Posted on April 5th, 2018


Even before the vote was taken, those who listened to Mr Wimal Weerawansa’s speech  undoubtedly came to the conclusion that the Prime Minister will win the battle.  Anura Kumara’s speech was totally confusing, whilst supporting the motion, as a face saving strategy, he was reading JVP’s own list of complaints against Mr Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapakse, instead of Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe.  Anura Kumara is a political discard.

The numbers game has been played very well jointly by the PM and Prez. Sirisena.  The President Sirisena has carefully evaluated a cross section of SLFP MPs, whom Joint Opposition may also  be reluctant to take to their camp,  after they vote for the Motion. And they were:

  1. Dayasiri Jayasekera
  2. S B Dissanayake
  3. Susil Premajayantha
  4. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa
  5. Chandima Weerakkody
  6. Thilanga Sumathipala
  7. Dilan Perera
  8. Susantha Punchi Nilame
  9. Sudarshani Fernandopulle

In other words, Prez. Maithreepala has  virtually  challenged the JO,  ” if you want, you can have my thrash folder of  9 MPs, with my compliments.  Neither Prime Minister nor myself want them in the government”. 

John Seneviratne, Lakshman Yapa Abeywardene, T B Ekanayake, Anuradha Jayaratne, Sumedha Jayasena, Wasantha Perera, Saranath Basnayake had always been unofficial birds of MR camp, but sitting on Maithreepala’s Pay Roll.

If JO by any chance accommodate these discarded MPs, it will ruin its image in the short run.    But in the long run, the damage to the JO will be far more serious, because none of the above can be trusted, they will build an underground bridge with the President, to ruin JO’s  chances  in future.

Quite frankly, who ever initiated the idea of No Confidence Motion, has been fooled by the President.  The President might have used Mr Susil Premajantha  to encourage JO to bring the motion well ahead.

After winning the local government election, the value of SLPP  stock in trade was very high.  In my personal opinion, a considerable damage had been done to the SLPP’s standing, as a consequence of failed No Confidence Motion.

Quite frankly, President Maithreepala has made the Joint Opposition  a bunch of fools or political novices.  


  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Why not next NCM against Prez ?
    hora , hora howtha hora !!!! ane you modaya…..

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    Do not agree with this writer’s comments at all…

    Unlike naïve and incompetent Sirisena, MR is a shrewd politician who knows exactly what he is doing. He may have made mistakes in the past. But, by having Ranil as PM for the next 2 years, MR knows that JO is going to get more votes, as this “Achcharu Palanya” won’t be able to get anything done in the near future, due to their open dislike, and animosity between Ranil and Sirisena supporters in the government.

    The voters are already fed up with these two jokers (Ranil/Sira) and their bungling of the country. On the Feb 10th, Sri Lankan voters sent a clear message to these “Gong Palanayas” that their time is up.

    Ranil may have survived the NCM yesterday, but his problems are not over by any means. The nation doesn’t want him, and the majority of UNP members are not happy with him as their leader.

    If he is a decent and a respectable politician (as many of his close buddies want us to believe..), he should have resigned after the 10th of February provincial election – results of which clearly confirmed that he would never be able to win any election in the future – even after 40 years in politics.

    Sirisena has no future either, thanks to betraying and destroying of his own party SLFP, with the help of another loser – Chandrika, who hates Rajapakses’ for not taking her seriously, and ignoring her pro-LTTE and anti-Sinhala/Buddhist political bullshit!

    All these losers – Sirisena/Ranil/Chandrika, and their ass-kissing supporters like Mangala, Malik, Rajitha, Kirialla, etc., have done nothing so far to improve the country, nor the living standards of the average Sri Lankan citizen.

    What they have done, and continue to do is destroying the country economically, socially, and politically, by slowly pushing the agenda of their Western supporters, including UNHRC, USAID, Tamil Diaspora, and all those NGO parasites who made a business out of thrashing SL, and its Sinhala-Buddhist majority.

    Unless we get rid of all these brain-dead losers, and traitors in this government, SL has no chance of moving forward economically, socially, with prosperity and peace.

  3. janakic Says:

    Contrary to the contents of the article the biggest loser was the President. People yet again, saw the President’s deception and duplicity. As the Ex-President so clearly articulated before the motion was tabled for discussion that the win of NCM will be on the side of the President. How true it was! The SLFP members who voted for the no confidence motion against the President’s directions, need to be recognised as upright citizens who cared for the country than their portfolios. They need to sit in the opposition and support JO against the future measures that are foreshadowed to be detrimental to the country. These members could be absorbed to JO at a later date based on their performance in the opposition. Their transfer to the opposition will affect the 2/3 majority assurance from the President to pass the injurious legislation. 2/3 majority is the incentive to retain the yahapalana set up by the PM and President. I am yet to see a such treachery at the helm of any country.

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