Fresh elections to Lankan parliament on January 5, 2019, new parliament will meet on January 17
Posted on November 10th, 2018

Colombo, Nov 9 ( – Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, late on Friday dissolved Parliament amid a severe political crisis which erupted in the island since Oct 26, a gazette notification said.

The notification also said that elections to parliament will be held on January 5, 2019 and the newly elected House will meet on January 17.

Fresh elections to Lankan parliament on January 5, 2019, new parliament will meet on January 17

The gazette notification said that the President is using his powers under Art 33  read with paragraph 5 of Art 70 and paragraph 2 of Art 62 to dissolve parliament and set dates for fresh elections and the re-assembly of the newly elected parliament.

Art  33 (2) says: The President shall have the power to summon, prorogue and dissolve Parliament. Paragraph (5) of Art 70 says that a Proclamation dissolving Parliament shall fix a date or dates for the election of Members of Parliament, and shall summon the new Parliament to meet on a date not later than three months after the date of such Proclamation.

6 Responses to “Fresh elections to Lankan parliament on January 5, 2019, new parliament will meet on January 17”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    What a selfish shameless heartless Hitler pretending to be a humble Gamarala?
    He raped our country by hopping over Mahinda’s head to the foot of the most useless PM ever. He used most disgraceful blatant lies to do the stabbing from back foxing Mahinda completely.
    He kissed the hands of an aged white woman ruler with respect he never had even for Buddha.
    He gave public lectures about women underwear and Ranil’s underwear.
    He traveled the world enjoying every bit of his kingship while keeping the innocent people behind the bars.
    How many times he shamelessly violated the law of the land ?
    Finally, rather than he himself resigning, he sent others home keeping his power and making sure no one he suspects could come to power, including MR, GR.

    Back in 2015 he said he would never contest again ! Now he has tied the hands and legs of JO jokers tight so that none of them could become president but he himself could rule and completely ruin the country.

    I believe , if MR still have some patriotism left in him, after coming to power in January, he should organise to impeach this Dracula before he completely suck the blood of out motherland !

    We have become the biggest laughing stock of the world under this coward !

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    What is the lesson learned for “foolish” patriots ?
    We cannot rely on one person no matter how patriotic the person is. Everything is subjected to Anichcha , ending up in Dukkha for the people as long as that person has desires.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    Now the champions of Democracy will tell that the Calling for a Parliamentary Election is also undemocratic and illegal because they know Run-nil will have to Run after defeat despite the fact that the democracy is for people and getting people’s mandate is the perfect solution.

    Right thing done at the right time. MS would not have thought the situation will drag onto this stage of dissolving the parliament and calling for fresh election in which the major advantage is to Pohottuwa.

    This all happened due to an unknown force looking upon this Island. They will not tolerate perishing this blessed land by selfish and cunning politicians.

    MR should be careful not to accommodate the dirty and cunning people like Mahinda Amaraweera, SB, Nimal Siripala, Dilan, bold guy who rented the Rajagiriya building for agriculture ministry, Appachi malo, Yapa, Dayasiri etc etc.

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    @ Hirante,
    Most dirty and cunning are not the names you spelt out, IT IS SIRISENA the great “patriot”.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Randeniyage,

    We should not worry over this. It has been already taken care of by calling for fresh elections, which was forced on MS due to Karu J’s heroics and the anticipated chaos in the parliament when opened on 14th.

    This is a master plan done at a different helm, high above, without harming any one. These are not the plans of our politicians.

    There will be more developments in all areas in the right direction to protect Mother Lanka for another 2500 years. Remember, our great king Dutugamunu is going to be the right hand assistant of Maithree Buddha (equivalent to Arahat Sariputta to Gouthama Buddaha) and he himself is paying attention to the long term survival of our Island as one unit.

    I am glad that Gammanpila became the care taker minister on Buddha Sasana Ministry. It is in the best hand compared to cunning Wijedasa Rajapaksa earlier.

    Now, MR is under no obligation to honor Sirisena and he can propose Gota as the presidential candidate from Pohottuwa.

    If this has not happened and MR continued as the PM in the new government, he is under obligation not to go against Maru Sira’s wish. Now it is all back to square one.

    No strings attached!!

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    @ Randeniya,

    I totally agree with your view on My3 and I have been sharing this in this space. He is the most cunning hyena among the present day politicians who can bend his tongue to say anything for his own advantage. He will be nobody soon. Ditta Dhamma Vediya Kamma will take care of it.

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