Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein Wake up  it is your Role as UNC HR, that no Member State is falsely subjected to a resolution against it by another Member State.
Posted on February 27th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

He is a Prince by his hereditary right, but his thinking and understanding  it seems are far from that of a  Prince. A real Prince becomes so by his action and ability to see through things to sift facts from fiction to understand the truth to help the mankind, and not by been born a Prince.

He  is the man who replaced the South African Tamil woman Navi Pillai as the UN High Commissioner for human rights. Navi Pillai was the person who was intent in accusing the Sri Lanka armed forces for supposed to have violated human rights of the Tamils at the final phase of the military operations against the terrorists. Being a Tamil herself from the apartheid South Africa she was not only a sympathiser of the Tamil terrorists Prabhakaran in Sri Lanka, but also one who having suffered under apartheid in her home country romanticised the terrorist Prabhakaran as a  hero of the Tamils against a ruling class.

Yasmin Sooka who was one of the members of the UN SG’s Panel of experts  appointed appointed by Ban Ki Moon the UNSG, to prepare  the so called Darusman report  on the Sri Lanka Government’s accountability on the elimination of terrorism  in Sri Lanka, another victim of South African Apartheid, is a Human Rights lawyer.

Yasmin Sooka,  being with Navipillai on the opposite side of the fence against the Government of Sri Lanka,  still carries out  her compatriot Navi Pillai’s agenda against Sri Lanka Armed Forces. Education has given them no philosophical sensibility,hence they have no  sense of unbiased  justice and righteousness . They are carried away by their personal prejudices. Sooka blinded by her prejudiced mind carries out what Navi Pillai began by piling accusations against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

Her recent effort to bring a lawsuit against General Jagath Jayasuriya while he was Ambassador in Brazil through a lawyer Carlos Castrana Fernadez is in pursuit of her Navi Pillai’s agenda. The lawyer Fernandez had said, in this respect This is one genocide that has been forgotten, but this will force democratic countries to do some thing”. One wonders what are the democratic countries he refers to, and  genocide is a vogue word used by pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora who had not set their feet on the soil of Sri Lanka during terrorism to have experienced what it was like, and racist Tamils in Sri Lanka.

But this Prince – Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein  seems merely carrying out the duties of the UN High Commissioner from where Navi Pillai left it for him, without taking time to think over it himself to come to a different understanding of a developing country faced with terrorism by the youth from the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka itself, taken over by a neighbouring state to train them as terrorists.

That is what he should have first done if he had a Princely mind  without acting as a mere bureaucrat without  thoroughly  investigating to understand the rights and wrongs of the accusations,  before he  himself likea  puppet on a string points his own fingers of accusation at Sri Lanka.

Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein the UNHCHR should have  examined the USA led resolution against Sri Lanka to find out on what basis the resolution  against its  Armed Forces had been made. No country launches a military action against its own people if the matter could have been settled by other means. If Zeid Al-Hussain had tried to understand the circumstances that led to a military operation , he would have perceived  that Sri Lanka Government was led to take that alternative as a last resort against a group of ruthless terrorists who refused to sit down around a table and come to a political settlement of their grievances.

Therefore, the  passing of the resolution against the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka  for  War crimes by USA and the West was an absolute harassment against Sri Lanka- a developing country-a Sovereign State , which an unbiased educated Prince should have understood.

On the other hand, unlike Sri Lanka Government and Armed Forces which knew where the terrorists were located, it is the USA and its Allies with the NATO forces that carry out unceasing bombardments against terrorists in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq without even identifying the areas where the terrorists are located, thus killing large numbers of innocent civilians which the USA and its Allies  put as collateral damage”.

The Prince- Zeid Al-Hussein should look into this  contradiction in the Resolution presented by the USA against Sri Lanka. Is it correct in equity that one country -USA goes with blood of the innocent victims of their  haphazard bombardments on their hands to accuse Sri Lanka carrying out military operations in identified areas against its own terrorists  in its own country ?

Yasmin Sooka  like a sorceress flinging out her skirts in a macabre dance” accuses the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces without having a shred of real evidence, and  not even knowing what happened in Sri Lanka from 1980s to May,2009 or  even hearing an eye witness account of the events.

The Darusman report she hoists in support of her claim of war crimes by the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka  was written by a three member Panel in which she was a member. The Prince  Zeid Al-Hussein should have investigated how it was prepared before  accepting  that report which in  reality  is no more than a fiction writing. In fact this Darusman Report has no official validity as  Ban Ki Moon the then UNSG himself said that it was a report prepared for his personal information.

Darusman Report was prepared by the Panelists sitting in separate rooms in the UN Head Quarters, without having  visited Sri Lanka to see for themselves  where the military operations against the terrorists took place.

The Darusman report is a fictitious crime story prepared  sitting comfortably in an  office rooms in the UN Head Quarters with Secretaries and Computers using only e-mails, internet and perhaps telephone calls.  It was later supported by a  documentary prepared with falsified images by a private TV Channel in UK paid for by the Tamil Diaspora.

What does the Prince know of the background to the Darusman report ? Does he investigate to find out whether it is really reliable document ?

The Darusman Panel  collected information  using the Internet taking evidence through e-mails from various pro terrorist Organisations and their members of the Tamil Diaspora, who had also not visited Sri Lanka during the terrorism, some of them having fled the country when terrorism commenced in Sri Lanka, and others of the second generation Tamil diaspora, only  hearing  fancy stories  related by their parents from what they thought they remembered.

No one accused in the report as having committed war crimes, can challenge and cross examine the witnesses to check on the evidence they had given, as their names are not given in the report  and the Panel has ruled that the names of the persons who gave evidence should not be divulged before twenty years.

The fact is that there were no witnesses who came before the Panel to give evidence ,  …..Can you cross examine  e-mails” ?

The UNSG Ban Ki Moon was wrong to have released that document to the UN Commissioner of Human rights as it is not a legal document. The Darusman Report could be challenged in any court of law as a document which could be legally accepted, as the report has been written  on  evidence supposed to have been given by  unknown persons and the evidence cannot be verified  to be correct.

Even the wise Prince Zeid Al-Husseing had been duped ?

Sometime it is not education in best of schools and experience working in clover that makes one intelligent, one should also have common sense of an ordinary man,  who thinks like an ordinary human being to understand the cultures , way of thinking, of the people of other countries, who have different religious beliefs and think and act differently from a Prince who was born to princely pleasure and a life of luxury.

The Prince Zeid  a graduate of the  John Hopkins University  and received a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge should have known better not to perform his duties as a simple  bureaucrat but to be more vigilant and intellectual to read and understand material put before him to see whether the actions against terrorism taken by the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces have been fairly and justifiable examined before allowing  a damning resolution against a country that had suffered under terrorism for 30 long years,  be presented at the UN Council for Human Rights in Geneva ?

The Darusman report  asserts that 40 000 civilian  Tamils had been killed during the last phase of the military operations against the Terrorists.

This number is vastly exaggerated. The USA and Western Government Officials who prepared the  USA resolution PP3/HRC/30/1 were not bothered to verify  the credibility of that figure, as  te number of civilians killed by an Armed Forces which had rescued over 300 thousand civilians held as human shields by the terrorists

USA State Department  used this number of 40,000 Civilans killed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  in preparing the resolution to shock  the UN Human Rights Council by  portraying to  the Council the Sri Lanka Armed Force as  irresponsible, inhuman, indisciplined, committing mass rape, and practicing  genocide against the Tamils.

The Sri Lanka Armed Force was on the contrary a a model of an Armed Force, of well  disciplined soldiers, human, kindly, not committing rape, or genocide against the Tamils. That the USA with its history of  torture Camps –the Camp X-Ray of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib cannot understand.

Perhaps it would  educate the Prince  what USA torture is , if he would  go to :  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11284139/Torture-report-10-examples-of-the-horror-in-the-CIAs-prisons.html

The Officers and Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces were aware of their responsibility and aware that the military operations were not against the innocent Tamils civilians,  but against the ruthless terrorists who terrorised not only the other communities but also the Tamils themselves . The Tamil Politicians refuse to give credit to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for that undivided attention they gave to the Tamil Civilians as much as to the civilian Sinhala and Muslim people of the country.

The UN High Commission of Human Rights had a right to question those proposing the resolution as to how they can justify that number of deaths. There are many who questioned the 40,000 deaths claimed by the Panellists  who wrote the fictitious Darusman report. Lord Naseby of UK is one such person who is adamant that the deaths would not have been even 8000.

Why does not the excellent Prince Zeid Al-Hussein take a look at what Lord Neseby had to say on the numbers the false Darusman Fiction had reported ?

If the Prince Zeid Al-Hussein as representing UN had any good sense he should have taken it on himself to have advised the foolish  half witted Mangala Samaraweera , the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka not to sponsor the  US Resolution Against Sri Lanka ,which that foolish man did not understand was  a resolution  against his own Country.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    In Saudi Arabia there are hundreds of prince, princesses somehow related to the king so this guy too maybe one like them. His evil face reflects everything whether he is a good hearted person or not or he stands for the right or wrong. Americans, English, Russians, Siriyans, Terrorist organisations like Taliban, Hezbollah,Boko Haram etc kills hundreds or maybe thousands but nobody cares or question about it so why only my country these white bastards are after? Our internal war was over nearly nine years, instead of praising and appreciating these white hypocrites keep on blaming and threatening our poor country. Our Yamapalanaya yamaballo should answer for this situation. This vicious Yamapalanaya government has taken our country 40 years backward by bowing down to international pressure and threats. We as a nation must stand unitedly and fearlessly against all evil conspirators within and outside and protect our people,land and the buddhist religion before they destroy all three and make this land full of gays and prostitutes American style.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I dreamt MR and GR. They came to a friend’s place and people talked to them. GR was surrounded by most and I couldn’t talk to him. He looked irritated. I spoke with MR. He looked HUGE in person. Looked generally happy. He smiled most of the time than say anything. He said govt. is planning to imprison GR very soon. A short while later BATHURDEEN came and asked in a worried tone if the govt. is trying to arrest GR. He looked very worried. The atmosphere was gloomy at the place.

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