Wew (Irrigation Reservoirs) ) reconstruction by soldiers is the most effective way of promoting reconciliation among communities. Opposing it means opposing reconciliation
Posted on June 28th, 2018

Gallege Punyawardana.


Wewa ((Irrigation Reservoir)) in Sinhale is the source of culture and the stream of civilization of this country. Wewa is the pivot around which everything in the village rotates. It is the kingpin that keeps the entire socio-economic machine of this country functioning. Practising wew culture is an ideal way of reconciliation.

Wewa not only helps food and water for the people it promotes sense of collectivity not only among the villagers of each wewa but also everybody in the country.

The colonial British, who were hampered by wewa in their quest for wealth in this country, breached as much wew as possible at the first instance they got. Their main objective is to exploit the resources of this country. But that could not be done when there is wewa which maintain and strengthen the collectivity of the people. What they liked was to scatter the people, and disintegrate the society and the Nation, keeping in line with the Roman way of divide and rule.

The policy of ruling the country, thus initiated by the British Colonials is still being continued, resulting further divisions in the society and the Nation.

In pursuing that policy wewa will never be brought back. That is why chief Minister of the Northern Province, working day and night for separating the Northern Province does not want wew in the Northern Province to be constructed by soldiers, because when soldiers are entrusted with the job, it is certain that it will be done, and that will be a great obstacle for his determined mission of separating Northern Province from on rest of the country.




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