Dr. D. Nesiah returns Deshamanya title and medal- My comments on this un- patriotic ungrateful and dastardly act.
Posted on November 8th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

Roar Nov 08 2018 Bannerhead news item

By Ananth Palakidnar

I want   all patriotic people, first read the following news item and make your own independent reactions to this most dastardly and unpatriotic action by Nesiah


In a show of defiance, former civil servant and former Jaffna Government Agent Dr. Devanesan Nesiah has returned the country’s second highest National Award, the `Deshamanya’ Award along with the medal and the citation certificate to President Maithripala Sirisena saying that he was disappointed over the latter’s blatant flouting of the country’s 70-year-old democracy in the recent weeks.

85-year-old Dr. Nesiah is a civil servant who served as a Government Agent of Jaffna from 1981 to 1984. He is the son of Jaffna-based educationist K. Nesiah.

Dr. Nesiah was one of the 10 recipients of the Deshamanya award, which was awarded to him at the National Awards ceremony which was held after 12 years in March 2017 in Colombo.   

Dr. Nesiah who is presently domiciled in Melbourne, Australia has sent a letter yesterday (7) to President Sirisena confirming of the returning of his Deshamanya Award along with the medal and the citation certificate.

The letter sent by Dr. Nesiah to President Sirisena is as follows: 

I write as a loyal citizen of Sri Lanka and a proud recipient of the great titular honour of ‘Deshamanya’ that Your Excellency saw fit to confer on me in March of 2017. My children, grandchildren, other relatives and close friends gathered from three continents in celebrating the award and the Presidential recognition of my services to our great nation.

I barely knew you earlier but my family, friends and I were greatly elated when you were elected President. That elation and hope, Your Excellency, has given way to disappointment over your very blatant flouting of our 70-year-old democracy, in recent weeks.

As a loyal and patriotic Sri Lankan, I see no alternative but to regretfully return the ‘Deshamanya’ medal and certificate that you awarded me. I am currently overseas and will make arrangements to return the medal and certificate to your office, when I come back to Sri Lanka.

Your Excellency, my decision isn’t one that I’ve taken lightly, or in haste. To always act in accordance with my principles is a burden that I’ve embraced with pride for nearly 60 years, since I first enrolled as a cadet in the Ceylon Civil Service. My long career in the civil service, was often stymied under both United National Party and Sri Lanka Freedom Party regimes for my refusal to compromise my values.

Since I can no longer take pride in the title of ‘Deshamanya’ that you’ve conferred on me, I have no option but to return my treasured medal and certificate.”

My comments on this un- patriotic ungrateful and dastardly act.

No wonder when a man who is unworthy of such high title is given undue recognition by our foolish politicians hastily to satisfy minority Tamils. On his part this ungrateful communal Tamil man is only trying to hit cheap headlines in the western media against the Sinhala nation. This is not only a hard hitting knock on the head of the President of Sri Lanka who ceremonially awarded this most prestigious to him in 2017 but also a fatal stabbing in the heart of the Sinhala nation. Any way I am happy that an unworthy award had boomerang on the man who awarded it to a traitorous man like this.

These politicians do everything under the sun to collect the minority votes should at least now learn lesson not to misuse official position for narrow political gains. I am asking those who awarded it to this LTTE man as to whether they have found any worthy contribution made by this man to this country and the nation other than enjoying the privileges of being a Civil Servant at the expense of the poor tax payer.

This type of titles should be awarded only men and women who have rendered some distinguished service to this country only. If he loves this country then why has selected Australia as his home. I do not propose to go in to his records in public service as his contemporaries will know better. As a matter of fact with very few exceptions none of the Tamils love this country. Their Motherland is India, Language is Tamil, religion is Hindu. They eat and dress Indian and even breathe Indian. They learn English but never the language of the country. 24 hours of the day they dream of EELAM and hate the sons of the soil the Sinhalese as they have been doing from prehistoric times to grab this Paradise Island on earth. Even some colonial Englishmen like Parker, Hue Neville, H. P. C. Bell. Le Mesurier, Baily, J F. Dixon, Lenard Woolf and R. L. Brohier loved this country and its long civilization much better than these parasites. Of the latter Sri Lankan Civil servants whether they were Sinhala, or Tamil I really find it difficult to figure out many. I can think of only few names like Paul E Peris. Ananda Coomaraswamy, E M D Wickramasinha of the older generation and few like N.Q Dias, Nisssanka Wijeratna, Hemasiri Premawardhana, D.S Dayaratana, Leel Gunasekara, Ridgeway Tilakaratna and among the Tamil should neve politicians I single out a man called Luxman Kadiragamar  and the latest is Muttaiya Mudalidharan.  So it is this type of people who have left an indelible mark in the service to people and the country we should be honoured with this type of prestigious awards. Giving this type of honours to unpatriotic and anti- Buddhist, anti-Sinhala fellows, in this land of the Sinhala Buddhists by the State, should never be condoned.

Contrary this political gamble if I have the power I will give this award to people like Lord Nasby of UK and Swamy Narayanasami of India as they love this country, its people and the Sinhala Buddhist civilization much more than any of our own politicians and even better than some of our living religious dignitaries.

Now that Nesiah has declared war against the State and the President in his true colours as an LTTE remnant and that he wants to return his award when he comes to this country should be told to return it by post without trying to exhibit his ungrateful face to get international publicity and ungrateful traitors like this should not be allowed even to step on to this sacred land of ours

I hope our politicians at least In future will think twice before they commit this type of serious political blunders.

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

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  1. Christie Says:

    Was it given by Quarter Indian K R J to an Indian Colonial Parasite Nesiah.

    This parasite’s pension should be stopped.

    He most probably gets Australian aged pension on top of that.

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