Creative Chinese kites thrill young and old at the Colombo International Kite Festival
Posted on August 21st, 2018

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Colombo, August 21 (Xinhua): Every weekend, scores of young Sri Lankans gather at the Galle Face sea front in the Sri Lankan capital city to fly kits. Hundreds of others watch these colorful contraptions soar into sky and play about in the delightful sea breeze.

But August 19 was special. It was the 4th Colombo International Kite Festival. Nearly 100,000 had thronged the Galle Face Green to see kites from various countries taking to the skies and jostling with each other in an aerial dance performance which thrilled young and old alike.

Creative Chinese kites thrill young and old at the Colombo International Kite Festival

There were kites from Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Norway, Sri Lanka and other countries. The festival was as local as it was international because local enthusiasts were there in large numbers too. About 3000 kite enthusiasts had signed up this year. The festival has become a major tourist attraction since it was started in 2015.

The reason for the festival’s popularity was not far to seek. Flying kites is a popular entertainment and recreational activity in Sri Lanka.

The Colombo International Kite Festival has become a carnival for local kite enthusiasts. Many people prepare kites to display their talent at this festival specifically.

Kids went into raptures seeing the Chinese animal kites

The kites have different shapes and are mostly self-made. A local kite enthusiast said that although people can buy ready-made kites in the market, they prefer to be creative and make the kites themselves.

At the Performance Zone of the festival the Chinese five-star red flag up in the air was particularly eye-catching. The extra-large Chinese tiger kites and others depicting animals sent kids into raptures. They had never seen such kites before. No wonder they had not, because that was the first time Chinese kites were on display in Colombo.

The head of the Chinese delegation, comprising Shandong and Shanxi kite masters, said that this was the first time China had been officially invited to participate in the Colombo International Kite Festival.

The enthusiasm of Sri Lankans for kite flying is unforgettable. I hope that in the future, I will be able to participate in similar exchanges and let Sri Lankan know about the kite culture of China,” the head of the Chinese delegation said.

The best kite flyers were given prizes.

(Photos: Tang Lu/Xinhua)

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