Posted on July 30th, 2018


I refer to the article ‘screening of peace keeping people from Sri Lanka’ written by Neville Laduwahetty (Island 24 July) in which the issue with regard to the delay in screening of the members of the defence forces prior to their overseas enlistment and how the delay had been caused by the lack experience of the HRCL( Dr Deepika Udagama is the Chairperson )which had been handed over the responsibility of screening by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs were discussed in detail.

According to the reliable information available, not a single member of the armed forces had been screened and cleared by the HRCL after taking over this function. It is indeed unfair by the armed personnel nominated to take positions by February 2018 who had to forgo this opportunity of earning an additional and legal salary.

The HRCL owes an explanation to the subject members of the armed forces and other members who are keen to serve the peace keeping assignments and to the general public who are indebted to the defence forces for liberating the country from the bomb exploding Tamil Tiger terrorists and restoring peace in Sri Lanka.

Dr Uduagma or the Friday Forum should not consider this request as a threat as in other countries such as Australia, France ,Canada and Malaysia et , their Human Rights Commissions or the authorities have faced democratic criticism for their inadequacies.

We request the HRCL to clarify the reasons for delay  incurred in screening or to  disclose that HRCL  intends  not to approve the nomination of Sri Lanka armed personnel for the international peace keeping tasks as the HRCL endorses  the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka which alleged HR violations on the part of SL defence forces.


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