Five people who must resign now
Posted on February 13th, 2018

By Eranda Ginige Courtesy Ceylon Today

The people of Sri Lanka have exercised their sovereign power. A clear majority of Lankan citizens have rejected definite representatives together with their policies. Here are the top five people’s representatives who should bow down to the people’s decision and leave their posts immediately.

1. Ranil Wickremesinghe

People have rejected you for the 9th time now! How many times do people have to tell you that the people no longer requires you? You’re the most unsuccessful representative in the history of Sri Lanka. On one of your hands there’s the blood of the 80s youth and on the other, there’s the billions of rupees stolen from the Central Bank. You stutter utter nonsense anywhere you go. You and your cronies have held hostage the UNP for 24 years. You have conspired with foreign forces against the best interest of this country. You have sold national assets without the consent of the people of this nation. Ranil must immediately resign unconditionally from his positions as the UNP leader and prime minister.

2. Anura Kumara Dissanayake

JVP is a disgrace to the Left-wing politics. Their leader is nothing but the class joker who’s only job is togossip on stage. You have betrayed your brothers and sisters who died for your party’slost revolution. You and your old cronies have done absolutely nothing except distraction and destruction to the people and the assets of this nation. And people have been rejecting you and your party, time after time. Your unprincipled policies to align the JVP with “whatever popular” agenda on the table has badly backfired. People have seen through your nonsense. Anura must immediately resign unconditionally from his position as the JVP leader.

3. R Sampanthan

Sampanthan runs racist and divisive politics. Even after being appointed as the Opposition Leader of the Parliament, he chose not to act as a unifier. Instead of helping the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala people to unite, he acted in complete racial-interests by propagating a divisive constitutional change. Political parties which act on majority vs. minority mentality and play the race and religion card to instigate and divide the people of this country are a disgrace to democracy. As the Opposition Leader you failed to hold the UNP accountable. The joint opposition was formed in the lack of your public duty.We don’t need Sinhala or Tamil or Muslim or Burgher parties and leaders. We need parties that will unite the people and act in the interest of ALL the People.

Sampanthan should resign immediately as the Opposition Leader.

4. Mahinda Deshapriya

Mahinda Deshapriya with his megalomaniacal attitude failed in his duty, first to hold the local elections in time; and then to release the election results in time. There needs to be a public enquiry regarding the results blunder. And whatever the reasons may be, he failed to plan, prepare and execute his duty on tax payers’ money. It is completely unacceptable that he withheld the results for over 12 hours since the time he promised to start releasing the results. His attitude is a disgrace to all public servants with his boastful media briefings and open threats to shoot civilians. May I remind you, Deshapriya that there is a law in this country and it’s not you! Deshapriya is too old for his job and must resign immediately and let modern, technology-savvy people to innovate the election mechanism to suite the 21st century.

5. Maithripala Sirisena

Sirisena has made a complete fool of himself. Every decision he made in the past three years was miscalculated. Every word he spoke was a mistake. More memes have been made with his face than any single human being on Earth, proving that the people have no respect for him. Still, Sirisena kept on bloating and bloating and bloating in his ego, consuming his arrogance until it all blasted on the 10 February 2018. His approval ratings are less than even Ranil’s, which seriously challenges the legitimacy of his presidency. He has no vision for the country. He has not been able to reconcile the Sinhala and Tamil people which is evident from the North and East vote. And the people chose his former contender over him with a huge margin giving Sirisena no chance to even bargain. Sirisena should immediately resign from the party leadership of SLFP.

Mahinda Rajapaksa has been given another chance by the people of this nation. But they can’t keep giving chances. This is not a win or loss to anybody. It’s simply the people’s choice. Before the people, the sovereign owners of this land reject you again, please live up to the people’s mandate. Be the unifier we all need. Listen to the people. Strictly reject the corrupt.

Start the transformation to meet the future social, environmental and economic challenges. But most importantly give way to the other worthy leaders who are standing behind you. Leave at the first chance, at the height of your success. That’s how you will stand apart from the previous failed lot. That’s the most noble thing a leader can ever do. Let the new generation take over.

3 Responses to “Five people who must resign now”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    If you have been watching the News Channels, there is a beehive of ACTIVITY within the SLFP and UNP parts of the Yamapalanaya, ALL geared to AVOIDING stepping aside for the SLPP as the VOTERS want, and to form a CARETAKER Govt until a General Election can be held.

    So, lets look at the existing situation to UNDERSTAND WHY:

    1. MR has said he does not the post of PM offered by MS without the mandate of a New General Election

    2. UNP wants to create a UNP-ONLY government but is short of 7 MPs to get the required 50% majority in Parliament

    3. JVP has REFUSED to join a UNP-led or JO-led Govt

    4. MS has said he will not accept as Ministers any SLFP/UPFA individuals who join an ONLY-UNP-led Government

    5. The TNA with its16 MPs is remaining non-committal until requested by some major Party to be the kingmaker.

    The Party composition of MPs in the current Parliament is as follows:

    UNP 106
    JO 52
    UPFA/SLFP 43
    TNA 16
    JVP 6
    EPDP 1
    SLMC 1

    TOTAL 225

    Without ministerial portfolios no UPFA/SLFP-ers will join ANY Govt, because MS refuses to accept them as Ministers.

    So, the ONLY WAY the UNP can reach the required number of 113 MPs is to form an ALLIANCE with the TNA!

    However, that will be DEATH for the UNP in future Elections because Sinhala people will see that as the ULTIMATE TREACHERY and CULMINATION of Yamapalana efforts to Federalize Sri Lanka through a New Constitution.

    The JO cannot form a Govt with 113 MPs, because JO(52)+UPFA(43)+EPDP(1)+SLMC(1) seats add up to only 97 seats.

    That may be why SLPP/MR wants a New General Election to win a sufficient number of Parliamentary seats without accepting, even if were possible, the JVP and the TNA as allies.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Meanwhile, the Instability of the Yamapalanaya post Local Govt Election has drawn the attention of the US and Indian Govts.

    It has been reported that the US and Indian Ambassadors have met with President Sirisena, and have ADVISED HIM to CONTINUE the Yamapalana Govt and its political program, NO DOUBT for the BENEFIT of their countries!!

    Now, it appears that post-election politics of Sri Lanka have been INTERNATIONALIZED!

    Also, it has been reported that Subramaniam Swamy, former Cabinet Minister of India, has RECOMMENDED that ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa be again allowed to become the President of Sri Lanka!

    We STABBED OURSELVES in the BELLY sometime ago and BLOCKED that particular route to SALVATION!

  3. ranjit Says:

    I fully agree with this writer and I think majority of our citizens will agree too. This notorious five has made us clowns in front of the world. Our nation became a laughing stock because of these two jokers Ranil and Sira who governs like in a comedy movie. One is a comic dancer and the other one is acting like Mahadenamuththa who knows nothing but acts like knows everything. These two scoundrels are responsible for the pathetic state of our nation today. For the bond scam Ranil and his cronies should be in prison by now. Sira must resign and leave as he was badly beaten in LGpolls. Anura Kumara must too resign as he was beaten many times since he took over the JVP. Macko should have resigned long time ago because he is a and was a cheater and a manipulator. Sambandan is a traitor to motherland and always be a traitor as he was conspiring against our Motherland with the evil forces within and outside. I think they all should leave and make room for a new government to take over our blessed country. People have chosen a new symbol and that is pohottuwa led by our great President Mahinda Rajapaksa so best thing for these two jokers to do is to pack up and go home. Adios gringos Mr.Ranil and Sira the spineless.

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