Posted on October 14th, 2018


These days the major news item in Sri Lanka is the changing the current yahapalana government.  Are the strategic attempts of the joint opposition to change the government logical effort valuable effort or waste of time gaining unpopularity of voters needed to considered by joint opposition?  The change of government has relegated the government members to a risky situation as they might lose financial privileges and thy are in an unsettle mind on the repercussions of changing the government and attempt to make various statements on the overthrowing as a weak effort of joint opposition without clear vision.  Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa clearly stated his views on this matter in a discussion published in Sinhala Newspaper in the weekend.  As an experienced politician, Mr Rajapaksa’s view seems quite correct, as Ivor Jennings stated in the book, Cabinet Government, the role of opposition is to oppose the actions of the government using various strategies to overthrow the government and the opposition of the parliament shall be the alternative government.

As the authorized opposition of the Speaker, Mr Sambandan and his group are silent on the issues in relation to voters and the citizen of the country. The joint opposition is playing the real role of authorized opposition in terms of the rule book of democratic traditions. According to democratic tradition, the official opposition should accept the responsibility to play the portrayal of opposition, despite the individual agenda of the political party. TULF accepted the leader of opposition position with a hidden motive to pass the proposed constitution which is not endorsed by more than 80% of population of the country.  The visible seen of the parliament is that the official opposition is crying for milk that they cannot get and has become a yes man for everything what is going to do by the government. In this situation, the changing or overthrowing the government may be a role of the official opposition whatever a technique is using. However, Mr Sambandan is like beggar with a wound begging for the constitution which is not of the interest of majority of population.

At this moment, the government considers that new constitution is not an urgent matter, but economic predicaments are the determinants for re-electing to the office and they clearly know that they were elected to the office in the 2015 without an effective program but based on lies. The local government election in 2018 gave a clear signal that the yahapalana government will be easily defeated at the general election, which is due in a less than two years and in between there will be further presidential and provincial government elections, which shall further strengthen the joint opposition. In this environment, Mr. Rajapaksa clearly knows that there are no cards to play for the government as the world economic situation would not change until 2012 and sometimes the recovery of the global economy and the domestic economy might go further. Mr Wickramasinghe has no alternative strategies to play with a view to attracting votes in the next election.  The only option is to sell public assets to china, but the strategy is provoked by his God the Western countries and Japan.

The joint opposition must not take the responsibility of the government extending their hands, but should allow the crabs to enjoy during next two years which is very shorter period. The forming of a coalition government with Yahapalanaya might be a secret agenda of Western bloc to share the sins of the yahapalanaya from 2015 with Mr Rajapaksa and Joint opposition, most probably Mr Rajapaksa and SLPP know about it. The unpopularity of the current government will give an opportunity to win the next election with a two-third majority like how JR achieved in 1977.  All power blocs in the world know this truth and there are no options to the government. The current authorized opposition and the group of Sambandan will be hated by the majority vote of Sinhala people which consists of more than 80% of Total votes and Sambandan will be a very small minority.

As traditional political strategists stated the joint opposition must be patience until the enemy is more weaken and when opportunity comes they should hit to the enemy.


  1. Christie Says:

    In a colony the empire decides who run the colony.

    Soon in the country where writer lives ( I assume) the balance of power will go to the same power, Hinduthwa winning!

  2. ranjit Says:

    Do not waste your valuable time by listening to day-to-day political gossips and make your life miserable. Already Yamapalakayo have made our life miserable by making high cost of living, selling our assets and borrowing millions and looting public funds and enjoying luxury lifestyles by the rulers and elites and telling us to tightening our belts. What a shabby clique running the country? I don’t have words to describe this horrible, horrible government. Nutty president of ours goes to the village and say that he can do this and that and blames everybody for the current situation except himself. So without talking here and there why don’t he solves the problems we are facing today with his cabinet in the government??? Why he blames the other people in the public, in front of school children etc.??? He tells kindergarten stories to us and enjoy globetrotting with his village family. What a shameful jokers are they?? Their place will be in hell for their crimes against our peoples. Watch out you two jokers for taking innocent people a ride with your lies and fairytale stories in 2015.

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