Allegations malicious and baseless: Kabir
Posted on June 26th, 2018

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Some activists of civil organizations were making baseless allegations misusing the freedom of expression ushered in by the incumbent Government, Highways Minister Kabir Hashim said.

Those allegations against me were malicious and baseless,” he said.

Today they have the freedom to make allegations. But there should be a base for these allegations. I am sorry to state that those activists as well as media, which publicise these allegations, should ascertain the veracity of the information published,” he said.

He said that he worked as the Minister of Higher Education up to March 2015 under the 100-Day Programme and Dr Sarath Amunugama was appointed as the Minister of Higher Education on March 22, 2015, by the President.

Meanwhile, on June 19, the Board of Directors of the University Grants Commission decided to channel the investments through National Savings Bank. At that time the Minister of Higher Education was Dr Sarath Amunugama. Not me. The decision was taken by the University Grants Commission.

Therefore as blamed by an activist I have no connection at all with these matters and clearly I must say that this allegation was baseless,” he said.

He said that the UGC was blamed by the COPE Committee and a system was introduced in 2013 for the UGC to make such investments.

They have done it under the instructions of the Attorney General,” he said.

The Minister then asked the media to publicise the frauds occurred before the Yahapalana Government.

Reveal the frauds committed by companies like Entrust, which defrauded over Rs. 12 billion. Out of that Rs. 2,500 million was taken from the Central Bank Pensioners Fund and another 2,500 million from Ceylon Electricity Board Pensioners Fund,” the Minister said.

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