Posted on November 28th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Everybody talks about the fracas in the Parliament and state run TV’s with most of the private channels are crucifying the Speaker .One channel owned by the sibling of the ( ex) PM is in rampage against the President and the ( incumbent ( PM ) .Three pillars of the state apparatchik getting blasted everyday .

People have forgotten the price increase of vegetables etc. as the supermarkets keep ripping off  the masses.

That day my wife visited a Super… Supermarket in Thalawathugoda to buy weekly provisions. She Bought few carrots which cost het 250 Rupees and some (sour) grapes for 800 Rs .with other items .She comes out of the shop and started checking the bill ,She found that cost of grapes was charged twice .Few branches of Coriander Leaves was charged at 220 Rupees

She returned to the shop and confronted the manager and asked him to check why she was overcharged .He did not bother to apologize and gave a most audacious  and unbelievable reason .They spray water on the leaves and the weight may have gone up .My wife asked him whether we should pay for few drops water over 100 Rupees

When I walked into the same new Green Coloured super market with New Look to buy some bananas .I picked up sour bananas and I was charged the price of Kolikuttu with a price over three time’s sour bananas.

Same answer, the weighing boy is  from Jaffna and he did not know the difference.

Last week l visited a five star hotel with cinnamon  taste to dine with my daughter and son in law who came from abroad .We went to the fish restaurant called Lagoon to taste some fish with a draft  beer

Completed the dinner and the bill came .I wish  not to  indicate  the bill amount as it is embarrassing due to the fact that many people get that kind of money after working for a whole month !

My son in law being very cautious about billing by restaurants, started checking the bill and found that the Lagoon charged the price of a Pitcher of Draft Beer instead of the price for a Pint.

I thought that it is a mistake and pointed out to the manager .He took my credit card and charged again with an amount after deducting the  price difference between a pint and a pitcher and informed me that they have cancelled the previous charge to the credit card .

I immediately got two texts on my mobile from HSBC that I have been charged twice

I was furious and blasted the manager and the waiter and kept calling credit card Company to cancel first payment.

It is still charged and I am waiting until end of the month to check the credit card bill

Even though I complained to the manager of the Lagoon he has not come back to me.

This is how these conglomerates earn money from the people who have diverted their mind in the sea of lies and treachery forgetting that we are robbed day by day by not only politicians but also Super Markets


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