Posted on June 23rd, 2018


There are early  signs of generating a scare campaign against Dr Gotabaya Rajapakse.  Discarded politicians of UNP, SLFP, bankrupt JVP are forming together with a primary objective of tarnishing the image of the former Defence Secretary.

These idiotic politicians are trying to develop   a specific line of attack to test the waters.  The nation is looking forward to the decision of GR, as they are convinced of his managerial and administrative capabilities as  a person with unchallenged qualities of Leadership.  GR’s innovative ideas are on display wherever we go in Sri Lanka.

Provision of excellent living conditions for defence forces, provision of modern infrastructure facilities for those who injured during the war, conversion of historic old buildings into lucrative business ventures, establishment of environmentally friendly parks and recreation projects were few hallmarks of this Great Leader.  Above all GR was a team player, soft spoken, non-assuming articulate leader who had succeeded in getting the JOB DONE.

It is not GR who is working 24/7 to become the future leader of Sri Lanka.  But it is the average Sri Lankans who are joining in outpouring numbers to persuade GR to make a decision.

There are some quarters who believe that President MR could also be eligible to contest for the Presidential Election as well.  In my personal opinion, if eligible, MR should contest the next Presidency.   Dr Gotabaya Rajapakse will rally the nation in a spirited manner to become the next Executive Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.  This will further provide an opportunity to display his managerial and administrative visionary skills, providing a sound all around experience in the Jungle of Sri Lankan Politics.  Such a ground work  will be valuable  to make GR the next-next President.


  1. Charles Says:

    In the present uncertain political situation where the mass of people are against the Yahapalanaya Government and want them out, replace them with a Government which will change the present situation to bring back the pre 8 Jnuary,2015 era, to re vitalise the country unite it and ensure peace and security to the people, people are wondering how to get rid of the Yahapalanaya who gives all sorts of excuses and continues to drive the country to destruction.

    In this siutuation every body begins to think that even the worst most detested political figure in the world -a Hitler would be better than this Yahapalanaya which cannot govern the Counry any more.

    When the people not only the Venerable Monk, say this it does not really mean any one would want a Hitler , but what they mean is that such a demon would be better than the Demon that is Yahapalanaya. What people and the Monk mean is that Yahapalanaya is Hitlarian and should be replaced by a man with proven capability a people friendly leader Like Gotabhaya Rajapakse. The Venerble Monk did not mean Gotabhaya is Hitler…that is how fools seem to have understood.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Obviously driven by fear of losing the election. Gotabaya is sure to win the next election. The recent sermon by a Buddhist monk about Hitler though may be unintentional did harm to his electoral prospects. Apparently Mahinda walking out of that event was distressed.

    Gotabaya must not fall into the same pit Mahinda fell. He should be weary of those who praise him and close to him. What is indefensible must not be defended because people are not fools. During Mahinda’s second term we saw how some defended Mervyn Silva, DV Chanaka, Vidanapathirana, Duminda Silva, Karuna, KP, Patali Champika, Rajitha, Weliweriya, Halawatha, Katunayake, etc. Voters were far more intelligent.

    Gotabaya’s media people should not have defended the Hitler comment and certainly should not have shot the messengers. Instead they should have distanced themselves from that unfortunate comment. There are “kapuwath kola” and “kapuwath Rajapaksa” people. But they are not the kingmakers. The kingmakers at presidential elections are the minorities and floating Sinhala voters. They are not impressed by the “kapuwath” crowd to say the very least.

    It is very unfortunate if Gotavaya fails to win the next national election due to the stupidity and the cunning of his hosanna singers. They are as dangerous as the jealous and malicious crowd attacking Gotabaya.

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    Before became a notorious mass killer, Hitler did build Germany , transforming it from a failed state to a superpower. That is what was probably meant by the monk.

  4. Charles Says:


  5. Charles Says:

    Randeniyage perhaps clarifies a point that others had missed. Yes Hitler became a hateful figure because of his madness of cleansing Germany and the countries he conquered of the Jews. If not for those mass murders, he was a man who unified the German people bringing all the countries of the West under his flag.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    Things which are happening in this Island are funny.

    When it come to their own advantage, big talkers of Yahap say Fonseka won the war, without giving any credit to Gota and also saying that he ran away from the war by retiring to USA. At the same time, they make sure to create an image of a ruthless charactor to Gota, similar to Hitler. But the general public including the young voters are not prepared to swallow this hate pill anymore. They have now realised the real character of “War Winning General” and the visionary of Gota.

    The view of the Tamil Diaspora Camp is that:
    • Gota was the Brain behind the war wining efforts of our gallant forces,
    • MR was the authority behind everything.

    That is why almost every single Ealam supporting Tamil and NGOs hate and fear both GOTA and MR. All the war crimes are finally targeting these two. This view coupled with the hatred of the likes of Anura Kumara and the “weda bari” Yahaps, their negative propaganda associating Hitler to Gota came down to the general public and also Maha Sanga and it was not their own view.

    Regardless, Gota has established himself among the young voters as the only hope of the nation because,
    • they can witnessed the state of Colombo City before Yahaps time and the current sorry state it is in to compare the capability of Gota to the current lot in urban development.
    • they have witnessed the lack of law and order, rise of crimes and the underworld and illicit drug mafia to compare the capability of Gota and the current lot in the national security area.
    • they have witnessed the sorry state of the armed forces and punishment of Intelligent unit members who were behind the success of the Ealam war when Gota was not in-charge.
    • they have witnessed themselves the real capability, calibre and capacity of the so called “war winning General”, the Yahaps were trying to place above Gota.
    • they have witnessed his “Vision” for the country for everyone to live happily with dignity and contentment and not dreaming to move to a deteriorating White dominated Western country.

    Patriots, it must be Gota in the EP seat not MR. If MR comes back, all his previous stooges will gather around him and try to get the advantage. Gota has no such political commitment or association with those rogue politicians and can implement his good plans without any fear of corruption happening at all levels. MR could be his top personal advisor and his shadow and the implementer at Prime Minister level who can represent Sri Lanka to the world with his great personality. Gota has serious job to deliver and a country to bring up and cannot waste time in international politics.

  7. nilwala Says:

    This reader is absolutely amazed at the way people’s perceptions have been manipulated in this post-war “Good Governance” exercise of the Yahapalanas. The lies and the financial messes that commenced with not just ONE BOND Scam, but went on to another SCAM, and more and more other SCAMS as never before in the post-independence history of the island, but today pretend as though they are so very innocent of any wrongdoing, and keep finger-pointing at the last regime as a diversionary tactic at every point that their incompetence shows up.
    Even though the RRs actually delivered this nation from the unending clutches of the LTTE, globally acknowledged as the “MOST RUTHLESS TERRORISTS ON EARTH”, and who are today still retained on the Proscribed Terrorist Lists of many countries including those very countries that try to uphold the Lankan Tamils’ claim of being discriminated. How can one explain such illogical thinking?

    Are people so brainwashed by the constant messaging they receive on their devices, they can no longer think for themselves, let alone remember what it was like to live in Sri Lanka under the constant threat of roadside bombs and other IEDs, and the anxieties under which the lived ?? How short can memories get?

    Mr. Gotabhaya R has earned for himself the nation’s respect to run for President and win. The diehard UNPers who write to the daily press and comment on nternet forums, resort to such vehement and dirty protest at even the thought that he might run, must show what twisted thinking must prevail among them. It is a sad and sorry state for a nation to be in that does not recognize its own heroes but worships enemies of the State as being liberators!! What a shameful state of affairs that does not recognize what is good and right for the nation, but bends to the powerful ,inimical forces driving the country into ‘Failure’ …What ignorance!

  8. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Nilwala

    Thank you for sharing your feeling.

    This is the ill feeling most of us have. We have to counter attack those inimical comments made by the enemies of Mother Lanka at every occasion, even on Ytube postings.

    We should be mindful that majority of the people are followers and their opinions are subject to change according to the strength of propaganda on either side. That is what happened in 2015.

    Therefore we have a duty to protect our war heroes who rescued Mother Lanka in 2009 in every forum and every field.

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