Removing Tamil Tigers from Terrorist List
Posted on April 24th, 2018

Ira de Silva Ontario, Canada

Mr. Jack MacLaren MPP, Carleton-Mississippi Mills,

Queens Park


 Dear Sir:

 I have just watched the video of your statement in the legislature at Queens Park and read a comment in the Toronto Sun of April 12,2018 bylined Bonokoski in which he sums up your attitude as “naive, foolish thinking”. My question to you is, who provided you with the information on which you based your statement and what you hope to achieve. Are you a secret admirer of terrorists and terrorism?  

It is well documented that members of all political parties in Canada have made false, unsubstantiated, biased statements on Sri Lanka in support of the LTTE  merely to get Tamil votes in Canada. You are the latest. How many “Tamil votes” were you “promised” by the Tamil terrorist sympathisers in your riding for the 1.44 minutes you spent to read the statement in the legislature?  Was the content given to you or are you responsible for it based on your own research?  Mr. Bonokoski concludes you were naive and foolish. However, it is possible that you were not naive but calculating, not foolish but deliberately making statements that expressed your support for LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka with the full knowledge that the LTTE was recognized in the world to be the most ruthless terrorist organization, that they were funded from Canada for decades by their many supporters some of whom you obviously have met, that even after 2009 they are still attempting to destabilize Sri Lanka to divide the country with the continued support of politicians such as you. Throughout the decades of LTTE terrorism, Canadian politicians attended political meetings supporting the goals of the LTTE terrorists. Canadian politicians attended fund raising events to support the murder of innocent civilians of all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. The combination of millions of dollars from Canada used by the LTTE for terrorism and the political support  of LTTE terrorism by Canadian politicians enabled the LTTE to carry out their terrorism for decades and it now seems to have morphed into efforts such as yours to continue the efforts of the LTTE supporters in Canada to achieve their goal of a separate state in Sri Lanka.

Your admiration for the extreme terrorism of the LTTE is evident when you describe the Tamil Tigers as a “strong and effective force” ignoring the fact that by their actions they were recognized in the world as extreme terrorists.  They were strong and effective in bombing civilians in places of worship, in buses and trains on their way to work, children going to school, murdering and massacring anybody and every body they believed would help their cause, destroying villages to deprive the people of their livelihood, destroying infrastructure to affect the economy and creating an atmosphere of fear through terror.  You believe that this strong force suffered “complete decimation” at the hands of the Sri Lankan armed forces. The fact is that it was only the hierarchy of the LTTE fighters that were killed in the final battles. The rest of the LTTE fighters are still very much alive, some of them outside of Sri Lanka and may even be part of your electorate while in Sri Lanka there are regular reports of them attempting to revive terrorism.

Those LTTE supporters in Canada who demonstrated on the streets of Canada in their thousands in 2009 to save the LTTE leadership are still very much alive and continuing the LTTE goal with assistance from Canadian politicians such as you. Those who remained in Sri Lanka and others outside Sri Lanka could very easily re-group to be a fighting force with help from the LTTE in the west and politicians like you. Is that what you are trying to achieve? Did it give you satisfaction that Canadians were part of this “strong and effective force” and do you want to help resurrect the LTTE terrorist force? They were and are still terrorist supporters so the terrorist designation is needed. Unless you too are a LTTE terrorist supporter, please re-consider your call to remove the Tamil Tigers off the terrorist list to prevent another blood bath in Sri Lanka paid for and supported by Canadians.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

Ontario, Canada



2 Responses to “Removing Tamil Tigers from Terrorist List”

  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    Well said Ira..!

    Unfortunately, many of the Canadian politicians are becoming like the third-world politicians. Corrupted and self-serving these politicians can be bought and used by any group with money and promise of ethnic votes in the next election.

    Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora and their associations have infiltrated all three major political parties (Liberals, Conservatives & NDP) in Canada, with the promise of their votes and support. As a results we cannot trust any politicians, regardless which party they are from.

    Their interest is in votes, not the policies…

  2. Christie Says:

    Thanks Ira.

    Indian imperialist and India and the non Catholic Churches spread lies about our country in the West long before the Tamil terrorists managed to go to Canada as refugees.

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