Is compensating terrorists justifiable? – Gotabaya
Posted on October 24th, 2018

Former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa questions the whether it is justifiable to compensate LTTE terrorists.

He mentioned this to the media following an event held in Colombo. The event was attended by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as well.

Former Defense Secretary points out that when compensating missing persons, the government will have to compensate a suicide bomber who also had disappeared.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    Things our politicians do to win Tamil votes!

    Compensating terrorists
    Turning terrorists into MPs, ministers, chief ministers and VIPs (some even wanted by INTERPOL)
    Holding mass wedding functions for terrorists at state expense
    Dishing out gold coins to Tamils at state expense around election time
    Building houses totally free for Tamil IDPs (only)
    Wasting 85% of borrowed funds (2009 to 2013) on the Tamil only north
    Deliberately avoiding resettling displaced Sinhalese and Muslims in the north

    If we had executive rpesidency in 1948 or 1956, there’s no Sri Lanka today.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here is ANOTHER IDIOT with a Constitution Amendment to make things WORSE than they are now!

    He wants to have ELECTED DISTRICT COUNCILS instead of the current ELECTED PROVINCIAL COUNCILS. This represents an EVEN FINER GRANULAR LEVEL of DEVOLUTION than the PCs which would be easier for SEPARATISTS to capture than the present system!

    I have PROPOSED DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIONS by appointed District Governors using largely EXISTING staff.

    These are NOT ELECTED District Councils but APPOINTED DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIONS staffed by Officers of the National Government, This is to ENSURE FIRM CONTROL by the National Government agaist SEPARATIST moves! Such a system would NOT BE BASED on the 13A. THe 13A should be IMMEDIATELY REPEALED as a foreign IMPOSED system and the current PCs should be devolved.

    I refer those who think that my fears of RENEWED SEPARATISM are exaggerated to the RECENT pronoucements of Wigneswaran, Sumanthiran and other incurablly RACIST Tamil Leaders for what amounts to an EELAM.

    It was only a few days ago that Wigneswaran DEMANDED that Sinhaese should be BANNED from settling in the North and East!

    So, Tamils can settle ANYWHERE in Sri Lanka, especially in Colombo and its suburbs, but Sinhala people should be PREVENTED from settling in the North and East?

    Why is this not RACIST and COMMUNAL? Why has he not been ARRESTED for INCITING COMMUNAL DISCORD and not PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law?

    And here comes along this CONGENITAL IDIOT Wasantha Senanayake to drive the LAST NAIL into Mother Lanka’s coffin by proposing a FINER LEVEL of DEVOLUTION to UNREPENTANT SEPARATISTS that the PC disease we are suffering from now!

    CONGENITAL MUTTS masquerading as State Ministers should be forthwith TARRED, FEATHERED and KICKED all the way home. INCREASED DEMOCRACY my BLOODY FOOT; this would lead to ABSOLUTE ANARCHY in our country. And instead of a REDUCTION in ELECTED Ministers and other officials living off the tax-payer, we would have a MASSIVE PROLIFERATION of DO-NOTHING busybodies!

    225 ELECTED MPs and a President is ENOUGH FRANCHISE for the most JAUNDICED of democrats; let us REDUCE the number of Ministries to 15 and let the ELECTED National Government GOVERN!

    Send all the DO-NOTHING State Ministers home minus their LUXURY SUVs instead of further PROLIFERATING the bereaucracy!


    State Minister pushes for District Councils
    …proposals based on 13 A

    October 24, 2018, 11:29 pm

    State Minister for Foreign Affairs Vasantha Senanayake has proposed the introduction of District Councils to the Parliamentary Select Committee working on a new Constitution. Senanayake, who is also the President of the Council for Liberal Democracy told The Island that basically his proposal was based on the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

    The Minister initially wrote to the Speaker, who tabled the proposal at the Parliamentary Select Committee working on a new Constitution. The Committee has not as yet summoned the Minister.

    The principal idea is that governance should begin at the grassroots. The service delivery responsibilities of local government should be entrenched in the constitution. Deciding on policy and making statutes would be the responsibility of District Councils, with limited Boards of Ministers looking at

    (a) Development activities

    (b) Commerce and Trade

    (c) Social Services and Amenities

    Finances would not depend on Central government but on disbursement by a Finance Commission. There would be no Governors.

    The proposals include mechanisms to reduce the numbers in local government councils and avoid election expenses for the next layer by having District Councils elected by a college of all local government representatives.

    Draft proposal for a 21st Amendment to the Constitution

    The proposals here are based on the current 13th amendment. Several provisions of that amendment will be retained after appropriate adjustment, for instance to maintain provisions with regard to public security, land usage and financial provision. Provincial High Courts will also be retained, with jurisdiction in Districts within the Province.

    The proposals here make clear how a basic changes can be made to

    a. Strengthen local powers with regard to matters of immediate relevance to the people

    b. Reduce the number of representatives and ensure greater responsibility as well as accountability

    c. Streamline the executive to ensure coherent planning and performance

    The Schedules to this amendment will include a List that lays down the responsibilities of local authorities, now only mentioned in an outdated act.

    Insertion of New Chapter XVIIA in the Constitution

    Delete Chapter XVII A and replace with

    Chapter XVIIA

    Establishment of District Councils


    (1) Subject to the provisions of the Constitution, a District Council shall be established for every District of Sri Lanka, with effect from such date as the President may appoint by Order published in the Gazette.

    (2) Every District Council established shall be constituted upon election of its members which shall be by an electoral college composed in each district of all members of local authorities within that district. The election shall be by Single Transferable Vote for a number of District Council members for each District. The number shall be based on population, amounting to not more than 400 members altogether

    (3) Parliament may, at the request of such Councils, provide for two adjoining Districts where the population is less than 400,000 altogether to form one Council for specific periods following the election of each District Council.


    (1) There shall be a District Board of Ministers consisting of three members of the Council elected on the Single Transferable Vote system for each District. The member of the Board elected first shall be the Chief Minister of the District and responsible for Development Activities. The member elected second shall be responsible for Commerce and Trade. The member elected third shall be responsible for Social Services and Amenities subject to the powers of local authorities in such matters. .

    Exercise of executive powers

    154C. Executive power extending to the matters with respect to which a District Council has power to make statutes shall be exercised by the Board of Ministers through members of the Administrative Service working in that District

    Save that in matters in which local Councils have authority, such statutes shall be applicable only subject to ratification by local Councils

    District Council Committees

    154D. (1) A District Council shall constitute Committees in the following areas, each consisting of one third of members of the Council. They shall each be chaired by a member of the Board of Ministers in line with their responsibilities.

    a. Development activities

    b. Commerce and Trade

    c. Social Services and Amenities

    Term of Office

    154E. A District Council shall continue for a period of four years from the date appointed for its first meeting and the expiration of the said period of four years shall operate as a dissolution of the Council. The Board of Ministers may be changed if it loses the confidence of the Council. In the event of the Board being changed more than twice, the District will be administered by the District Secretary until the next election of the Council.

    Executive Responsibilities

    154F.(1) The members of the Board of Management shall prepare plans for the District in the areas in which they have responsibility, and present such plans with a budget to the Council for ratification. They shall prepare and present monthly reports on progress to the Council. The Board of Ministers shall be collectively responsible and answerable to the District Council.

    Statutes of District Councils

    154G. (1) Every District Council may, subject to the provisions of the Constitution, make statutes applicable to the District for which it is established, with respect to any matter set out in List I of the Ninth Schedule (hereinafter referred to as “the District Council List”).

    Save that, in such matters in that list that come under the purview of local councils, specified in List IV statutes may be made by such local councils. They mayalso be made by the District Council subject to approval of local councils, and shall be applicable only to such councils as have approved.

    (2) (a) Parliament may make laws with respect to any matter set out in List III of the Ninth Schedule (hereafter referred to as “the Concurrent List”) only after consultation with all District Councils with the provisos above.

    (3) A District Council shall have no power to make statutes on any matter set out in List II of the Ninth Schedule (hereafter referred to as “the Reserved List”) save with the approval of Parliament, and with effect only for the said District Council.

    Functions, powers, election &c. of District Councils

    154 H. Parliament shall by law provide for-

    (a) the election of members of District Councils and the qualifications for membership of such Councils on the principles laid out above;

    (b) the procedure for transaction of business by every such Council;

    (c) the salaries and allowances of members of District Councils; and

    (d) any other matter necessary for the purpose of giving effect to the principles of provisions of this Chapter, and for any matters connected with or incidental to, the provisions of this Chapter.

    e) The establishment of District Council administrative services under the supervision of the District Secretary, who shall appoint Additional District Secretaries to be in charge of each area for which there is a Minister

    f) The transfer of members of the administrative service currently working in ministries the principal functions of which shall devolve upon the Districts to a particular District Administrative service if they opt for such transfer

    g) The secondment of members of the administrative service currently working in ministries the principal functions of which shall devolve upon the Districts to a particular District Administrative service as required by the exigencies of the service for a period of three years. Where possible such service shall be in the District of preference of each member, as will further service for three years in future appointments.

    h) The curtailment of future recruitment to the central administrative service for ministries the principal functions of which shall devolve upon the Districts

    Powers of Local Authorities

    154 I

    Nothing in this Act shall take away from powers conferred upon local authorities, which shall continue to exercise powers conferred on them through the relevant Acts with regard to social services and social amenities. Parliament shall provide by law for the entrenchment of those powers along with a new Act that clarifies the status of such authorities while limiting the number of members of such authorities to half or below half of the current number with effect from the next election to such authorities, and shall provide for such elections to be held every four years, with no postponement.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ooops! Meant to say

    “the current PCs should be DISSOLVED! ”

    and NOT

    “the current PCs should be devolved.”

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    The SEPARATIST-in-CHIEF has formed a party to RENEW the struggle for EELAM and to drive the Tamils into the ground … ONCE AGAIN!

    May he achive the same SUCCESS as Sun God Prabhakaran in the Nanthikandal Lagoon!

    A FRIGHTFULLY UNGRATEFUL REPROBATE who lived off the tolerance and support of the Sinhala people until the opportunity arose to STAB them in the BACK and emerge as the UNDERCOVER RACIST he always was!

    Northern Province Chief Minister to form a new political party
    Wed, Oct 24, 2018, 10:22 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 24, Colombo: Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran said today that he will be forming a new political party under the name Tamil Makkal Koottani (Tamil People’s Front – TMK).

    Speaking at a meeting of the Tamil Makkal Peravai, a civil organization formed by the Chief Minister, held in Nallur Kandaswami Kovil in Jaffna, today (24), Mr. Wigneswaran said that he will conduct his future political activities under the new party.

    He said the new party would uphold the fundamentals of Tamil nationalism.

    The announcement by the Chief Minister to form a breakaway party is expected to force the Tamil National Alliance to make a decision on his party membership.

    The main Tamil party has been critical of the Chief Minister Wigneswaran recently and the Chief Minister has distanced himself from the party, under which he contested the Northern Provincial Council elections in 2013.

  5. Randeniyage Says:

    Sorry Mr. Gotabhaya may I ask you, what about KP ? He was arrested using interpol warrant with great help from Malaysia. Your brother’s government betrayed Malaysia by treating him like a VIP rather than a terrorist !
    So our enemies will say it is you who started rewarding terrorists !

  6. Nimal Says:

    I was about to write what you wrote above and Gotabaya too gave diplomatic passport to Karuna who murdered over 700 police men who surrendered and he is living a good like in Colombo. My friends and I worked tirelessly to canvass for them in the party but once in power all the goodness of the party abandoned and now trying to get to power with the wealth acquired. I am very angry that my dear friend’s valuable house in Ward P;lace invaded by their thugs and raised loans at commercial bank at Moratuwa.I pleaded with MR to intervene and stop this cruelty but nothing happened. Country has gone lawless due to likes of him and fools who earn abroad and invest in the island like us while they run the country pitilessly and export the money abroad, putting the country into debt and we how pay for it.
    This new regime is equally rotten and corrupt.We need the colonial types to come to our rescue like in 1815.

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