A world record of political lunacy
Posted on August 22nd, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara

  1. August. 2018

It is reported that this mad Government has fixed 35 years as the lower age limit and 70 as the upper limit for a three wheel driver. I can understand the madness of our politicians who have no concern for the people enjoying all the luxuries at the expense of the poor masses. But what I can’t understand is the public officers who are expected to advice these idiotic politicians. I wonder whether there is a Secretary to this Ministry of Siripala. If there is one I ask the question as to what the hell he was doing until his Minister submit this Cabinet paper. Was he not the one who prepares the Cabinet Paper? Of course in these days of the ignoramus it could have been submitted even without the knowledge of the Secretary. But the Ministry Secretary should take full responsibility for not giving the correct advice to his minister.

Isn’t this a brazen display of political lunacy on the part of our politicians in a country blessed with a glorious and unique civilization running in to over 2500 years where the lower limit for legislators is 18 and the upper age has no limit? They can go up to 9 or even until they die. If a man or woman of just 18 years is considered fit to make legislation for the country and person over 70 or even 80 moving in a wheelchair can be in charge of the destiny of the country why can’t a person of 18 or one over 70 cant drive a 3 wheeler, provided he is physically fit. This brings us to the conclusion that only politicians are capable doing everything.

Instead of increasing the age of 3 wheel drivers why cant these idiots increase the age of people to enter politics and ban senile deaf, blind and dumb fellows from entering politics. I opine they follow the rule that ‘older the bull stronger the horn” in politics

Just imagine how many people will lose their jobs by this decision to increase the age limit and fix an upper limit. I think it is over 600 000. When that happens who will support those families unless the Prime Minister or the President take over those families. Do these politicians want these people to die on the roads or start a spree of highway robbery to keep their home fire burning?

Instead of maintaining this type of politicians at public expense I think they should be publicly stoned to death like in Arabian countries.

No wonder when we leave everything in the hands of politicians. I think it is high time that people take over the task of running the country the way they want at least now and stop politicians from this type of bungling lest they completely destroy this beautiful country. Just look at the way how these politicians have destroyed this country over the past 70 years since so called Independence in 1948?

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    BRAVO Sudath, Well SAID!

    Indeed, limiting three wheels driving licenses to people older than 35 is one of the MOST IDIOTIC PROPOSALS of the Yamapalanya mis-government.

    FIRST & FOREMOST, it is a downright VIOLATION of the democratic rights of the youthful citizens of our country to earn an income from any lawful occupation. IT should NEVER HAVE BEEN PROPODSED by anyone with an IOTA of knoweledge about democratic government.

    The reasons given for this proposal are INANE, and include habitual violation of traffic laws by youthful drivers, diversion of youth away from more productive careers, and the ease with which youthful 3 wheel drivers are attracted to criminal activities.

    On the other hand what I personally know is that buying and driving a three-wheeler is one of the FEW means of gainful employment STILL OPEN to many youth of modest means who are unable to achieve the educational credentials for a better career, or are even unwilling to become a wage slave beholden to some individual, private company or government department.


    I know many young people who have used the 3 wheeler route to wealth and prosperity, starting small and growing a big business quickly. They have looked after themselves and their families without demanding handouts from government for their sustenance.

    Those who violate traffic laws, engage in crime should be DEALT WITH by the LAW as a SEPARATE ISSUE on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS without PUNISHING young three wheel drivers as a CLASS!

    Furthermore, three-wheel jobs provide a SAFETY VALVE to absorb and gainfully employ youth who would otherwise become a BURDEN on the government, or who would lose hope and become PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS.

    TREAT the BASIC CAUSE by ENFORCING TRAFFIC LAWS, PUNISHING CROOKS and CREATING an economy capable of providing a flood of rewarding stable jobs for youth, without CLOSING THE DOOR to one of the FEW AVAILABLE methods of GAINFUL SELF-EMPLOYMENT to poor youth!

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