The Canadian High Commissioner’s tweet about opposition MPs meeting diplomats  – “Un Pet”.
Posted on November 24th, 2018

Bodhi Dhanapala, Quebec, Canada.

Paul Kreutzer, a US Foreign Policy advisor, writing to the AmericanDiplomacy.Org” lists what he terms Ten principles of operational diplomacy”, and also, eight attributes of a diplomat. Two of the ten principles were Circumspection”, and Perceptiveness”.  Two of the eight attributes were An effective cross-cultural communicator”, and A remover of obstacles”.

As a Canadian of Sri Lankan origin living in Canada’s La belle Province, I am appalled and ashamed by the unfortunate lack of professionalism of our representation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, acting with no circumspection, no perceptiveness,  no cross-cultural understanding, while setting up obstacles for himself and the mission.

It should also be noted that Canada is a country which, as far as I know, stopped giving aid to any Sri Lankan government since the 1990s, preferring to channel its funding to NGOs who are unfortunately not answerable to the Canadian Tax Payer, nor to Sri Lankan citizens.    This stoppage was done many decades ago. Instead, Canadian Diplomats  have proceeded to give unsolicited free advise, while Canadian politicians had chosen to ignore the illegal collection of funds by pro-LTTE groups in Canada in return for tainted votes.  Stewart Bell of the National Post has documented how millions of dollars were raised to buy arms when even leading Canadian politicians of all hues contributed to questionable diaspora fund raisers”, in return for a few ethnic votes.

The most recent act of shame that  appalled  me was a news item which stated that:

Canada’s High Commissioner David McKinnon called out Sri Lanka MP Namal Rajapakse for his comments on twitter.

Interesting to see UNP, JVP and TNA politicians meeting with the members of the international community. Perhaps if more effort was given towards meeting with the people of Sri Lanka and paying heed to their hope for elections, Sri Lanka can finally achieve its fullest potential,” Rajapakse tweeted.

McKinnon responded in kind” to Rajapakse:

You might ask some of your Podujana Party (SLPP) colleagues who they’re meeting with,” he said in response.

Given that MP Namal Rajapaksa’s tweet refers to members of the international community”, why does  His Excellency tweet out assuming the role of  the spokesman of the international community”?

Where is the discretion? Where is the circumspection ? What a knee-jerk? Does the High Commissioner think that he is in his private capacity in a Town Hall meeting” with a Doug Ford?

No, this is not a private person, but a High Commissioner  engaging in verbal tit for tat with a junior MP,  thereby demeaning his mission in Sri Lanka, paid by the Canadian Tax Payer? Clearly, McKinnon enjoys the Mac Kick” of  adrenaline in being, even for a moment, the Grand Knight of the international community –  the gateway of the current political intrigue in Sri Lanka.

Then out spake brave” McKinnon,

the Captain of the Intri-Gate:

To every man upon this earth

A tweet cometh soon or late.

And how can a man tweet

than facing Podujana odds”.

Or was it just a Canadian fart!

With apologies to T. B. Macaulay,  Lays of Ancient Rome”.

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