“Commemorating Maaveerar Naal is Tamil people’s right – Wigneswaran” – then who is going to commemorate Tamils killed by LTTE
Posted on November 28th, 2018

What is Maaveerar Naal? Who originated it, when & why are fundamental questions anyone commenting on the subject should know to answer. Maaveerar Naal translated means ‘Great Heroes Day’ but it is not a Tamil civilian, Hindu or traditional event. Commenced first on 27 November 1989 by LTTE, it is a LTTE event to commemorate LTTE dead. Not Tamil dead but LTTE dead. It essentially means that Maaveerar Naal omits non-LTTE dead. Maaveerar Naal is certainly not commemorating Alfred Duraiappah (Mayor Jaffna), A. Amirthalingam, Sarojini Yogeswaran (Mayor Jaffna), Neelan Thiruchelvan, Sam Thambimuttu or even Lakshman Kadiragamar. Maaveerar Naal is a commemoration ONLY for LTTE dead – it is not for Tamil civilians & certainly not for Tamils (politicians, academics, public servants, clergy, children) killed by LTTE.

More importantly the Great Heroes imply only LTTE & does not include any of the dead from other Tamil militant groups – PLOTE, EPRLF, these families were forbidden from mourning the loss of their loved one’s publicly.


Maaveerar Naal is NOT commemorating these dead Tamils

DHARMALINGAM – TULF MP for MANIPAI father of D. SIDDHARTHAN (PLOTE leader) killed by LTTE in 1985

AMIRTHALINGAM – MP, Secretary General of the TULF/ a Former Opposition Leader killed by LTTE in 1989

PATHMANABHA – EPRLF leader killed by LTTE in India in 1990

Uma Maheshwaran, PLOTE leader killed by LTTE in 1989


TELO Leader K Sabaratnam killed by LTTE in 1986

Gopalaswamy Mahendraraja (Mahaththaya) Deputy leader of LTTE killed by Prabakaran in 1994 for being a RAW agent


Here’s a list of prominent Tamils LTTE has killed …. http://www.internationallawbureau.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Law-Paper-Attachment-2-List-of-Tamil-Politicians-Assassinated-by-the-LTTE.pdf

Wigneswaran, TNA or Diaspora or even the Western leaders & NGOs commenting on allowing the commemoration of this event are speaking of mourning for the Tamils, that LTTE has killed. The commemorations are ONLY for LTTE dead & no one else so who is Wigneswaran & TNA really fooling?

The LTTE Great Heroes Week to honor dead LTTE commences on 21November & ends on 27 November while Prabakaran’s birthday falls on 26th November. It was during one such event that Prabakaran announced that if he betrays the Tamil Eelam cause he should be killed. The annual event turned into a type of cult martyrdom. Another noteworthy aspect is that Hindus do not bury their dead. Committing suicide is considered a crime – burial is more of an Abrahamic faith & martyrdom was also part of brainwashing LTTE to think they were going to heaven for the cause of Eelam.

Yes, there is mass participation with civilian members – but these are family members of dead LTTE. They are known as Maaveerar Kudumbangal”(Great hero families).

What it means is that Maaveerar Naal is for dead LTTE by LTTE families. All LTTE families take part in these events in Sri Lanka & overseas… so everyone attending the events are linked to LTTE. During LTTE heyday only these families were given preferential treatment. Non-LTTE Tamil civilians or non-LTTE other Tamil Groups or their families did not get any preferential treatment.

Non-LTTE Tamils civilians do not attend & these public mourning’s are not for non-LTTE dead – neither Tamil civilians nor Tamil militants from other armed groups.

None of the family members of the dead in other Tamil militant groups attended or were even invited. In fact families of these dead were not even allowed to mourn their loss publicly. Their families are not known as Maaveerar Kudumbangal”(Great hero families)

Part of the Maaveerar Naal commemorations are the Maaveerar Thuyilum Illangal” LTTE cemeteries. Each dead LTTEr had a tomb allocated though the actual body was not buried inside.

Maaveerar Naal ceremonies were in red & yellow the colours of the LTTE, LTTE flag is hoisted, Eelam map is prominently displayed, a garland is placed first for Shankar the 1st great LTTE hero.

As D B S Jeyraj says Maaveerar Naal is an event ‘of the Tigers, for the Tigers & by the Tigers’ – It is not a day or week of mourning for all Tamils killed but ONLY for LTTE dead & ONLY LTTE dead.

Therefore, while Maaveerar Naal is only for commemorating LTTE by LTTE supporting Tamils, the hype of ‘war widows’ are also relevant to only spouses of LTTE dead & is a term that should be immediately disallowed from use. LTTE being a non-state actor are legally not entitled to the use of the terms political prisoners nor POWs & the term war widows specifically applies to only wives of soldiers of a national army & not armed terrorists.

It is time these abused phrases & terms are corrected locally & internationally as even international experts, media & UN are using these terms inspite of knowing their connotations & inapplicability to the LTTE.

If LTTE commemorated only their dead even going so far as to disallow families of other Tamil militant groups to mourn their dead publicly, we demand to know why Wigneswaran & TNA should be allowed to mourn LTTE dead only & it is now long overdue to take action against the University of Jaffna, its academic staff & students who are commemorating these dead LTTE unabashedly with LTTE flags, emblems, garlanding portraits of dead LTTE but completely ignoring the other Tamils killed by LTTE or even other Tamil militant dead.

Ask Wigneswaran if the Maaveerar Naal commemorating Great Tamil heroes are also commemorating late Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar and the answer will be a blunt NO.

Shenali D Waduge

8 Responses to ““Commemorating Maaveerar Naal is Tamil people’s right – Wigneswaran” – then who is going to commemorate Tamils killed by LTTE”

  1. ranjit Says:

    I am glad that the current government stopped Maveerar event organised by LTTE sympathisers and Tamil diaspora for some extent by not allowing them to display any photos,flags or anything that shows LTTE terrorism. If Ranil and his treacherous clan were there these ungrateful Tamils would have organised in a grand style hiding behind Sanhindiyawa board. Anyway this yearly event should be stopped for good for the sake of peace and freedom in this blessed country. No democratic country will allow such events in their soil. LTTE was purely a terrorist organisation which was banned in many countries around the world. They were responsible for thousands deaths including two leaders in two different countries SRI Lanka and India. No decent government will allow to commemorate cold blooded killers who killed pregnant women, children, Buddhist monks, politicians, and even new born babies etc. Anyone who speaks on behalf of Prabakaran and his LTTE organisation should be arrested and brought to justice. It’s a banned organisation not only in my country but many countries around the world. We should not allow Vigneswaran,Shivalingam or any mother’s son in this land to promote terrorists or terrorism. What we did during Mahinda era should be continued. Stop terrorism before they grow. Stop armed groups before they regroup,plan and execute their evil robots to kill more innocents in this land. Be tough to these Tamil and Muslim fanatics who promote evil and discomfort to our innocent citizens. Keep up hope in Mahinda/Sirisena government until the next new government comes in to power.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Please listen to what Sirisena is saying. He is saying Ranil is preventing power devolution to provincial councils.
    Sirisena-Mahanida wouldl therefore divide the country ?

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    Here it is

  4. Randeniyage Says:

    More here.

  5. Nihal Perera Says:


    I don’t know about Sirisena, but Mahinda will NEVER allow anyone to break the country. As far as I am concerned MR and Gothabaya are the only true patriotic leaders I trust.

    All the other politicians are opportunistic parasites who cannot be trusted, regardless of their party affiliations.

    The ONLY solution for the current mess is to go for the election. People have the right to decide NOT the political parasites who are hiding behind the fake “Democracy.”

  6. Randeniyage Says:

    @Nihal Perera
    Thank you for the response.
    Whose democracy is fake ?
    Are we to trust names like God and let the God decide everything ? What assurance you have got ?
    Assurance should come in the form of “CONSTITUTION” and “LAW” so that we don’t have to depend on NAMES ( or Gods), because these politician “Gods” are human( animal) and they do have personal desires.
    If Mahinda took action in 2010 to remove 13A (and remove Palaath Sabha) no doubt I too have same thinking like you, I don’t even mind Namal coming under Mahinda’s guidance.

    Main problem is Sirisena, the executive president (to be ) until Namal is qualified (2025). Don’t you see ?
    Is Sirisena “patriotic” or is he a Nationalist ?

    When Sirisena goes to Prez pols he will advertise DEVOLUTION ( Mahinda did the same) and he will make it happen even outside the constitution. He has proven his ability. According to his own words above, it is Ranil who prevented devolution. Do you believe those words ?

    This is why I am saying if Sirisena-Mahinda government is voted in, it could be an Indian conspiracy materializing.At the same time, Sirisena has cunningly manage to reduce Mahinda’s popularity and especially possibility of “intelligent impartial people’s votes” completely going against him. This too may be an Indian conspiracy, if India hates Mahinda.

    Ranil has surely antagonized India , similar to his uncle. He is the one sold Hambantota to China. Even to India, Sirisena cannot be trusted but Mahinda ?… may be.

    I am worried , in many ways, “coming colour is no good”.

    To me , it could have been very simple and straightforward, if ,
    1. No Subramanium Swamy + Mahinda-Modi meeting took place, followed by ranil’s visit to India
    2. General Election happened at right time at the end of UNP rule ( as they become more and more unpopular)
    3. Sirisena become politically dead ( becuase of MR coming to power in a gentleman’s way)
    4. More trust worthy leader ( eg. Gota) become the pRez.

  7. ranjit Says:

    I surely agreed 100% with Nihal on his comment. We all three are Sinhala Buddhists so no need to fight separately,this is the time to unite and fight together to send all are enemies to hell. Ranil and his UNP clan never be patriots. They always worked to make Para Sudda and the Indian parasites happy. They are hiding behind democracy board and doing all undemocratic things. This guy Ranil has lost elections more than twenty times and still greedy for power. This lot thinks the ordinary folks like us are damn fools and they are the only Royal clan were the brainy ones. These unpatriotic bastards should know that we Sinhala Buddhists cannot be fooled so easily. If they are popular as they boast go for election and show the whole world that citizens of this blessed land prefer and like a UNP government. Why they are scared of elections? Come and show your strength you swines who dance to the tune of western hypocrites and Indian parasites. Only Mahinda or Gota can take us out from this mess not Sirisena or any mother’s son. We don’t trust anybody than those two great war heroes. To save motherland vote for them not to the stooges of the Tamil diaspora or the foreign clans who are spending millions to distrupt our once peaceful land.

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Don’t label politicians “patriotic”. Instead judge their actions if patriotic or not on a case by case basis. No patriot would ever allow Vigneswaran to take oath as the NPC Chief Minister and no patriot would ever allow TNA to sit in parliament (after its stated objective of Tamil Eelam) let alone hold the Opposition Leader post.

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