LTTE Treaty Allies Saved Ranil: UNP’s Last Hurrah
Posted on April 5th, 2018

 Dilrook Kannangara

Out of 224 MPs eligible to vote, only 76 have any concern for the nation, its finances, good governance and people’s mandate. 148 of them have no regard for the nation. Interestingly, Ranil was saved by LTTE Treaty allies!

In February 2002 various political parties signed Memorandum of Understanding each with the LTTE. First to sign a MOU with the LTTE was the UNP led by Ranil on February 22, 2002 just before signing the infamous and illegal CFA on the same day. The MOU recognized LTTE as the sole representative of Tamil people. SLMC led by Rauf Hakeem also signed a MOU with the LTTE accepting that LTTE is the sole representative of Tamil-speaking Muslims. TNA signed another MOU with the LTTE accepting that LTTE is the sole representative of Tamils. This trio saved Ranil at the no confidence motion.

The intense debate and voting also exposed sham patriots. These election-day patriots have nowhere to hide now as some of them voted with the TNA to save Ranil while others abstained from voting. Wijeyadasa Rajapakse, Patali Ranawaka, Wasantha Senanayake, Athuraliye Rathana Thero and Arjuna Ranatunga just blew their patriotic cover to pieces.

The present regime survives on borrowed time, borrowed from LTTE proxies and treaty allies. How long can it go and how much damage it will cause to itself by clinging on to power beyond use by date? UNP was decimated in 1970 election after it entered into a similar pact with Tamil parties in 1965 and UNP was also destroyed electorally in 2004 for the same crime. There is no escaping the same fate in 2019 and 2020.

TNA put forward a 10-point demand list and UNP agreed to them all which won TNA support. Most of these demands violate the Constitution and highly racist. Some of them need two thirds of parliament. But the government found out the hard way it lacks two thirds support. At most it has only 122 votes, 28 votes shy of two thirds majority. Therefore constitutional changes are not forthcoming. Shamelessly, TNA will still keep supporting the UNP candidate at the 2019 presidential election. The word shame must be redefined to describe shameless SLMC and ACMC. They even lack human dignity in their shameless conduct.

JVP and SLPP/JO supported the no confidence motion. They together voted 52% along with their independent groups at the February 10 LG election. The rest voted 48%. This would have given the governing party only 107 votes but they got 122. These additional 15 MPs are rootless politicians detracted from reality. 52% should have given 117 votes for the no confidence motion. But they got only 76. The deficit of 41 is made up of the 26 SLFP MPs who abstained and the 15 MPs identified above.

As a parliamentarian correctly pointed out, people are only happy seeing Ranil pull the UNP cart to the political cemetery of the UNP. Why disrupt them! The only danger of dragging the nation with them has been foiled by denying them the two thirds of parliament. UNP goes the final journey alone.

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  1. aloy Says:

    Fully agree with Dilrook’s assessment.
    This event (or drama that was played to the whole world) has exposed the true nature of the four people mentioned particular and our politicians in general. However we should not take things for granted that in the next election MR’s group will have a plain sailing. Whats at stake is the dominance of Indian ocean by super powers and for that money is not the problem for them. TNA the sole representative of LTTE will go to any extent to disrupt the process and ultimately build their Eelam. MR should let someone else lead the race. If not he can end up in jail in no time. The clearest example is what is happening in Brazil. The former president Lula Da Silva was tipped to be the president in October this year through the election. However he is ending up in jail right now from a corruption charge proved in courts against him. Someone who is openly not antagonistic to the powers that be should be put forward first for the presidential race.

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    Ranil will go to bed with the Devil to secure his leadership in UNP. In spite of all the changes has promised to his UNP supporters in the eve of NCM, he would never let anyone to lead his party but himself.

    This man wants only one thing, that is power at any cost. He doesn’t care about the country or its future. He will sell his mother if he can to stay in power. Given the opportunity, he will continue to sell the country.

    The post NCM euphoria shows that he is determined more than ever to lead UNP in the next election. He has divided SLFP with the help of Sirisena and Chandrika, who are the biggest losers. Under his watch the country has gone from bad to worse, with no real hope of recovering the mistakes he has made – like the biggest robbery of the treasury with the help of his non-Sri Lankan friend Mahendran.

    Sri Lanka is cursed with incompetent, corrupted, and self-serving politicians regardless of their party affiliations. The current bunch of political leaders have one thing in common. They all are obsessed with power – how to keep or how to grab it at any cost. They all play games to see how they can outsmart each other, while country is going to dogs.

    Unfortunately, the biggest losers of this political game are the Sri Lankan voters, who are faced with very little choice. For the last seven decades they have been cheated, lied, and promised the world, by many incompetent and dishonest leaders of both parties.

    The exception is MR, even though he had made some mistakes he was the only leader who saved the country and tried to improve the living conditions for all. (I certainly hope he had learnt his lessons too..?)

    After three years of messed-up “Yakage Palanaya” under the leadership of two most incompetent losers (Ranil/Sira), many voters have already realized that the biggest mistake they made was electing them in 2015. The last Provincial election results was the proof that people had it with this unholy union of the present regime.

    I hope and pray that Sri Lankan voters, especially Sinhala-Buddhists voters, will not repeat the same mistake they made in 2015, again in 2020..!

    And more importantly, they will not get hood-winked by the relentless promises by Ranil and his backers after the NCM euphoria, that UNP, and its leader for life, will changed for the better in the coming months! Just the political rhetoric and empty promises, nothing else.

    After seeing the post NCM hoopla among the UNP supporters, Ranil and his gang still under the impression that they can fool the people one more time in 2020.

    The election campaigning has already started, and we can expect to hear same old BS, including promises of everything under the sun by all these parasites for the next 18 moths, guaranteed..!

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