Speaker is misusing powers – Mahinda Rajapaksa
Posted on November 15th, 2018

Courtesy Adaderana

Mahinda Rajapaksa says that the Prime Minister is appointed by the President and not the Speaker and accused Speaker  Karu Jayasuriya of misusing his powers and acting in a baised manner.

He also said that he does not care about the premiership and that he accepted the position to save the country from the brink of disaster.

Prime Minister or not, I am still Mahinda Rajapaksa. I don’t care about the Prime Ministership,” he responded to accusations from opposition MPs, saying he was no longer PM, as he commenced his speech in Parliament this morning (15).

It may be big for him. But not for me. I didn’t come here for the premiership. I have been prime minister before and I have been president,” he said.

Don’t think I am here talking for the premiership,” he asserted.

Rajapaksa said that he had never seen a darker day” like yesterday in Parliament of the country, referring to the no-confidence vote.

He said that when the President invited him to take over the position of Prime Minister he could have said no and to let the UNP continue for another year.

But we have a duty to save the country from the brink of disaster, he said.

Referring to the passing of a motion of no-confidence against him and the government at parliament yesterday, which was taken by voice vote, Rajapaksa said that such important votes cannot be taken by voice.

He stated that the Prime Minister is appointed by the President and not the Speaker.

Don’t misunderstand your powers,” he said pointing to the Speaker. Parliament has not given you those powers.” He also accused the Karu Jayasuriya of misusing powers of the Speaker.

We are expecting an independent speaker not a biased speaker,” he said.

The Prime Minister expressed his regret that the Speaker is acting for his party and friends abroad”.

Rajapaksa expressed his gratitude to the JVP for stating yesterday that they would support a motion to dissolve parliament and go for polls. What is UNP’s stance?” he questioned.

He invited all 225 Members of the Parliament to support him to hold a General Election and not think about their pensions at this moment.

We want an election. A general election,” he emphasized.

The Prime Minister said that the government will reduce fuel prices once again tonight to give relief to masses.

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