NCM against PM Ranil W, defeated in Parliament, but not amoung the people.
Posted on April 5th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

President Sirisena as well as his Prime Ministers  are bound together like Siamese twins. One cannot leave the other. They have come to live together and die together. They are thus handicapped,  unable to do any good to Sri Lanka and its people,  other than helping each other to continue their survival bound together as Siamese Twins..

The Bond Scam was planned after January,8th 2015, and each one of them-Prime Minister and President , knew what they were doing. The distribution of Ministries and the duties of each Minister had been planned out by the Prime Minister Ranil W, in Connivance with President Sirisena.  If not it would not have been possible for the Prime Minister  to recruit a citizen of Singapore to be the Governor of  the Central Bank.

Immediately the Ranil-Sirisena duo came into political power,  Singapore  became a country that attracted them most. Even  venerable late Sobitha thero was taken to Singapore for treatment where he died under mysterious circumstances. Rajitha Senaratne –the Minister of Health, and even the Prime Minister goes to Singapore for medical treatment.

Who knows whether in planning the bond scam they”selected a man known to have connections with Raja Rajaratnam and Ravi Karunanayake a citizen of Singapore,  and enticed him to be the Governor of the Central Bank promising him not to involve him in case of a mishap in the planned racket ?

Because,  if some suspicions were to fall on the political leadership of Yahapalanaya, they could  save themselves  by putting  the responsibility on the Governor of the Central Bank- Arjun Mahendran  the Singapore  citizen. But they provided an escape to Mahendran  by allowing him to returning to Singapore where he could  find a safe haven ?

Prime Minister’s indebtedness to Arjun Mahendran was evident when Arjun Mandran’s service contract came to an end,  and the President decided to  appoint  another as Governor of the Central Bank. The Prime Minister would not let Mahendran go. He appointed him as his advisor for the creation of  employments.  Strangely,  the President Sirisena did not protest or vetoed his appointment.

Even the much hailed Presidential Commission to investigate into the Bond Scam of 27 February, 2015 was appointed by the President only  in  January, 2017, after even the second Bond Scam in 2016. Does that show the President’s honesty on the issue ?

The President Sirisena after having helped the Prime Minister to scuttle the COPE report of DEW Gunasekara  by dissolving the Parliament , appointed a Commission to investigate the Bond Scam of 27 February, 2015,  well after two years. Even then the President  never made any speech condemning the Bond scam.

But even today after the issue of the  Bond Scam Investigation Commission Report on  16 January,2018, no serious action to bring those responsible to book has been taken other than arresting  Arjun Aloysius and Kasun Palisena.

When the NCM against the Prime Minister whose guilt on the Bond Scam scandal was made evident,  Sirisena refused to make use of the only opportunity he had, despite  the 19th Amendment to remove the Prime Minister  by demanding the SLFP members who are following him to vote in block in favour of the No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The Prime Minister may have escaped the NCM but now not only the Prime Minister, but also the  President Maithripala Sirisena remain accused  for their participation in the Bond Scam.  The defeat of the NCM brought by the JO against the Prime Minister was defeated in numbers in the Parliament, but  remains undefeated and passed in the minds of the Ordinary Mass of the People of Sri Lanka.

The members in the Parliament  do not rightly reflect  the peoples’ collective judgement , both the President Maithripala Sirisena and the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe have  lost the confidence of the mass of the people of this country .

The JVP too has no backing of the mass of the people of Sri Lanka, as people do not see them as a Socialist force,  but the people see tham as an addendum to the UNP and anti Socialist, despite their barking after thieves of Mahinda Rajapakse Regime.

Now the political goons of the UNP, JVP,JHU,TNA, et al, who stole the votes of the people on the 8th January, at the Presidential election,  and again at the general election in August,2015 duping the people with the promise to form a government to change to a government better than that of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse,  cannot continue to boast today of their much touted popularity amoung the 62 lacks of people who voted for them.

Those numbers have dwindled  and the majority of the people are now behind Mahinda Rajapakse and the SLPP. If they of the Yahapalanaya  fail to grasp this truth after the Local Government Election, it is best they resign and call for a General Election  now.

Therefore, as it is,   both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe have no moral right to continue in their respective office any longer as the people of Sri Lanka have lost confidence in both of gthem.

17 Responses to “NCM against PM Ranil W, defeated in Parliament, but not amoung the people.”

  1. charithsls Says:

    Please Charles stop writing about moral rights, for these dirty gutter politicians?

  2. aloy Says:

    To me this whole thing appears well planned drama played live to the world. Probably there was agreement even for MR and the son to come out and vote in support when the obvious was known. The money paid must have come from the Singapore mafia just like for the electioneering in January 2015. Perhaps money must have come from the same source at the instigation of the so called superpowers or the EU, with the promise of return by a similar scam through CB or sale of national assets. Sri Lankan airline is a possible target. Await many more scams for the settlement of money paid out to Diyawanna pigs. No need of democracy when parliamentarians elected have no conscience.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Aloy,

    I agree with you. These guys are clever and master cheaters. it is similar to match fixing. Innocent public including us watch the game without sleeping!!

    Finally the outcome would be what they wanted.

    With this, Ranils name will be cleared from the Bond scam. That must be the whole idea of this NCM.

  4. Charles Says:

    Charithsls, I agree with you. Looking for morality in right wing politicians in Sri Lanka is like looking for feathers on pigs. In reality there seems to have neither left nor right wing politics. It is sad but most of them worship “Money”.

    We may have to say good bye to Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka …….what will remain of Sri Lanka when these Yahapalanaya has finished their term of office ?

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Please Charles stop writing about moral rights- this remind me after May2009 We-Tamil talking about moral .

  6. ranjit Says:

    I wish and hope one day lightning will struck on the parliament building and destroy everything including 225 stupid cows who are responsible for all the suffering we as citizens in this country facing today. Instead of solving our day to day problems they make more problems and make us die of starvation while these idiotic politicians enjoy the best of best in life. Where is the democracy in this country to have such a beautiful parliament building? The current yamaballo have destroyed all the democratic principles in this country and make us paupers and worthless human beings. Enough is enough we need to get united and organized to send this evil power hungry money hungry hypocrites to hell of no return. We need a strong 🦁 lion, a sinhala buddhist to lead and govern as a true democrat to bring peace and prosperity to our beloved Motherland.

  7. Charles Says:

    Dear Ranjith, We are really facing an impasse in Sri Lanka. This government is like a leech that sucks the blood but does not drop out. By the time Yahapalanaya has finished with Sri Lanka what will remain of it. They are neither patriotic nor democratic. Our people are useless. If there is a General election they will again vote these b……ds into power. Sri Lanka appears to be doomed. Every aspect of Sri Lanka is being destroyed-economic, social, cultural, religious,. There is so much of killings and death never heard of before but they are after few muders under the previous government without making any effort to stop this tremendous loss of moral standard and respect to life.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Dear Charles keep on writing,do not stop please. Your writings makes us more energetic and hope. You, Shenali, Dilrook, Nizam and others who writes in different topics help’s us to know more about current political situation and about corrupt politicians who are more interested in green bucks than the welfare of the country and the people. Good will prevail,bad will perish sooner or later. Be patient patriots.

  9. Nimal Says:

    Sorry Charles you living in France is a bit out of touch with the thinking of our people in Sri Lanka.I have invested my hard earned taxed money in Sri Lanka and I am in touch with my people daily, several times a day by phone and by e mail.
    Man/woman in the street seems to be politically matured daily with easy access to internet and TV.This goes for people in most third world countries. Today Ghana rising up against US putting up a base there.Days of world powers secretly encouraging corruption in politicians the third world is diminishing and the money and wealth stashed in the West will be confiscated.This began with Shah,Saadam and Godaffi.In a way it is a clever ploy to prop up their currency and their fake economies. So they are working for the colonial masters? Not me but I work with them on equal terms in a honest manner.
    Coming back to RW I must tell you all that he is a honest man struggling to do a job in a country of very corrupt people and these people are from the street level to the buddies around him. I experience that with my business in the island as I have check every thing, hour by hour by telephone.Since our so called independence our honest culture that was inculcated by the then rulers have been diminished where it has come to a such a low level the politicians are there not to serve people but to serve themselves. Just as in the medieval times the rulers detach themselves from the people and not listening to just concerns of the people who elected them.
    We sincerely hope that a person like Ranil with hold the top job in the country and have a collection of all good people from all parties, besides his honesty is clearly shown to us by dress attire that is most suitable for this day and age, just like in present China.
    Leaders like Sir John,Dudly,SWRD and MRS SWRD,W.Dahnayake had the best of intentions but did seem not to have the support they need.
    My suggestion is that all parties must elect MPs with some educational background with a pledge to do a honest job.It is great for the future President to have a grand coalition of honest politicians of all parties just like in Germany. We must strictly forbid politicians going to temples, churches and other palaces of religion which is an act of deception to fool the people but they can’t fool the people all the time.

  10. ranjit Says:

    Majority thinks that Ranil is responsible for the bond scam and cannot be trusted except nimal and UNPER’S. He maybe an honest man for some but not for all somehow he is a traitor as we know from his record in the past. He is good maybe for England, France or Germany but not for SRI lanka. He is the darling of the western world and the rich people in my country rather than the poor ordinary citizens. He hasn’t any concrete vision or backbone to deal with day to day issues we are facing in the country today. This is his last supper with his Royal gang of thieves.

  11. Christie Says:

    Thanks Charles.

    Sirisena and Ranil are glued together by India and Indian Colonial Parasites.

    Chandrika is the person who used Indian Glue to stick Ranil and Sirisena together.

    Look at the voting in 2015 and how the Indian block vote voted.

    Remember Ranil declare one of his friends at Royal helped him to plan the strategies for the 2015 elections.

    He never identified the person.

    London Delhi Singapore etc, were centers of operations that lead to the 2015 election results.

    Massive sums of money were spent on Sobitha and Nanasara for their contributions that lead to the 2015 elections results.

    That India Glue has been working for a long time..

  12. Nimal Says:

    If Ranil is responsible for the bond scam then he should put his hands up, resign and be punished. By the way what is good for UK should be good for Sri Lanka,reason most of our writers are living in those countries.

  13. Charles Says:

    Nimal, I have written an article, therefore I do not want to make a long reply to your long comment, but i would make a few remarks on your observation, “Sorry Charles you living in France is a bit out of touch with the thinking of our people in Sri Lanka.I have invested my hard earned taxed money in Sri Lanka and I am in touch with my people daily.”

    I can understand your being in touch “with your people” daily. I am no businessman and I certainly have not invested my money and I am therefore not in contact with the kind of “your people” you are in touch with.

    I come from a village in Kandy and though I do not contact “my people” daily to see how much investments thrive, I contact my people from time to time to see how they are getting on under dwindling economic, social, and cultural circumstances in the villages. It is there amoung the people of villages that the heart of the real Sri Lanka people lie.

    In Colombo the thinking of the Colombians, are different and even in being daily in contact with them you will not feel the pulse of the real mass of people in Sri Lanka. Therefore please do not make comments to me like my being a bit out of touch with the thinking of my people in Sri Lanka”

    On the contrary I think I know much more about the thinking of the common people suffering under Yahapalanaya than you with your contacts with “your people” who look after your investments.

    Therefore, Nimal our interests in the thinking of the common man in Sri Lanka are poles apart.

  14. Dilrook Says:

    On December 23, 1975 Sirima won the no confidence motion against her with over 50 votes (more than Ranil’s 46) only to lose the general election on July 23, 1977 as never before. This is the fate that awaits UNP.

    If history repeats, UNP will be ferociously defeated on November 2, 2019.

    Pro-Ranil parties voted only 35% on February 10 election whereas anti-Ranil parties voted 56% (with a faction of the SLFP). How disconnected our parliament is from ground realities in both 1975 and 2018!

  15. Charles Says:

    Nimal if you would come bato Lankaweb please note that in you comment to Ranjit you say” If Ranil is responsible for the bond scam….” Buit there is no “If” but Ranil is 100 percent responsible to the bond scam it is his Siamese Twin brother who saves him.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Charles and other Patriots,

    Do not be SAD! These are the DARK CLOUDS that darken the sky BEFORE the SUN SHINES THROUGH!

    The NCM was DEFEATED because Maithripala Sirisena decided to ABANDON his Sinhala Buddhist Community and PERSUADED 26 of his SLFP faction MPs to stand aside WITHOUT VOTING for it. This is a DESHADROHI ACT of HIGH ORDER!

    This ONE ACT of these TRAITORS has INDELIBLY ETCHED in the minds of the Sinhala Buddhist VOTER who they must support in the NEXT ELECTIONS!

    NO AMOUNT of FAKE Propaganda, Party Reorganizations and Holier-Than-Thou can CONFUSE and OBFUSCATE these FACTS!

    COME NEXT ELECTIONS, ALL TRAITORS in the Yamapalanaya in the SLFP and the UNP will be BOOTED OUT and PUNISHED SEVERELY!

    Until then, we MUST CARRY ON and STAY THE COURSE waving the LION FLAG held high!

    I REMEMBER VERY WELL the DEEP GLOOM and DOOM of the period before MR launched the War-Winning, Nation-Reunifying WAR EFFORT! No one believed that we could accomplish that with such VERVE and DASH the DEFEAT of the LTTE, but WE DID! Those HEROES and their LEADERS are STILL with US …. NEVER FEAR!

    The NEXT VICTORY to come will REVIVE and CONSOLIDATE the WAR VICTORY and the astonishing RAPID NATIONAL PROGRESS under the MR/UPFA administration. That is a CERTAINTY …. if we REMAIN STEADFAST and STAY the COURSE!


  17. Charles Says:

    Ananda It is good that you are trying to keep our hopes alive. But these seem to be only hopes…..What if the worst is to happen. If the silly people of the country keep still hoping for better days to come Ranil will sell the Country. They have given 65 acres of land from the high security area to Tamils. They may even write the Constitution. These imbecils like Mangala, Rajitha Ranil, Chandrika and Sirisena have no idea as to what they are doing. This is Kamma phala of the people of Sri Lanka.

    The biggest mistake was the desolution of the Parliament 2 years before time and handing over SLFP to Srisena. Of course Sarath Amunugama, Mahinda Samarasinghe and SB were already sitting with Sirisena even before Mahinda Rajapakse handed over the Presidency of SLFP to Sirisena. But this is the past and it is useless thinking of it the damage has been done. The next two years will be the darkest period of the history of our country if some one manages to pull it out of disaster.

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