Ambassadors – Britain, Netherlands, Norway, France, Australia, South Africa, Italy, and Canada – what is the diplomatic charade you are playing in Sri Lanka?
Posted on November 12th, 2018


On 26th October 2018 a President elected by 62lakh citizens decided to sack the Prime Minister & appoint a new prime minister. He also decided to prorogue Parliament & days later dissolved parliament. All these decisions were taken within the country & had no public protest except for the hysteria from the usual culprits that included the Western/Indian diplomatic circles & their media not leaving out the locals funded by them. It was nothing unexpected too. All nations need not be reminded that Sri Lanka is an independent & sovereign country. We do not need to get permission from any foreign country when taking domestic decisions. We no longer have Viceroys. There was no bloodbath that media desperately wanted to promote & the majority of people wanted an election. It was the best way of voicing their choice. What better democracy is there than giving people the opportunity to have their say via vote.


Why have some nations set their pants on fire over what is clearly a domestic matter? Have the foreign ministries of these countries not trained these diplomats on protocols. We know that fairly junior officials are sent to our part of the world though intelligence officers are also part of the diplomatic contingent. We don’t tell these countries who to elect, how to elect, who not to elect. We don’t even issue statements when they are facing internal calamities too. It is for these countries to decide on their internal affairs.


We are following what these gentlemen white former colonists taught us as democracy, or maybe we have got it all wrong! Maybe like the Queen sending letters to Idi Amin, or West funding dictators & murderers & propping puppet states while also bombing countries to the stone age is what democracy really stands for! However, this is not Sri Lanka’s cup of tea. Declassified files on Uganda show UK support for Idi Amin’s coup in 1971, dissolving parliament & going on to killing 500,000 people! & UK is singing hosannas for democracy now! We can give countless more examples of the violations committed by these countries pretending to be paragons of virtue in the international arena.


Sorry to disappoint you, but most of our people are well read, they keep abreast of happenings around the world, they look at the larger picture & they are able to see the miscreants at play & the invisible actors & their agendas. Thankfully, we are not a nation that falls for candle lit vigils.


8 diplomats (Britain, Netherlands, Norway, France, Australia, South Africa, Italy, and Canada) decided not to attend the meeting called for by the new Foreign Minister to ‘register their protest’ over President Sirisena dissolving parliament. The likely instigators US, EU, India, Germany sent junior representatives which is virtually the same as not appearing – now what does the dissolution of parliament have to do with these diplomats? They are not sent to Sri Lanka to determine if we can dissolve or not dissolve parliament. If so, then why do we need to elect a President?


None of these 8 countries would wish to be reminded of their obnoxious record sheet of ‘democracy’ so please before pointing a finger remember there are 4 fingers pointing back at you!


Why do western media keep referring to Rajapakse as pro-China, does that indirectly mean that any leader in Sri Lanka has to be only pro-West? This is rather silly especially when these are very countries promoting international relations. And if all leaders are pro-West there is no problem & everything is honky dory!


Diplomats need to be re-read their job description, they need to be reminded of diplomatic protocols & the no-go areas for interference & intervention. It is not that their own countries are 100% perfect either – they preach law & order to us & more gun holding maniacs are shooting innocent people than the terrorists they are going after, they preach about democracy & their MPs are caught in welfare expense scandals, they preach human rights & are keeping people in secret torture chambers denying even a lawyer. So, please don’t preach what you do not practice.


It is a farce to plug rights into trade concessions which force countries to commit to permanent legal changes while the trade concessions can be removed as per giver’s whims and fancies – GSP is one such example. Force countries to change penal codes claiming to give trade concessions once given after a period of time remove that concessions feebly citing violation of rights! We can see through all these tricks!


We appreciate that at least 20 heads of mission including China, Pakistan, Cuba, Turkey & Afghanistan turned up for the meeting and for attending these nations will end up getting the West’s bricks! Super democracy.


Let us remind these countries that President Sirisena hurriedly dissolved parliament in June 2015 just 160 days after becoming President. At the time it was rumored that the decision to dissolve parliament came following advice by US envoy to prevent the tabling in Parliament of the COPE REPORT which would have held the ousted PM & the foreign Governor Mahendran directly responsible for the Central Bank Bond Scam. With that dissolution the bogus national government also ceased to exist. Why didn’t these envoys make the same drama in June 2015 as they are now doing especially when the 100 day promise was to dissolve parliament on 23 April 2015!


The envoys complaining about a minority government now was silent when in January 2015 the elected President appointed RanilW as PM without removing the sitting PM & allowed a minority government of 42MPs to run the country!


Sri Lanka is an independent country. We have regular elections. Governments come & governments go – the same government is not required to stay in power & no western envoys can expect only their puppets to be voted to power.


Apart from the locals that are funded by foreign governments/NGOs and the cronies of parties, the general public whatever party they belong to are happy that parliament has been dissolved. There is absolutely no public unrest, no ‘bloodbath’ as is being drummed by western media. So what is their problem if Parliament is dissolved & elections are announced.


We have never heard anything as bizarre as democracy preachers going to courts to oppose people going to vote! If they have an issue with the removal of PM why did they not dispatch their local cahoots to courts against that decision instead of dispatching them to file FR’s against holding an election.

By their actions, the world is only laughing at the conduct of the diplomats representing the US, UK, EU, India, Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, France & South Africa probably their citizens do not know the embarrassment these diplomats are causing their countries by their tantrums interfering in the internal affairs of nations!





Shenali D Waduge (Bond Scam Report)

2 Responses to “Ambassadors – Britain, Netherlands, Norway, France, Australia, South Africa, Italy, and Canada – what is the diplomatic charade you are playing in Sri Lanka?”

  1. nilwala Says:

    Shenali is absolutely right in admonishing these ambassadors about the all-too-obvious bias in their assessment of the situation and in being so imprudent as to reveal their bias so openly, which of course had been evident to many Sri Lankans throughout the period in which the Yahapalana Govt had been brought in power as well as through their 3’1/2 yr reign. Furthermore, their stepping outside the UN conventions in trying to keep their preferred leader as PM has been clearly meddlesome and hardly diplomatic. What makes them think Sri Lanka is not an independent state that can be pushed around? Who has brought the state to be brought to this level of servility? Much will be revealed about the Colombian traitors who once sang hosannas about Pres. Sirisena.

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    None of these 8 Western countries are our friends. Where were they when blood-thirty Tamil terrorists killing innocent people for the last thirty years?

    They looked the other way and let the LTTE terrorists collect money and carry out anti-SL propaganda in these countries. Now they are upset that president right fully and legally dissolved the parliament, so that people of SL can elect a parliament democratically. What is more democratic than that..?

    How hypocritical are these Western crusaders of democracy to condemn democratic rights of Sri Lankans, while completely turning a blind to totalitarian regimes that are loyal to them…?

    They are upset now because their puppet (Ranil) in SL is no longer has the support of the majority Sinhalese. They know that only way to keep SL divided is to prop up the minorities, and their political parties under their bullshit of HRs’, democracy, rule of law, etc., etc.

    There is no end to their hypocrisy and double standards…

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