Posted on June 28th, 2018

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane

In recent years, Muslim extremists, evidently influenced by the Wahhabi form of Islam, have started a campaign to disrepute and undermine Buddhism, Buddhist Bhikkhus and the Buddha Sasana which is the foundation of the national culture of this nation. In parallel, these Muslim extremists are propagating within Sri Lanka, life-style, education system (madrasaa), a banking system, a parochial Islamic legal system, and a peculiar attire especially among their younger generation.  Among their other tendencies include the proliferation of children, building of a multiplicity of new mosques and encroachment of public land for housing schemes meant exclusively for Muslims, some within National Forest and Wildlife conservations and in archeological sites which are of historical significance for Buddhists. The effects of these tendencies, particularly their long term effects are precariously unhealthy and has the effect of undermining the  unity and social harmony in the nation. They are contrary to the socio-cultural norms and values of the country. These tendencies are having a highly divisive effect on our society and are bound to create serious problems with drastic negative implications in future, for the nation’s stability and prosperity.

The Buddha Sasana is the oldest, the most fundamental and sacred of national organizations of our country for over 2200 years. It is this institution that promoted and protected the Buddha Dhamma and Buddhist spirituality among the Sinhala people. It is directly responsible for fostering Buddhist culture, values, and way of life of the Sinhala people. In fact, it has been the foremost institution, from historic times,  that was instrumental in laying the overall cultural foundation of our nation.

It is this institution that helped to develop and enrich Sinhala language and literature. Sinhala language is spoken only in our motherland and is considered as one of the most expressive and richest languages in the world. It is this institution that produced the greatest of our Sinhala scholars, writers, poets, artists among other leaders in various fields. It is this institution that formed the main advisory body of our kings, royalty, and leaders. It is this institution that provided us with the Mahavamsa, Chulavamsa, Deepavamsa, Thupawamsa, among many other chronicles that outlines the history of our country, making our country one of the very few countries in the world with a well-recorded history that extends to over 2500 years. It is this institution that salvaged and protected the priceless ola books and scriptures containing valuable information for eternity when the country was under threat by ruthless foreign invaders and  the LTTE – Tamil terrorists.

Historic sites, buildings and monuments associated with this institution that have preserved for us the most exquisite and fascinating collection of our indigenous Buddhist sculpture, paintings, architecture, wood carvings, and unique fine arts. It is this institution that was instrumental in the preserving for us one of the greatest cultural events of the country – the Sri Dalada Perahera, which has preserved for us the enchanting heritage of our unique  visual culture and performing arts.

It is this institution that endured the harshest of punishments and atrocities during invasions of our country by the South Indian Tamil-speaking Pandyans, Cholas and others, and the Christian Portuguese, Dutch and British. It is this institution that endured the murder of Bhikkhus, the burning of Buddhist scriptures, the destruction and demolition of Buddhist shrines, monasteries, and stupas by Indian and Christian European invaders in the past. It is this institution that is being threatened and undermined by extremist elements of the Muslim community who have adopted the fanatical Wahhabi form of Islam imported from the Middle East.

It is this glorious and invaluable historic institution of ours, the Buddha Sasana,  that is being threatened today, by the extremist elements of the Muslim community of our country. The Sinhala Buddhist form the overwhelming majority of people in this country from historic times. It is time that our people realized that one of the biggest tragedies for the Sinhala Buddhists has been, the sharp divisions among them, especially on political party lines. This disunity has been the main springboard for anti-national elements, especially among the minorities – Tamils and Muslims,  to destabilize the country and to promote racist, religious and separatist agendas affecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. It is time the Sinhala Buddhists, irrespective of their political party or other affiliations, join hands and come to the forefront in a dynamic and vigorous manner, to form an overall Sinhala Buddhist front to counter the forces that threaten the Buddha Sasana and Buddhists.

It is a pity that for some Buddhists, being a Buddhist is of secondary or tertiary importance. This partly explains the lack of unity and togetherness among them.

Buddhists would come together to perform a common Buddhist ritual in a temple, but they are reluctant or indifferent to the idea of joining hands as Buddhists to form a force to secure and consolidate their dwindling legitimate rights as Buddhists, even when violation of such rights are clearly evident.

It is in this light that we must admire and appreciate the initiative and leadership offered some time back by the great Anagarika Dharmapala, L.H. Mettananda, Venerable Gangodawila Soma Thera and in recent times, by national organizations such as the Bodu Bala Sena, Sinhala Ravaya, Mahason Balakaya, in particular. In spite of untold threats and challenges and various unfounded and indecent criticisms leveled against them, especially by extremist Muslims and other fanatics who benefit politically and otherwise from association with Muslims, these bold, inherently national organizations, reflective of a clearly national character, outlook and disposition, and especially given the often unfavorable conditions under which they have to operate, these organizations, appear to be going ahead with their programme of activities, demonstrating foresight, forthrightness, courage, fearlessness and determination.

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane


  1. Dilrook Says:

    The only foolproof way to protect Buddha Sasana and Sinhala culture, values and language is to create a Sinhala and Buddhist preserve in provinces with a Sinhala majority. This requires some compromise on the current federal state of the nation. It is far better to have part of the island as a Sinhala Buddhist preserve than lose it all. Sadly these are the only two options available to the nation today. The ideal – an unitary nation that upholds Sinhala and Buddhist identiy of the nation is not ascribed by the Constitution, political parties and the civil society resident in Sri Lanka.

    Even in Colombo Buddhists are treated as third class citizens in business, employment, religious and cultural significance. Like a cancer, this is spreading even further. Absurd idealistic nonsense will only ensure the extinction of Buddhism and Sinhala identiy of the island. That cannot be allowed.

  2. Christie Says:

    I see Hinduthwa the biggest threat to Buddhism in our country.
    Buddhism is about understanding and not about believing.
    Our temples are full of all sorts of gods and people go on smashing coconuts on concrete or stone floors.
    Understanding things allows you to discuss and where Buddha was born is part of that discussion and allows you to discuss the issue.
    Buddhist Dalits in India are being reconverted to Hinduism in India as I key my comment.
    Hinduthwa agenda for our country is to divide the country; one part to Hindus and other to Budhists.
    North, East, Hill Country and most of the coast will be Indian Colonial parasites and the rest the Sinhala area will be under Socialists.
    Muslims are mainly Sinhalese compared to Indian Colonial Parasites who are Hindus.

  3. samurai Says:

    The problem is that the Tamil and Muslim minorities, especially their leaders, want to have the cake and eat it.

    They want to buy land, open businesses and have a say in the politics of predominantly Sinhala areas.

    At the same time they want to build ethnic enclaves in the North and East where they do not want to Sinhalas to buy land, open up businesses and build Buddhist temples.

    Anyone exposing this double standards is branded by the so-called yahapalanaya as an opponent of’ ‘reconciliation’ whatever that means.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Biggest threat to Buddhism, Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka coming from Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka mussies.
    The Fastest Breeding Religion followers mussies use its dirty, disgusting, sub human trick of multiply, multiply and
    outnumber using to steal the country and make it a mussie country. This is what the crafty, conniving mussies did in old
    Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonsia within a few hundred years of their
    arrivals with their baby machine wives. They multiplied and multiplied and outnumbered the natives and made them
    all mussie countries (hell holes). That’s what these crafty mussies doing in Sri Lanka. Mussies are the biggest Vote
    Producers (specially in other people’s countries) in the world. Please Google to see the old Buddhist heritage in those

    The dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick worked in the olden days since people didn’t know them until they came to the
    neighbourhoods. Today in this ‘connected world’ with tv, phone, internet people going to know mussies fast multiplying
    and fight back to save their countries. This could end up in a long protracted blood bath. Do the ungrateful mussies care? Of course not. That’s why mussie deshapaluwan like xxxxhim, bada udin, a sad ali, kabir hashih etc. etc. keep
    promoting Vote Production.

    That’s what Myanmar did to save their country from the Fastest Breeding
    Religion. They had a patriotic leader and got rid of most mussies before it’s too late. Sri Lanka? We only have traitor
    deshapaluwans who can’t lick the backsides enough for mussie votes. So the mussie multiplication goes unabated in
    Sri Lanka. Town after town, ancient Buddhist temples, even wild life sanctuaries aren’t safe from making room for the
    new breeds by traitor mussie deshapaluwan like bada udin, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), kabir hashish
    etc. etc. Thanks to mass vote production, there are always mussies ministers (powerful of course) in every government.
    Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism are doomed thanks to traitor Sinhalese deshapaluwan who can’t open their
    mouths to defend them. They will always be bending backwards to please mussies for their votes. Knowing this
    Fastest Breeding Religion mussies keep increasing Vote Production!

    To save Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism we should get rid of
    traitor catholic-run UNPatriotic_rats who divides the Sinhalese and make minorities king makers
    Stop Free Education after 2 children
    Stop mussies only schools which they use to hide the real numbers and fill them up to the rafters. Sinhalese parents
    can’t find school places. Mussies just put up 5 storey buildings and fill them up in no time
    Stop Free hospitals after 2 children
    Or there is an instant fix: No votes after 2 children and mussie Baby Machine Wives straight away stop Vote Production.

    Fastest Breeding Religion propagates by fast multiplying since nobody in this scientific era believes these god business.
    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed god concept for good. But still with fast multiplying and using money
    they survive. It is a shame, all these religions of conveniences followers are hell bent on destroying the only true
    religion, Buddhism, in the world.

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