Posted on November 20th, 2018


Sri Lanka’s Speaker in the Parliament is attempting to create anarchy in the country by design or through extreme incompetency. Restless and clueless in his approach in handling of the Parliament affairs he continues to make a mockery of the rules governing the Parliament sessions .

A the very start he boldly said that he was not accepting the constitutionally appointed new PM which is completely outside his duties. Then he met a delegation of Western envoys who were critical of the President’s appointment exposing internationally his biased perceptions.

With colours nailed to the mast, then he presided over the session of the Parliament and suspended standing rules as per the proposition of Sumanthiran without  a vote being taken flouting the standing order 135. Then like a bull in a china-shop he forgot about or ignored the standing order 47 in his hurry to curry favour with the UNP and its allies. The standing order47  spells out the procedure regarding the introduction of motions. He breached the requirement of giving 5 day notice of the no- confidence motion which led to chaos in the House.

Subsequently, he visited the President to report the adoption the no-confidence motion, but, the President rightly pointed out the procedurally erroneous way followed in taking up the no- confidence motion by the Parliament and educated him to work within the standing orders while rejecting the Speaker’ biased version. One gets the impression that the futile yet this foolish attempt was engineered perhaps by a crafty mind of the regime changing forces.

Yet again, on 16th Friday a repeat performance was staged by not following the standing order 47 and 135 which outlines to the methods of counting. The fact that the speaker attempted to get the no-confidence motion approved for the second time clearly admits  that he in fact made mistakes in his first effort. Why is the Speaker persisting in getting under the President’s skin while doing everything to create chaos in the Parliament ?

The Speaker’s mistakes ,if done purposely should be examined carefully to grasp the bigger challenges facing the Nation and the country as same can be initial manipulations to plunge the country to extreme instability to compel the people to consider another form of government perhaps with the blessings of the foreign power.



  1. Nihal Perera Says:


    This corrupted speaker should be held responsible for the current mess in SL. He has gone above and beyond his power to play partisan politics, in favour of his buddy, Ranil and his 40 thieves. The only solution for this mess is to have a general election, so that people can choose the leader they want.

    Also, MR has to be careful not to become a pawn in the power struggle and bickering between Sirisena and Ranil. MR’s reputation as a well-liked, respectable, and a distinguished leader can be at stake if this situation continues without an immediate solution. The Sri Lankan voters are fed up of dirty politics and the leaders regardless of their party affiliations.

    If these leaders really care about the country and its people (which they are not..) they should take every precaution to avoid anarchy in the country.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    This man has not earned respect from anyone from day 1.
    His hearing problem and slowness in responding wastes time.
    Simply compare the two sessions he conducted with the short one conducted by deputy speaker.
    He should be forced to retire.

  3. nilwala Says:

    Something caused the Speaker to make a complete turnaround from both his normal behvior and from his duties as the Speaker in the House. For this to have happened there must have been dire effects induced/threatened to his person, or mental and psychological manipulations of his persona that caused a completely hysterical breakdown of his normal behavior. He is clearly NOT ACTING AS A SPEAKER OF A PARLIAMENT SHOULD. Could it have been chemically or electronically induced?

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