JVP proposes the 20th Amendment to get closer to TNA to get Tamil votes at future elections-this confirms why JVP holds May Day Rally in Jaffna .
Posted on April 30th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

The JVP’s whole political strategy to walk over UNP, SLFP and now SLPP to win the Parliamentary elections to form a government of their own is to dupe the people, by false allegations against popular political leaders, and making dangerous propositions.

For the majority of the people in Sri Lanka JVP is a party of immature political dreamers. They started a revolution which  failed no sooner they began it. Later they came into main stream politics and they were seen as young hopefuls despite their criminal beginning.

Once they had a few members who were able to think more like left wing politicians and partnered  with the President Chandrika Kumaratunga. That was the only time they were successful and  won a good number of seats in the Parliament and shared Ministries in President Chandrika Kumaratung’s government. Thereafter they lost their heads and had been in the political wilderness  leaving pro- socialist parties to seek partnership with right wing UNP. The people hate them more for it.

The JVP leaders  are very slow in learning political lessons from their past errors or even the past success. In 2015 they thought they could  make a  political come back  by becoming hunters of political criminals. It was a regular sight seeing the JVP leaders going to the Bribery Commission with  heavy files in their hands, giving interviews declaring members of the previous Rajapakse government as corrupt and thieves, before any law court had judged any one of them guilty.

They were against the popular pro-socialist Rajapaksas , and joined with the right wing UNP and claimed  the President Rajapakse’s defeat at the Presidential election partly due to their campaign against  Rajapaksas.  They began campaigning for the  2015, August General elections on the theme that both Rajapakse lead UPFA and the UNP are corrupt and formed a special JVP Committee to hunt the thieves in the Previous Government of Rajapakse, and to highlight corruption in  UNP.

The Strategy was that by proving both the UPFA and the UNP consist of corrupt politicians they-the JVP could come before the people as a corruption free clean political party and thereby win the election with massive vote to form a progressive left wing Government for the first time in Sri Lanka !!!

The people attended their election campaign meetings in large numbers and they believed they will have a landslide victory thus  chasing both Rajapakses and UNP out of politics.  But unfortunately the people thought otherwise and the JVP  managed to get only six members elected to the Parliament.

But they made a hue and cry that though they got only six seats in the Parliament they had been able to increased JVP  vote base.  But way the JVP is now going with a politically lame leader like Anura Kumara Dissanayake  it would be a surprise if the JVP would even get  six seats in Parliament next time.

JVP has missed the bus to become a popular political party. Sri Lanka poltics are based on hate campaigns, therefore it is the people who suffer unable to have an appropriate Government to make Sri Lanka great again. UNP is against the SLFP . They got Maithripala Sirisena to be their common Presidential  Candidate to come to power on his back, but they have no respect to him. Maithripala Sirisena after becoming the President became the worst enemy of the President  Mahinda Rajapakse-the most popular political leader of Sri Lanka even to-day.

UNP, JHU,TNA have enmity towards Mahinda Rajapakse and all his Associates, specially those popular politicians like Wimal Weerawansa, Udaya Gamanpila etc.  JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake and the rest of them hate Wimal Weerawansa above all and next Mahinda Rajapakse not for any reason but because they are popular amoung the people and as long as they remain  popular with the people JVP has no place in the hearts of the people.

In a world where even the North Korean Leader seeks unity with South Korea there is no reason why  JVP  cannot get together even with  Mahinda Rajapakse and Wimal Weeravansa. Because if the JVP were to make a political partnership with  the SLPP, they may have a better chance to get more votes , than the bleak future one sees for JVP with their seeking the lime light for themselves in Sri Lanka’s political stage.

If their hatred towards Wimal Weerawansa is the reason for JVP to rest aloof from left wing socialist politics, they can be sure they have no political future in Sri Lanka. One need not know space science to understand that.

Further more, what good has JVP done so far to the people of Sri Lanka for them to have confidence in JVP ? Perhaps there is no family in the South who did not suffer the death of a near or distant loved one by the murderous  insurgence of the JVP. Most often those  memories remain the  measure on which the people assess a political party. It is the same with Ranil Wickramasinghe of UNP for his criminal past  of the Batalanda torture camps., and his subsequent role in dismantling the Military Safe House in the Millenium City Housing Complex.

Then since JVP’s role in the bringing into power of a divastataing Yahapalanaya, it has become a Marxist police service employed by the UNP  to hunt for  Criminals of previous Government of  the former President Mahinda Rajapakse who is the number one enemy of UNP as well. But JVP’s political criminals hunting effort  was an utter failure which they nevertheless  untiringly pursue  as they seem to have nothing else to do.

The JVP that talks a lot  has done absolutely nothing for the welfare of the country and the well being of the people. In the north the Tamils are manifesting  against the building of Buddhist temples, and Sinhala settlments. The Tamils refuse  to allow the Buddha Statues set up in the North, while they are proposing to set up statues of terrorist leaders who died in the military operation  against terrorism by  the Armed Forces.

The Tamil Provincial Councillors of the North  want the number of Soldiers in the North and East reduced.  They do not want Buddhism and History included in School curriculums in the North . The Tamils in the North  want to give the Names of terrorists leaders to roads in the North and the East. The Tamils are slowly building a Tamil Eelam in the North and the East.

But we do not see the JVP protesting against these activities of the Tamils in the North , their disfiguration of Sri Lanka, and the peril to the Sinhala Buddhist country being caused by the Tamils. The JVP stands mute when the National Anthem was allowed to be sung in Tamil. Are the JVP anti Sinhala Buddhists,  Buddhist Culture in Sri Lanka ?

JVP join hands with the Yahapalanaya Government to bring in  Bills in the Parliament which turn out to be absurd and unworkable such as the recent Local Government  elections bill. Why doesn’t JVP speak out against Yahapalanaya government’s accusations against the Army Officers and keep them in Prison without any action being taken against them or releasing them if there are no valid accusation ?  Why has JVP not spoken against the setting up of an Office of Missing Persons ?

JVP  as a Marxist Political Party has no  interest in the fact of Sri Lanka being a Sinhala Buddhist country,  and that it is their duty to defend that historic value. The Tamils and the foreign enemies of Sri Lanka want Sri Lanka a divided country, and for that the Ranil Sirisena Government was preparing a new Constitution making it a federal constitution in form so that the Tamils will have the right to form a separate Province for themselves in a merged North and East.

The  JVP has no interest in the country and its people,  but their main objective  is taking over political power to forma a JVP Government. With that interest in mind the JVP has found a new strategy as they cannot depend on a majority Sinhala Buddhist votes at elections.  Therefore  JVP is now turning towards the TNA and the Tamils hoping at a future elections to get the Tamil votes  for themselves, and  enhance their future election hopes.

The JVPs proposal for the 20th Amendment to the Constitution is  therefore their means to approach the TNA and the Tamils of the North and East  and some how win their assurance of  accepting JVP as a new political force in the south to which the TNA would support by getting the Tamils to vote for the JVP Candidates in future elections.

This the TNA and the Tamils of the North may accept as the New Constitution on which they had placed their hopes to form a Tamil only Provincial Council of the North and the East is not likely to be presented  to this  Parliament as they had hoped.  Therefore, the TNA and the Tamil have an alternative to have a powerful Tamil only Provincial Council in a merged North and East, if the Executive powers of the President were to be removed under the 20th Amendment proposed by the JVP.

This is the means the JVP is using this time to dupe the Parliament and the people. Therefore the political parties and the people should take note of this most dangerous    20th Amendment to the Constitution proposed by the JVP and reject it at the outset not allowing the JVP to even bring it to the Parliament.

This is the reason why the JVP has proposed to have their May Day Rally in Jaffna.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Jaffna people are humans too. JVP holding May Day there means it is PART OF SL. PITY some politicians cannot do so. But they have SPOKEN in TAMIL in Jaffna to win votes but LOST VERY BADLY.

  2. Christie Says:

    …and for more money from Indian colonial parasites and India.

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