Disgust at cruel soup and abusive of Buddha name
Posted on February 27th, 2018

By Palitha Ariyarathna

Buddha and Buddhist life began to criticize by many news in the world and it’s deeply hurting the Buddhist world.  Peoples who are deal always with the judgments and criticisms about Buddhism insulting the Buddha by making bikinis with Buddha or bodi satwa state, using Buddhist emblems in their toilet accessories, or posting a Buddha in a naked magazine, or even many missionaries are ask for peoples to stamping on Buddha when they unethically convert to the any other goodish doctoring. Lastly extremist like to put a bomb at Buddha state and kill Buddhists in the name of their gods. Still lot of Buddhists are sleep and because of that in the world Buddha bar, Buddha soups or whatever began with the Buddha’s name become popular in many countries throughout the extremists.


Theravada version Buddha Bar

(this and act against Buddhist world)

Mahayanist or smile version of Buddha Bar logo

(this and act against Buddhist world)

Sales of a new Victoria’s Secret swimsuit featuring Buddhist images (link) have been halted internationally by international and local Buddhist protesting happens around 2004, something very sacred should not be used inappropriately in the world as community responsibility.lot of  Buddhist concern on these questions.

Why lot peoples do insult on Buddhism and Buddha?

Why spared slander and gossip about Buddhist people?

Why Buddha become a popular in the several menus at five star hotels with meaning of intend to-do insulting Buddha covertly?.

Buddha preaches to the world:

1. Do not kill.

2. Do not steal.

3. Do not engage in sexual misconduct.

4. Do not lie.

5. Do not use intoxicants

If its the Buddha advice to the world why there is bar call Buddha bar?

Why several meat packs include the Buddha image?

Why Buddha picture on a slender Bikini?

Why selling in a five star hotel at Dubai dishes call The ‘Buddha Jump Over the wall’ and it’s containing Shark’s pin?.(link)

We like to thanks the Animal rights activity at Dubai for fire up the issues. But we wonder as a Buddhist was the right activity did not see the name of the Buddha should not be print on such a menu…

Sadly, we Buddhist we want to say to the world those sorts of comments are made every day by people who surround us. By the people we work with and take the train with everyday. Slander and insults are all around us. It’s should be stop now and Buddhists has to wake up.

Sometimes one Word can be weapons. Also in other way just as a kind word can keep you smile for hours, also we have to aware harsh word can ruin your day. “An injury is forgotten sooner than an insult”

3 Responses to “Disgust at cruel soup and abusive of Buddha name”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Imagine this happens to any of the religions of conveniences? Religion of violence (the fastest breeding religion)
    guys will start murdering the culprits. Other religions of conveniences guys will have a lot of protests about it.
    Buddhists and Buddhism? Although they are hurt, they don’t take drastic actions since most Buddhists understand
    these miscreants’ only motive is to draw attention and make a living. Shame on those sub humans who are insulting the only true religion in the world.

    Earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast universe. To this day no scientitst knows the size of universe where the
    distances are measured in LIGHT YEARS! That big! We all know only the ‘grain of sand’ has the life supporting environment and it started 3,000 million years ago in the ocean with just one cell. Or these creator gods carefully chose the ‘grain of sand’ missing all these big planets? Make sense/make no sense at all?

    Religions of conveniences use various ways to propagate their untruths. Mussies propagate with relentless
    breeding since nobody with right mind going to believe them. Other religions have organisations to spend billions and convert people. Buddhism? Buddhism doesn’t
    have any of those since Lord Buddha showed the mankind how to live a peaceful life and escape being reborn.
    It is the only way for the mankind and it is up to the individual to choose the right path.

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the creator god concept and showed the world how we came to
    being. Today all honest people accept the theory to be true. Darwin also explained in his book The Tree of Life how all
    these living creatures came to being. Just like Lord Buddha explained nearly 3,000 years ago. It all started 3,000 million years ago in the ocean with just one cell. Then it multiplied and multiplied and became different living things and different species. We can say it is 0,,,,,,,,,,1, the 1 being humans. Between 0 and 1 millions
    of creatures.

    If the hu Man
    was created by divine intervention can anyone explain why they all look different from country to country, region
    to region. It is the environment make them look different Darwin explained. Then one might wonder if the Theory
    of Evolution is true, what happens after 1? Lord Buddha explained that too. That’s is you stop being reborn by
    attaining nirvana. Science and Buddhism are one and the same. All these religions of conveniences fail miserably in front of
    science. Buddhism’s five precepts accepts as sins by all honest people including all the law courts under the Sun
    while religions of conveniences don’t. Then those are religions of conveniences or what? You do your maths? Buddhism disappeared from india very quickly since it wasn’t a religion of convenience. There is no place in
    Buddhism for caste, animal sacrifice etc. etc. Is it any wonder then for the short life where Buddhism started?

    We have to pity these miscreants who are trying to make a living by selling the name of the greatest human being ever to be born who showed what a true religion is to the world. These miscreants accruing a lot of sins by
    insulting the greatest ever human being and won’t be two-legged creatures in their next lives. There are plenty of choices for the miscreants between 0,,,,,,,,,<1.

  2. Nanda Says:

    I didn’t know these Buddhism abusers have reach Colombo under Ranil+MY3.
    Get rid of them and Mahinda followed by Namal will save Buddishm.

  3. Christie Says:

    The worst Buddha abuses takes place in our country.

    There are Statues in most street corners in the island.

    I have seen people urinating behind these Statues and it smells all over.

    Buddhism is about tolerance.

    So what others do should not be our concern as long as they do not harm us physically.

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