/technician/doctor is to select candidates who are fit for duty. In SriLanka, most of the politicians are drawn from the uneducated lot. It is also possible that the leader may assume that any intelligent person drawn may be a challenge to him. A fool could be easily manipulated. The SriLankan culture is to draw from the lawyers which are the reason our country has not developed to date.

The Lawyer culture of politics should change.

The imbecilic Sinhale mass should get up from sleep and elect honest people who can serve better for them.

How this has impacts on growth and development

Politicians talk of development and growth. However, how many of our politicians spend the allocated funds for their electorate? Every fellow may have a Swiss account, accrue multi-millions of wealth, get their kith and kin into public service, enjoy their life. Do they have an age limit to serve? Recent speculation in the media is that Rs 32 crores were given to the TNA. Where have they hoarded the money?

Just a simple question. From the time of independence, and SJVC started his Federalism, what have they done to their people in the North? Well, simply nothing. Its cyclic for the FP to have the federal /Tamil Eelam ball rolling so that the imbecilic Tamils who have been brainwashed to vote for them.

Finally, the majority of the Tamils are fools, keep on electing the old culprits.

Bond sales and scams

Since the irregular sale of Bond by Arjuna Mahendran, GOSL is playing Billiards to fool the people. The LOP, Sambanthar is playing along with the rulers without realizing the consequences. Arresting and releasing people is the game GOSL plays to fool the poor Sinhale mass. GOSL should by now know that there are intellectual Diaspora who could monitor and judge the Coolie politicos. Why has GOSL not taken legal action against the Bond culprits? A man who robs a loaf of bread is put into prison, however, billions Rs fraud goes scot free. These are going into history.

2 Responses to “SriLankan Politicians, Subornment, Enticement, Leading to the Country’s Collapse”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Democracy and Human RIghts are just red herrings to divert the attention of the simple people who live in Sri Lanka, whether they be Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim. These bogus terms are used to rob their franchise and to set them against each other. In the fracas the politicians by consensus (among themselves), live, let live and prosper. Ordinary people have to take the rap for their failings and unmitigated greed. They end up paying high taxes and literally working their buts off to make them rich. It is these very sentiments of Democracy and Human Rights that the rich countries use to hoodwink nations and subjugate them through institutions such as the UN, World Bank, and IMF.

    Just imagine the righteous indignation that people should have for a private company making over 10 billion rupee profit in a single transaction and these profits are not taxable too. A single informer for a small piece of insider information gets paid nearly Rs 600 Million. At the other end, an ordinary businessman who works hard to earn has to meet all expenses, pay his employees, pay taxes, before trying to make a profit and fend for himself and his family.

    For the people who live in the third world, it will take a very long time before these ideals are reached or achieved. Even in the rich countries, these ideals are not seen let alone practiced. What we see as democracy and human rights are only what they allow and mostly make-believe political witchcraft! The election jugglery has left the 1% of the population owning the 99% of the wealth. Ordinary people are duped into believing in ‘just wars’ their leaders conduct all over the world in the name of Democracy, Human Rights and their variants such as R2P etc.

    People are duped into believing in these ideas and ideals so that they can forget their misery at least temporarily. Those who live in the streets and cardboard houses readily join to go to war against another country and another helpless mass of people in the wrong belief that they are their enemies.

    So far democracy and human rights in their current form have not brought food, clothing, and shelter to people without making some other people elsewhere in the world paupers. Freedom of speech and right to information have not enriched any people. These are ideals worth promulgating, but can they be the be-all and end-all of people’s march towards freedom from want?

    Can the civilized world look for other means of governance which are more practical and economical in the long run in bringing prosperity and progress to the people of the world? It is the time people look at countries that have made rapid progress without resorting to fool’s errands such as democracy and human rights in their current form and emulate the forms of governance. Countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia comes to mind.

  2. Kanthar P Balanathan Says:

    Whichever mode of governance is adopted, ultimately the people who enjoy life, and power are the rich politicians. Even a goon when he becomes a politician, he will accrue wealth at the expense of ordinary citizens (voters). Rich enjoy comfort at the expense of the poor.

    Mr. Ratnapala: your comments are valuable and appreciated and it is the reality. However, who can make reality become true, please?

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