Why the country should go for a General election immediately. Because it is the best Solution to get out of the present political impasse created by quarrelling political-ticks and restore people’s sovereignty and democracy in this country
Posted on November 29th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

2018.11. 29.

This decision will, in the first rescue the motherland and its people from the present unfortunate political impasse created by selfish and corrupt politicians, who do not care a damn for what happen to the general public or the country, and restore normalcy in the country for people to breath a sense of relief and sanity.

Secondly it will give a golden opportunity for the Sinhala majority along with moderate Tamils and Muslims who love this country than Tamilnadu in South India and the Arab world to elect a patriotic government of their choice in place of a government imposed on them by force by power hungry corrupt politicians to suit their selfish, vicious and treacherous agendas as it is being conspired and manipulated by the present UNP under Ranil and people like Rajitha, Karu Jayasuriya and Champika the vicious, with the support of ultra -communal TNA and other Tamil and Muslim politicians like Rauf Hakeem and Richard Badurdeen and JVP outfit who have got reduced to a ‘Jatiya Vinasa kirrime Peramunak’ who behave rabid under some invisible foreign manipulation, whether it is CIA or KGB only time will reveal.

Thirdly it will also mark the beginning of an era of national politics in this country sans communal and religious fanatics which I see as  the beginning and a turning point in people centered development process in this country  ever since the regaining of partial political independence in 1948.

Looking at the prevailing nauseating political mess in the country, the following salient features could be highlighted.

1The Present Parliament does not have a valid people’s mandate to carry on without getting a fresh one as what it has got in 2015 August has already ceased to exist after the 2018 Feb10 Local Government elections. Therefore for people of this country a new and stable government is a must.

Even the Waniyale  etto  (Vedinayaka) has understood this reality when he said the other day that the people’s will (Sovereignty) lies with the people  and not with the 225 in Parliament”. Isn’t it a tragedy and a pity that Ranil, Karu J and their mad outfit cannot understand that much. In this context it would have been much better I think, if Wanniyele aetto was made the Speaker in our Parliament? He will certainly do better than the present UNP Speaker.

2 Even in the Parliament, out of the 225, 103 members who really represent the people’s will and aspirations and who love the country and its people are out of it at the moment. So, how can a sane person, justifies the continuity of this illegal, outdated, misdirected and dead Parliament. The Speaker has ceased to be the Speaker of Parliament instead he has become the speaker for the UNP violently behaving madly like a bull in a china shop with no  regard to Parliamentary procedure or the high etiquettes of a Speaker in Parliament.

3 All those who have gone to courts on behalf of the 122 group against a general election represent the interests of the anti-Sinhala, anti Sri Lanka and anti –Buddhist Western powers and those of separatist extremist communal Tamil and Muslim interests who are diehard Federalist who want to divide and destroy this country with the proposed new Constitution who are concerned only in retaining power in order to destroy this country and fulfill their personal agendas. They all are sworn enemies of the nation.

4 In this backdrop the best and the only solution on earth to get out of this political impasse and to do justice by the people with whom sovereignty lies is to go for a general election. So that the people can elect a Government they want.

The legitimate Government appointed by the President does not fall in to this category as it is only an interim Government as declared and they have in fact already decided to have a general Election on the 5th of January to seek a mandate to govern.

The dissolution of the Parliament and declaration of General election for January on the part of the President I think he has done in good intension for the good of the country and its people.  Ranil and his team had enjoyed full power in office for nearly four years while there was total anarchy in this country as there was no Government at all during this period why can’t they wait for another month without enjoying the fruits and luxuries of power as a general election is already declared for January and win the election to form a strong UNP government without betraying the nation with the help of Tamil and Muslim communal parties and notorious JVP.  Instead of creating confusion and political instability in the country by various politically suicidal mad moves like joining hands with anti- national and unpatriotic groups again     to form an unstable and unpopular government why cant the UNP try to get a solid mandate at the forthcoming election and form a strong UNP Government without committing political hara-kiri for the UNP by aligning with these anti national anti-Sinhala elements. If I were a UNP politician that is exactly what I would do.

If the UNP gets the majority Karu J still can make his dream a reality by getting his son-in-law appointed as the Prime Minister, of cause if he wins his seat and also can get nomination to contest for the Presidency in 2019 as the UNP candidate at the next Presidential election as already promised by Ranil.

So why quarrel and inconvenience the masses. Why create more anarchy in the country which will make you more unpopular. Go for elections as early as possible, prove your popularity and stop this madness you ruffians are engaged in, in the name of the democracy, the country and the suffering subjects of our motherland, if you have a wee bit of concern for the people and the country.

Please remember  what ever party wins the elections, finally the real victors will be the people and not politicians.

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  1. nilwala Says:

    Dr Sudath G. is still being optimistic when he states that “….what ever party wins the elections, finally the real victors will be the people and not politicians.” I am NOT that hopeful considering how this entire exercise is being driven from Parliament and its Speaker ably controlled by Temple Trees inhabitants and directed towards using the People themselves to effectively keep the Peoples Sovereignty OUT. The JVP’s role is shameful in the way it has abandoned the People and sold out after it sacrificed a generation. The pseudo-intellectuals of the neo-Liberal faction who do not seem to see beyond their noses how Sri Lanka’s heritage is being wiped out will see what emerges after the Electronic Voting System goes into action …… Noone seems to care how Computer Programming can “manage” election outcomes. Hopefully at least there will be a few in Sri Lanka who will care sufficiently to look at what Diebold did in the USA during the Bush election and INSIST on a paper trail. Not that even that would stop our ineptitude and memory deficits coupled with short-term interests. SAD FUTURE for Sri Lanka which had held out such potential.

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