Speaker to decide on new seating arrangements today??
Posted on November 15th, 2018

Sudath Gunasekara


Nov 15 (FT) T 2018.

New seating arrangement in Parliament will be decided by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya this morning.

The Speaker, though he madly thinks, pretends and tries to acts as the Head of the State, being completely out of his normal senses, should at least now understand he is not yet the Head of the State or the Government of this country under the Constitution. Therefore it is illegal and unconstitutional for him to make someone else to sit there. Fortunately for the country he is not the authority constitutionally empowered to appoint the Prime Minister in this country. Besides, it is common sense that no one can sit in the seat reserved for the Prime Minister in Parliament, when it is in session, unless he or she has been legitimately appointed as the PM by the President under his signature, as he is the only person who has the power to appoint the Prime Minister in this country under the Law.

Anyone who tries to do that should be tried for high treason first and then warded in Angoda until the day of hanging comes. Looking at the way he is behaving and acting even an ordinary man or women will think that this man by accident has been put on the wrong place, mistaking Parliament to be  Angoda, though  in reality Angoda is million times better than our present Parliament.

In any case for the record he holds, he will go down in history as a mad man who was trying nakedly to unsuccessfully, to execute the neck of the Goddess of democracy in this country, at the Public Executioners block.

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