Prime Minister’s Dictatorship.
Posted on August 16th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

Ranil Wickramasinghe foresaw the outcome of the 8th January,2015 Presidential election, and prepared the background with the help of America and the West and India for the establishment of a UNP Government.  The UNP  treasury was empty and it needed funds and RanilW arranged for the means to fill the UNP treasury with enough funds to buy supporters and manipulated  others to disarm the President.

19th Amendment conveniently took away the powers of the President, making him only a clever speech maker without power to stop  the Prime Minister do what he wants. The same thing happened under ex President Chandrika Kumaratunga when the same  man became the Prime Minister.  He  turned his back to President and signed an important agreement without even the consent of the Parliament with the terrorist leader Prabhakaran , which was to decide the future of Sri Lanka.

Fortunately for Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse became the President  and reversed the situation.

The ex President Chandrika Kumaratunga had the guts to remove the Prime Minister RanilW when he was visiting President Bush in America, and take away the Ministries which were under the Prime Minister, which consequently resulted in the dissolution of the Parliament.

Unfortunately,  in the case of the President Maithripala Sirisena, he  dares not speak a word against the Prime Minister,  suffering from  a fear psychosis which he himself admitted  when he said that if  he had lost the Presidential election on the 8th January,2015,  he may have been six feet under ground.  An intelligent man would not have thought as he did, as such a thing would not have been possible.

Mahinda Rajapakse who Maithripala Sirisena feared, is a peaceful man. As President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse,   before he started  the military operations against terrorists,  invited the terrorist leader to meet him for  a negotiated settlement of the issue.

That fear seems to be still reining the President’s mind today. Therefore, he is satisfied making speeches and appointing Commissions. But in reality  nothing seem to happen after the Commissions report their findings to the President.

Every thing goes as usual, giving  the Prime Minister more strength to continue his unconcerned destruction of Sri Lanka Examples are many,  first the Bond Scam, then the selling( long lease) of Hambantota Port to China, signing a trade Agreement with Singapore,  and preparing the sale of Mattala Air Port and the Trincomalee Habour to India. Only the Prime Minster knows , what more is to come? The President has to wait until the announcements are made in the press.

The people see that there is no consultation what so ever between the  President and the Prime Minister. But yet slowly and surely the Prime Minister and  UNP  continue selling off Sri Lanka to West, molding  old Sri Lanka, to a modern Western model.. The Secretary of the UNP as Minister of Education has signed a contract to resume getting down American Peace Corp to Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minster pays his UNP MPs a gift of two lacks each to keep them satisfied. Most of the UNP Ministers and MPs participating in TV debates have the same arguments  which they fashioned  from the time of their emergence as member of the  government  labelled Yahapalanaya.

The modus operandi of the UNP participants in TV Debates is coming out with same arguments against the previous government of Mahinda Rajapakse, referring to the shooting at strikers , and a white van culture  and  recuperating the democracy which they say was absent during the previous regime, allowing people to strike and manifest against the Government ‘(even if the Yahapalanaya pays no attention to strikers or manifestations).

There is no one, no public or private sector in Sri Lanka which is independent and out of the control of the Dictator – the Press-( the editorials criticise the Yahapalanaya , but in the same tone it  criticises the former Government of President Mahinda Rajapakse),  the legislature- (Speaker is the yes man of the Prime Minister.The Speaker does not recognize 70 members of  the joint opposition as the Parliamentary Opposition),  the Judiciary- most of the judgments are with an eye to please the Yahapalanaya, the executive- the police and CID are completely under the control of the Prime Minister,  and the three Buddhist Nikayas –the Mahanayakas do not criticise the Yahapalanaya. Hence every thing in Sri Lanka is  under the control of the Big Brother”  the Dictator and his UNP.

The Speaker of the Parliament says he is democratic, but takes decisions  to please  the Dictator,  a Judge despite being perhaps a Sinhala Buddhist condemns  a Buddhist Monk  for imprisonment for an alleged contempt of Court…the Judge follows the letter of the rule , and his concept of respect for religious and social etiquettes  is lopsided, the Army falls in line with the Dictator to fulfil his desire for reconciliation with Tamils.

A Buddhist Monk  is condemned for imprisonment for contempt of a still British Court, and the whole population of  Buddhist Monks seem to be in fear of the Dictator and no one of the Buddhist Monks has come forward to protest against this  humiliation of the Buddha Ratna in this still Sinhala Buddhist Country.  The President is silent on the issue perhaps because of his gratitude to he who made him President , or he fears the Dictator.

The President has been made a lame duck as the Dictator has decided that his term of Office ends in 2020, and the President  would be without the support of the UNP or the SLFP the senior members of which –Nimal Siripala de Silva, Sarath Amunugama, Mahinda Samarasinghe, Duminda Dissanayaka, Mahinda Amaraweera et al are UNP at heart and will abandon Maithripala Sirisena to stand with Ranil W in 2020.

The West panders to the Tamils and ignores the majority Sinhala. UK Government gives one million sterling pounds to build houses in the North and East. Canada helps improve human rights in Sri Lanka by supporting the implementation of Sri Lanka’s official language policy. This policy helps minority groups to access social services such as health and police protection  in their own language.” These are the Western means of implementing their communal separation policies to weaken the unitary status of Sri Lanka, pitting minorities against the majority community.

Even the President does not know the contents of the Trade Agreement signed  with Singapore  under the initiative of the Prime Minister. It was never presented to the Parliament before it was signed, because the Big Brother-the Dictator had decided it be so. The agreement contains  more than thousand pages and it is in English. Even the UNP Ministers who participate in TV debates on the Singapore agreement seem to be ignorant of the effects of the agreement, let alone whether  they know the whole of the contents of it.

They promise to the listening public that there would not be negative effects, but it is like the CFA that Prime Minister in an earlier occasion signed with the terrorist Prabhakaran, and the 13 Amendment  his uncle accepted from India. The ill effects of the Singapore Trade Agreement  will begin to be seen only after its implementation.

It is surprising the  confidence and the attachment  the UNP Dictator has for Singapore. He installed the Singapore citizen Arjun Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank praising him as a man with great knowledge an equal for him cannot be found in Sri Lanka, and the experience turned out to be the worst for Sri Lanka.

And now with the Trade Agreement with Singapore highly praised by the Prime Minister and the UNP may certainly turn out to be  worst than what Sri Lanka got with the a man they imported  from Singapore and  installed as the Governor of the Central Bank.

Ranil W the Prime Minister has no great affection for the Sinhala Buddhist Culture. He  wants the Western Culture implanted in Sri Lanka, and for that Buddhism is an obstacle. He goes round saying that all religions should be treated equally for the sake of his sacrosanct reconciliation with the Tamils. His first step in Westernising Sri Lanka culture was the first Independence Day celebrated by the Yahapalanaya . There he got an Opera Singer to sing a Sinhala Buddhist  song in the Western Opera style. It is said that he even wants to start a Sri Lankan Symphony Orchestra.

The new trend of Musical Festivals with foreign Singers and Musicians as the one that is being organised by National Trust Banks of America with local Agents also affects our traditional culture, and this seems to be allowed by the Yahapalanaya Government despite a number of deaths at a previous such festival. The Prime Minister enjoy the support of several NGOs and there is no control of the activities of the NGOs in Sri Lanka.

JVP is also supporting the Prime Ministerial Dictatorship, by seeking to introduce  the 20th Amendment with an eye to elect a President  by the Parliament, instead of by a peoples’ vote. This is to assure that the Prime Minister who had lost 30 elections, will instead of presenting himself to a Presidential election  be appointed instead by the Parliamentarians. This stands favourable to JVP as well as hey could present their Presidential Candidate  as well for a Parliamentary election.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is not a Prime Minister of the people, as the Presidential election was won by 62 lakhs of votes, and the President selected RanilW as his Prime Minister unconstitutionally  when 58 lakhs of voters opposed the election of the President. Therefore through respect to the people of this country the President should dismiss the Prime Minister who continues to put Sri Lanka’s culture, and its communal unity in danger and call for new elections.

4 Responses to “Prime Minister’s Dictatorship.”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks Charles.

    We have an executive President and His Excellency is responsible for whatever the government does.

    This government is a puppet government of India like Bandas’ and JRJ’s

  2. Christie Says:

    Thanks Charles.

    We have an executive President and he is responsible for whatever the government does.

    This government is another puppet government of India like Bandas’ and JRJ’s.

  3. aloy Says:

    I have read the speech made by PM about the history of Anuradhapura which I believe is a paper written by some organization like Roar, which seems to me as an arm of BBC trying to promote their own culture. Not a word about Arya Sinhala civilization. Thats because his handlers do not want him to say that. Also his ignorance about our history and the fact that no history was taught in his school can be deduced from the following:

    Quote”However British civil servants broke many of the monopolies, allowing Sri Lanka to become one of most progressive nations in Asia once after Japan.

    But many of the trading restriction were were re-imposed after independence, giving priviledges to special interest and state enterprises much like the VOC. The creation of a money printing central bank, which generated forex shortages put the final nail in the coffin analysts say.

    Some analysts say it will not be possible without serious reforms to the central bank to restrain its domestic operations or abolishing it in favour of a currency board or currency board like system like in Singapore or Dubai.

    Even earlier this month taxes were put on cars to cover short comings in central bank policy.

    Reinstating Historical Status

    Wickremesinghe said efforts were now underway to make Sri Lanka the hub of the Indian Ocean again.

    “This may take 10 or 15 years, but we have to do it,” Wickremesinghe said. “We are doing this taking Anudhapura as an example.

    “Using ports in both sides of the country, we will develop this nation. Like in the periods of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa we have to rebuild foreign trade. We have to develop as a nation. We have to compete. We have to do import export trade.

    “Our historical place we have to recreate.”

    Wickremesinhe said many people have told him that in school no proper history is being taught.” End Quote

    This is also a veiled justification of what he did in Central Bank. So, what I say is do not be fooled into believing that he has reformed.He is being misdirected and is dancing to their tune.

  4. aloy Says:

    PM also has taken effort to say that Sinhalese are a mixture of all sorts of people from all over the world including seafarers . This is what Eelamists want to say about Sinhalese. I heard this version of our history from a group of tamils who ragged me at Peradeniya uni for the first time way back in 60s.

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