An appeal to the Tamil Intelligentsia to question why the Tamil politicians want separation from Sinhala.
Posted on April 20th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

We are all human beings first before we started calling ourselves Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim or what not. Therefore we have to first treat all human beings equal,  even those within our own  Community not down grading another for what he had been called upon to do. This is  how we have to see the larger human species, when we have passed our primitive stage of growth and become intelligent men and women.

There is surely at least a very small group of  Tamil Intelligentsia who can understand  their role in life and see things as they really are. The Tamils  cannot  hold Sampanthan and his TNA Cronies, C.V.Wigneswaran or Mano Ganeshan  as the sacrosanct Tamil leaders who are carrying out a meaningful reform to give the Tamil people a hopeful, prosperous, and a happy future, living on their own separated from the influence of Sinhala Community. This applies also to the Muslim Community but it needs a different  argument.

Sri Lanka had been in the past influenced by India in different ways. The King Asoka’s influence  was the most rich, positive, and rejuvenating period of the Sri Lankan history.. Because it was not  military, destructive, forceful entrance into the Sinhala Nation. But the influence  of King Asoka transformed Sri Lanka in all aspects of its life. It helped Sri Lanka absorb itself into a great culture, and change into a unique country with Theravada Buddhist teachings its treasured identity.

The later Indian  influences were forced, destructive, Dravidian  intrusions, by marauders, plunderers , treasure hunters and invaders. They left Sri Lanka with immense lot of problems that ate in to its  religious, social, and political fabric like an ever growing cancer spreading in to an entire physical body. They destroyed from the beginning the great cultural religious fabric affecting its peace and prosperity.

But the influence of the great Buddhist culture withstood the Sinhala people from not getting entirely lost within these later savage Indian incursions, and adopted and accepted the nefarious Dravidian influences allowing it to accommodate itself without greater damage  from the undesirable intruders.

The intrusion of   others with good or bad intention into its own culture in a country can have bad and good influences. Sri Lanka was able to accept the good and even introduced religious philosophies of the Dravidian settlers , and made  it part of their Sinhala Buddhist culture.

But the worst of what  came with the Dravidians or the Tamil  and damaged greatly its general peaceful existence was its Hindu culture with its destructive caste system. The Tamils even extended their inborn cultural caste bias to the Sinhala population  who accepted them generously.

The Tamil settlers remained  aloof without wanting to be stained by the  Sinhala people and their culture. That is their ingrained  religious cultural need  to be separated , and isolated from the Sinhala and the influence of their religion and culture.

This seeking separatist political  existence is the result of their inborn  caste mentality. The Tamils  cannot even mix  as equals with every one within their own Community, treating them  differently according to what caste each group of them belongs. So how can we expect the Tamils  who do not treat their own people equally  to accept  to be one with the  rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka.

It is this rusty old retarded caste mentality that forced  GG Ponnambalam to asking for fifty fifty, or Chelvanayagama a  Christian Tamil coming from Malayasia  ask for a Federal Constitution, Prabhakaran  wanted to divide Sri Lanka to have a separate Eelam, and now a withered old Tamil from south trying to make his place amoung the Tamils in the north blame Sinhala for genocide and demanding  separation from the Sinhala.

Wigneswaran’s hypocrise lies in the fact that he had allowed his two sons to marry Sinhala Women. How can he explain that to the Tamils in the north ?

What really is the problem the Tamils have with the Sinhala amoung whom the Tamils had decided to settle down ?  They were never invited by the Sinhala, they  forced themselves in.

They had settled down in this country long ago, and  generations of Tamils have lived with generations of Sinhala. So what is the problem now for the Tamils to seek separation from the Sinhala ?  Why do the Tamils want to be different ?

Haven’t the Sinhala accepted them,  live with  them side by side,  and even given away their daughters in marriage to Tamils and taken their daughters in marriage to Sinhala homes ?

So why now this demand for a separate Eelam,  a separate Province for Tamils ?

The terrorist Prabhakaran created greater terror in the North and East. The terrorists  kidnapped the Tamil Children to make them their soldiers and  suicide bombs. The terrorists took away 300 or more  thousands of innocent Tamils and drove them from place to place like cattle keeping them as a human shield to save themselves.

And yet the Tamil mentality is so sick they still want memorials for terrorists and some even imitate them threatening a possible resurgence of terrorism. But have the Sinhala people with whom the Tamils lived in harmony for generations been like the terrorists ?

Is it not time for the Tamil Intelligentsia to ask  whether there is something wrong with the Sinhala,  or whether there is some thing wrong with the Tamils ?

The  Tamils are a  mentally retarded people preoccupied mostly with their toilet problem. That is the problem with India too . India still wants low caste Tamils to occupy their toilets even if they have solved it to a great extent  by making any open space any where their toilet. They still mentally yearn for the low caste untouchable to clean the places where they put their dirt.

The Tamils continue to  imbibed their ancient Indian  caste mentality. Indians like to be called a developed  Nation, they have educated the low caste Dalits. They have begun  constructing toilets, but yet they kill Dalits  for nothing . It was recently reported that a Dalit High Court Judge was made to resign because the other judges did not want a Dalit amoung them.

It is this same toilet problem that make Wigneswaran, Sampanthan, Sumandiran, Sivajilingam  and the whole host of  the Tamil political bigwigs desperately call for separation, a federal Constitution, and remove giving Buddhism a constitutional protection, demand a separate province for the Tamils, and eventually a Eelam state of their own to have their toilets washed by low caste Tamils, have their low caste Tamils attend to menial work that they do not want to do.

The low caste Tamils in the North and East should beware that,  if ever there were to be a Tamil Eelam State, there would be utter suffering for those of the lower castes. Stay on with the  Sinhala,  and then it will not matter whether you are high caste or low caste.

I appeal to the ordinary Tamil people and the Tamil intelligentsia , to think now  and chase away Sampanthans, Sumanthiorans, Wigneswarans, Sivajilingams et al coming to your homes asking for your vote,  because for them if you are not of their caste then for them  you have no human value, fo ryou are a low caste destined  to live the life  your ancient fore fathers lived. For the Tamil politicians your value is restricted only to your VOTE to be elected as a Councillor or a Parliamentarian and thereafter  Lord over you.

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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    FYI, Our leader are not Sampanthans, Sumanthiorans, Wigneswarans, Sivajilingams et…
    Our one and only Thesiya Thalaivar is VP !!!

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Weerawansa must not play opportunistic politics. He must support the JO stand on proposed 20A to abolish executive presidency. There is absolutely no need to retain highly damaging and minority-winning executive presidential system. Weerawansa may be thinking of running for the presidential election after Gotabaya and Basil are barred from contesting.

    The argument about Perumal is lame. If not for executive president, anyone could have done so via the Supreme Court and even punished Perumal and other separatists for violating the 6A. That didn’t happen in 1990.

    During the war time a PC could be dissolved and not hold fresh elections but it cannot be done today. When fresh elections are called, TNA wins even more! So dissolution alone is not an option. It is far better to punish those who advance separatism brazenly under the Constitution. Only the Supreme Court can do it.

    Thanks to the executive president (who must appease minorities to retain and win power in the post-war period) even this option is unavailable. What did executive presidents did in 2014 and 2016 when NPC passed resolutions against Sri Lanka? Nothing!

    Executive presidency means TNA, SLMC, ACMC and CWC ruling Sri Lanka through a puppet.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    We thank Charles for this article.


    The slogan used in America to gain Independence from British colonial rule was “Unite or Die”.

    An apt slogan for comparatively tiny Sri Lanka at the present times would be a similar “Unite or be Dismembered” ?

  4. Christie Says:

    Dear Friends:
    For high caste Hindus whether they are Tamils or other Indians we are outcastes.

    The Sakkiliyas or Chandals in the North are the native Sinhalese who used to live there before the influx Indian Colonial Parasites mostly Tamils.

  5. charithsls Says:

    Is EP better or not for the country? It is the general understanding the presence of EP helps to prevent the separatist efforts to divide the country. Therefore it is no surprise such patriotic figures like G.Amarasekera & his organization, Wijedasa Rajapaksha, Wimal W, Champika R. & Ven Ratna etc vehemently opposing it. This is mainly based on the fact the Tamil parties always become the kingmaker in a parliamentary election. But as Dilrook points out can any patriotic figure can ever be able to win the Presidential election in future is a moot point because of block minority votes going always to the UNP. Even MR’s two wins were related to the facts on the first occasion it was due to the boycott Prabakaran imposed on the Tamil votes & on the second due to the immense popularity among the Sinhalese after the war victory. Consider the present situation, even now with country in utter chaos, the minority parties are with the UNP supporting it. Although EP system is better for the country,it is the practicality of winning an EP election by a patriotic figure with divided majority votes. It is more difficult to win UNP votes enmasse on an EP election whereas winning a large number of parliamentary seats over the UNP is a much easier task for the SLPP without bargaining with the TNA.MR is in a difficult position because people will always attributes to selfishness if he decides against the EP system. Our leaders have to figure out the right pathway very soon.

  6. Charles Says:

    Fran, I would like the President to have all executive powers. Today with few of his powers taken away with the 19A. the President is a lame duck. He can neither remove the PM nor dissolve the Parliament The Sri Lanka is in an impasse. I cannot understand why JO wants to support the JVP proposed 20A. It is only an Executive President who could stand against the interfering international political terrorists the USA and the WEST.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    I agree with you.
    If not a true Presidency, there ought to be a true & proper Governing Council of 5-8 PATRIOTS, people who have earned the TRUST of the Nation, and who will govern the country so that this small Nation will not be broken up.

  8. charithsls Says:

    Now what happens if there going to be a three way contest? MS has said he is going to come from the SLFP & it will reduce SLPP votes. That also may be a ploy by the Indian /West/American conspirators, MS contesting just to break the SLPP votes.Then it will be an easy cake walk for the UNP to win the EP!

  9. Charles Says:

    Charith: Yes the terrorist International community hell bent on messing up with Sri Lanka will do their utmost to break up Sri Lanka giving more support to Tamils.

    But I think SLPP is come to stay and will over shadow SLFP. Sirisena is no more popular amoung the mass of people. He can talk but action wise he is incapable of giving leadership. He is their to make the best of his status as President. If he is a good politician he would not have left Sri Lanka when it is facing today the worst political disaster in its history. The country is without governùment today. People are questioning the use of this Sirisena Ranil and Sirisena the President is attending CHOGM. What will he get for development of Sri Lanka in this fancy voyage he has made. IMF is placing conditions nd USA is accusing Sri Lanka on human right issue. Neither UNP nor Sirisena will win at the next Presidential elections.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    First division of Lanka … to be followed by division of INDIA ?
    What has INDIA to say about all this ?

  11. Dilrook Says:

    I too supported EP sometime back and wanted it retained but all that changed when we were given a taste of what it is like to have the EP post-war. Instead of saving the country from separatism and internal erosion (far worse than separatism), EP supported all that!

    There is no need for an EP to take care of a threat to national security. Supreme Court on the petition of anyone can take action against anyone supporting separatism. 6A clearly lays out what to do.

    It was the EP that prevented this from happening in 2014 and 2016 and protected separatist chief ministers and their councils. Only Premadasa had the backbone to do it but even that is not possible post-war due to practical voting realities (unless an EP is intent on political suicide).

    Minorities have a far higher growth rate which means their block vote at presidential elections will be even more powerful in the future. The majority will be held hostage by minorities thanks the EP. This danger was not there before 2009 as a large number of Tamils were prevented from voting.

    Even with 58% of Sinhala votes, Mahinda lost because 85% of minority vote went to Sirisena who won only 40% of Sinhala votes. The fault is not with the 40% Sinhalese who have free choice. The fault is in the rotten system imposed by JR for his own personal power greed. We have to design elections that takes into account ground realities. We cannot put an election system and expect people to fall in line.

    When Vigneswaran refused to take oaths from NPC Governor, Mahinda stepped in! EP at the feet of a Chief Minister.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    SA Kumar, Old Chap ….

    Your Thesiys Thalaivar aka SunGod is DEAD & BURIED at Sea.

    I humbly suggest you proclaim “LONG LIVE THE MOON GOD”!!

    PS: I wish we could meet someday and have fun poking pins into each others dreams!

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    SunGod is DEAD & BURIED at Nanthi Kadal(Sea) – spot on ! but do SunGod die ? NO.

    I wish we could meet someday -My wishes too also Mr Fran Diaz as well . We all travel together in Jeldevi .

  14. L Perera Says:

    We may write volumes but in the end it is voters who can make or break Governments. Let’s hope they have learnt from the 2015 election, the advantages of the two party system and ensure that who ever come into power does not have an absolute majority in the house. Also, that the opposition has the numbers to keep the ba……s honest. Lastly, it must recognise and strive to fulfilling the needs and expectations of the islands majority ethnic group to whom Srilanka is
    their country and home.

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