Parliament dissolved to form a People’s Government – Part V
Posted on November 15th, 2018


Not a fitting reply to the demented speaker who has now being exposed locally and internationally as an old man suffering from reluctance to a people’s government coming to power and who is not hesitant to make all illegal and unconstitutional efforts to keep this country under the role of the election phobia reactionary western slavish butterfly gang with the help of the JVP hooligans now parroting the slogan of ”Mudal Apita –Api Mudalata”(Money for us and we are for Money), the federal psychopaths terrorist proxies and reprehensible Muslim politicians who had been alleged to have undertaken UNP sponsored Umrah pilgrims recently.

If the sudden and joint pilgrimages were sponsored as alleged, it was against the teachings 0f Islam which admonishes that Haj or Umrah pilgrimages should be undertaken only with the pilgrim’s hard and legitimately earned excess money after settling all liabilities or with money provided by spouses or parents.  It seems that the UNP agnostics have found a new vibrant bait to make Muslims amenable to their vicious schemes.

A.H.M.Fawzie who was nick-named by the UNP as Paelp-ath Kadaapi during the 1976 Non Aligned Conference period who was brought into SLFP in 1964 by the late Mr. Anura Bandaranaike and he was to give up politics in 2004 due to extensive harassment by Chandrika and persuaded him to change his mind by Mr. Mahinnda Rajapaksa and made him to contest elections from 2004 will not forget the favours done to him by Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, for instance when the then Chief Justice ordered that he should be removed from the Petroleum Ministry portfolio over the Hedging deal (We hope that he has not forgotten the humiliation caused to him by Ranil and t6he UNP over the Hedging deal) but Mr. Mahinda did not accede to the Court verdict and allowed him to continue as the Petroleum Minister saying that removing him from his Ministerial portfolio would hurt the feelings of the Muslims. In his twilight age after being in the SLFP for 54 years after being highly critical of the UNP he has joined that party yesterday. We hope that this somersault is not in anticipation of a Umrah pilgrimage sponsorship.

The President has refused to accept the letter sent by the Speaker explaining  the happenings in the House earlier in the day, and instead has issued a statement saying that the Speaker had flouted parliamentary procedures in getting a No Confidence Motion passed The President said that the Speaker had failed to adhere to Standing Orders and other Parliamentary procedures when it came to the No Confidence Motion against Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government, and the list of signatures attached with the motion has not been certified by Parliament. He has also pointed out that the date of the motion had also been erased and changed in an unacceptable matter.

Mr. Sirisena has reiterated that Parliamentary tradition does not make it necessary for a newly appointed Prime Minister to prove majority support and the President has the power to appoint any member of the house as Prime Minister, who, in his opinion, has  majority support in Parliament and he is the  sole ‘appointing authority’ in regard to the Prime Minister .He has stated  that the letter signed by 122 members of parliament stated that the cabinet and the Prime Minister had been appointed in violation of the constitution.

Ser5f the full letter4.

When the Parliament met this morning the Lion of Giruwaawathe Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa made a lengthy explaining the chaotic situation that prevailed in the country prior to the October Revolution, the reason he accepted the post of Prime Minister post and the remedial measures he has taken since then.

English translation of the full speech is given below:

The post of Prime Minister is not something great for me.  I am Mahinda Rajapaksa whether I am the Prime Minister or an MP.  (Applause from government benches).

Let us seek people’s sovereignty

The President who dissolved the government that prevailed and appointed a caretaker government clearly stated that the people of this country until 26th of October were under immense pressure.

The government that prevailed was extremely unpopular because of fuel price increases based on a pricing formula, expenses being increased daily due to the collapse of the rupee, tax burden that hitherto never been seen, the interest rates that increased by tenfold owing to the Central Treasury Bond Scam, planning to foreignize all ports, airports, profit earning State institutions and all government properties, formulation of legislations for selling State lands to foreigners on a permanent basis, entering into agreements with foreign countries despite resentment from professionals and national industrialists, demanding large amounts of bribes from foreign investors to name a few.  Because of these activities there was a great displeasure.

We  saw that recently the President dissolved the Economic Management Committee which was under the UNP and attempted to prevent the chaos that is being caused to the country. We also came to know that the Preside3nt had much arguments about economic matters in the Cabinet.  It was at this time that we came to know with recorded evidence that a UNP group was conspiring to assassinate the President and the former Defence Secretary in collaboration with a group of Police officers.  It was when the situation came to that level that the President decided to pull out United Peoples Freedom Alliance from the government.  The Coalition government came to an end with the pulling out of UPFA from the government.  At this time the President in accordance with powers vested in him under the Constitution called me and accept the premiership and requested me to form a government.

At that time, I had an option and that was either to accept that invitation or to reject it.  I could have3 told as he was with the UNP for nearly four years to remain with them for the balance period of about another one year as well.  But we were the main opposition force in the country.  We were the main political party in the country.  But we have a duty when the President was handing over the country to us to prevent a major chaotic situation that was to fall on the country to accept that responsibility.  Accordingly, I accepted that responsibility.  Another dilemma I had was if the UNP government remained in power for another one year what would have happened to this country. Since January 2015 the UNP government has taken foreign currency loans amounting to U.S.Dollars 21 Billion.

The availing of unrestricted foreign loans was the great disaster that befell the country. We have established only an interim government until holding a general election. That is why only a few members of the joint opposition accepted Minister Posts. We continuously requested for a general election since the country was getting collapsed. But the deposed government has had folded the election map. The local government institutions that were dissolved in 2015 had to wait for three years to go for elections.  The system of election for local government institutions has been changed. The elections were postponed saying there are delimitation problems. The government at last held that election when the Commissioner of Elections took steps to hold elections to institutions that did not have delimitation problems.   By last month the Northern Provincial Council and three other provincial councils – Sabaragamuwa, North, and East have got dissolved.  But no elections.

When the President dissolved the Parliament and for elections in accordance with powers that had been conferred under the constitution, for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, the UNP, JVP and some other parties have gone to the Supreme Court  against holding elections It were these parties without any sense of shame got the elections for the local government institutions and provincial councils postponed.   They introduced revisions to bills submitted for other purposes through the back door during the committee stage reading.  By this method, they completely messed up the election system. The voting rights of the people of this country were snatched away by these parties at that time as well.   .

When I was coming to parliament this morning I saw a Poster which asks whose fundamental rights .are being infringed by an election?

(To be continued)_

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