Independent Judiciary made it possible to make Parliament a Theatre.
Posted on November 30th, 2018

By Charles S.Perera

The most ridiculous theatrical shows continue to be enacted within the once august  meeting place of the people’s representatives the Parliament. Can one call a Parliament is in session when there is only the opposition seated in their seats  with a theatrically attired speaker in Chair?

The Comedy Francaise has a great  classical, cultural value.

But the theatrical sessions of the Parliament of Sri Lanka being enacted these days with Karunasena Jayasuriya in Chair in his British theatrical costume, are neither classical, nor cultural,  but a pure display of hatred , vengeance, with sometime even criminal undertones,  calling the people to surround the house of Ministers and rebel against the Constitutionally formed government, which they say is non existent.

There is no functioning Parliament  in Sri Lanka today.  All those speeches  being made on the opposition side and their passing of No Confidence Motions, and legislations  in the absence of the Prime Minister and the Ministers and the representatives of the Government make the whole show a  mere mockery of  Parliamentary Sessions. Those speeches  have no right to be printed in Parliamentary Hansards and the regislations have no legal value.

It is the Judiciary that bungled in haste allowing the Parliament to continue its session until their verdict on the illegal opposition, as the Attorney General had informed the Judges,  to the Presidential decision to appoint a new Prime Minister and a new Government, and issuing  a gazette notification to dissolve the parliament to hold general  elections.

The law students are perhaps aware of mock trials in preparing them  for exams, where the students try to make the mock trials as real as far as possible. It is exactly that which is happening in the Sri Lanka Parliament now  which has been boycotted by the government as the opposition has made the Parliament   a show place  for rhetoric. They have all  become great politicians speaking lightly and without respect for persons and office.

In the meantime, the Government of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse appointed by the President as the Prime Minister,  and his Cabinet of Ministers are working hard to re establish the disorder the country had been put into by three years of non-rule” by the Yahapalanaya Government.  But the mock Parliament in session in the mean time try to put barriers before Prime Minister  Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government doing  their  best to give what ever relief they can to the people who had been put into financial difficulties, and help them continue their work for their lively hood, while  helping the farmers to plough their fields, despite the present difficulties being created by  the UNP and its allied partners.

The fear that both the UNP and its allied partners and the JVP dreaming to establish a  Marxist Government have  is that,  within a short time  the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and his Cabinet of Miniters may carry out an efficient refurbishment and bring back a little relief to the people which would put him in an advantageous position to face the coming General election.

Hence they are doing their damnedest possible against  the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and his Cabinet of Ministers from carrying out their work to put to right what had been done wrong by the Yahapalanaya government. The only way they can disable the Mahinda Rajapakse Government from working for the welfare of the people is by passing various legislations accepted as passed by the  Speaker of the House who it seems to have  momentarily gone insane.

Most hard hitting rhetoric comes from the Marxists of the JVP Anura Kumara Dissanayake, Bimal Ratnayake etc,  and  from Champika Ranawake who is hoping that by some chance the  post of the Opposition candidate for the next Presidential election may fall on his lap.

The speeches of the Marxist JVP speakers  which lack  moral, religious or disciplined eloquence, may be a bad influence on the minds of the Sri Lanka youth who are already suffering from an unknown malaise which was highlighted recently from a group of youth videoing a young woman being strangled to death by  another without coming to the help of the victim.

However, the most virulent un Buddhist speeches attacking Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and his cabinet  by a man in yellow robes Dambara Amila have been exposed as being made for a fee of Rupees  95000 per month paid by Littro gaz.

There is also the danger of the mock parliamentary sessions open to the view of the public, may contribute to endanger the morality of the  Sri Lankan Youth, as the speakers go unchallenged  and uncorrected with their indiscipline immoral speeches of hatred and vengeance against  their enemy”  the Prime Minister and his Cabinet who are carrying  out their duties legitimately entrusted to them for the welfare of the country and the people.

People should take serious note of these self appointed saviours of democracy, and good governance from slowing down the Government of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse’s process of bringing back to normal the three years of bad Yahapalanaya governance, which had denied to the people  any relief from rampant cost of living through anti people taxes imposed by the Yahapalanaya Government.

The Yahapalanaya Government  which was being directed by the West holding before it the GPS  and other minor relief  to make Sri Lanka dependent on the West and agree to pass a new Constitution with a federal twist to give an Eelam State to the Tamils and make Sri Lanka a non religious state by removing any special consideration  for Buddhism as it had been done in previous Constitutions.

JVP is already asking that they be given the right to rule the country and  with that idea behind, it is carrying on a bitter campaign to make the Prime Minister  Mahinda Rajapakse and his Ministers unpopular amoung the people, and obstruct the work the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Minister are doing to ameliorate the living conditions of the people. The mock sessions of the Parliament have stopped the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Ministers have resort to funds for proceeding with their work,  by passing mock legislation.

As the Parliament is  presently  not functioning in its legal form, there is a question whether the mock legislation passed at the mock sessions of the Parliament have any legal value. 

One does not know what could be expected from the independent judiciary in this regard.

Would their  decisions make it still more difficult for the people to expect the Government led by the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse carry on its work for the immediate betterment of the conditions of the people, or whether they would be again thrown back to the Yahapalanaya wolves now reduced to the UNP , TNA, and JVP ?

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Charles keep on writing because we need to inject the truth to the minds of the people as they were living in coma at this time because of unpatriotic rule of yamapalanaya. To run this country we need a government true but what kind of government? to make that decision let’s give the chance to the people of this country to select that’s all. Nobody can play with our sovereignty and democracy or our lives. Politicians come and go but we the people has to go on with our lives therefore stop talking and arguing each other and call for immediate general election. Let the people decides. Sinhala land should be governed by a Sinhala Buddhist and the minority should be allowed to live side by side in freedom and in peace. Together we can make this land prosperous and fight our enemies to bring real peace to our nation. Down with western and Indian stooges. Hail the lion flag all over Sri Lanka our motherland.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    TNA urges Sirisena to take a swift, considered decision
    Meera Srinivasan
    COLOMBO, December 01, 2018 01:26 IST
    Updated: December 01, 2018 01:28 IST

    The mounting pressure of an impending Supreme Court verdict on his dissolution of Parliament, and the lack of majority support for his hand-picked Prime Minister might prompt President Maithripala Sirisena to end Sri Lanka’s political crisis this weekend, The Hindu learns.

    President Sirisena held two high-level meetings on Friday evening — with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentary group and the leaders of the United National Front (UNF) led by ousted Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) — to explore a possible way out of the crisis, sources present at the discussions said.

    The TNA had a “cordial” meeting with the President, according to its leader R. Sampanthan, who pointed out that the legislature and the executive have been in conflict following Mr. Sirisena’s actions since October 26. The party “claiming to be government”, the TNA observed, was not present in the House over the past few days.

    A month after being controversially installed as premier, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is yet to prove majority in the House, making it harder for Mr. Sirisena to continue justifying his appointment in place of Mr. Wickremesinghe.

    The TNA also pointed to the two cases in court — one challenging President Sirisena’s dissolution of Parliament and call for snap polls, and another Quo Warranto petition asking on whose authority Mr. Rajapaksa was continuing in office despite losing the trust vote.
    UNP’s support in 2015

    “There is every possibility that the outcome of the cases might overturn his [President’s] decisions. That would not be desirable, so we advised him to take well-considered decisions at the earliest, rather than hasty, ill-advised decisions,” Mr. Sampanthan said.

    When Mr. Sirisena reiterated his reservations on working with Mr. Wickremesinghe, the TNA leader told him that it was important not to disregard the fact that the UNP had backed his presidential candidacy in the 2015 election. “We told him that the party’s choice in nominating its prime ministerial candidate must be respected,” Mr. Sampanthan said.

    Further, the TNA raised pending concerns of the Tamil people, including a political solution, the return of military-occupied land to civilians, and the release of political prisoners. The President’s response was “positive”, as he underscored his commitment to a political solution and the release of private land remaining with the military by December 31.

    “On the matter of political prisoners, the President will chair a meeting on Monday, with the Attorney General and other relevant officials. The TNA will also participate and a decision is likely,” Mr. Sampanthan said.

  3. Charles Says:

    Thank you Ranjith, I will write age hampers writing, but I seem to be unable not to react when the Country is at stake. There are new people with new I deas, I heard Naganathan recently, but to my mind they lack something essential to lead the country. Rajapaksa is the only leader we have had who is realistic and who thinks that development is essential but not at the risk of loosing our Buddhist Culture. We cannot develop like any oher country but develop as Sri Lanka. The Tamils should rally round the Sinhala because even their existence depends on the Sinhala and in the protection of their culture. I do not believe TNA and any of these Tamil politicos- Sumanthiran and Sambandans cannot do any thing positive as long as they hold onto TNA ideals.

  4. Charles Says:

    A month after being controversially installed as premier, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is yet to prove majority in the House, making it harder for Mr. Sirisena to continue justifying his appointment in place of Mr. Wickremesinghe.

    It is not for Rajapakse to show a majority, as Rajapakse accepted to be the Prime Minister as President’s alternate choice in the absence of one from UNP. President must have thought that it was posible that there would be break away MPs to make up the majority. It did not turn out that way, unfortunately. It is not TNA to advice the President. We have to hope for the best with the SC. I think military camps should be re established in the north and east. That was why returning military land was not wise.

    I am sure now that Ranil is out things will turn out to be better.

  5. Nimal Says:

    Judiciary should be detached from the politicians and police and be firmly independent just as in UK.They may funny cloths but they keep the country sane and law-abiding. Can’t say much about our present leaders when they unleash thugs to assault police and damage public property in the parliament or anywhere else in the country.

  6. ranjit Says:

    Don’t worry about the age my brother we all are in the same boat but we cannot stay put while our country at stake as you have mentioned. Mahinda didn’t ask or took the premiership by force. It came to his hands surprisingly without anybody’s knowledge. President gave him not because he liked him. He was compelled to do it as per the situation at that moment. He truthfully said about his unsuccessful marriage with the Sri Lankan Doyle for three and half years. What he did was a miracle. He saved our motherland just in time otherwise we wouldn’t have a country to call home. Ranil Doyle was about to sacrifice our land to Tamil, Muslim and his foreign friends. Tamil and his treacherous clan must be defeated at all cost. They are poison for my country. I don’t know why ordinary poor people go after these UNP politicians? They ruined our economy and everything. They make us poor and poor while they themselves enjoyed luxury lifestyles. They robbed the Central bank,sold our very rich land and valuable assets to foreigners etc. He acted like a dictator in the parliament and outside. He tried shrewdly and cunningly to take all presidential powers with the help of TNA and JVP. Thank god now everything was over and we can hope something good will happen to our beautiful paradise Island in the future. Let’s work hard to bring a good government under the leadership of our great leader Mahinda Rajapaksa. I ask the people in this country to reject all the traitors to motherland on both sides. Charles don’t worry be happy and take care of your health. We are southerners don’t forget that.

  7. Christie Says:

    “Independent Judiciary”

    What, when, where, who is that?

  8. nilwala Says:

    Since Gazette #1 was not challenged by RanilW and his vocal cohorts including the Speaker, it must mean that they were fully aware of the legality and constitutionality of the order, and that the appointment of a new Cabinet and PM were done in accordance with the Constitution.
    So, it is ONLY the “Dissolution” of Parliament that the 13 petitioners appealed to the Judiciary for a determination of constitutionality.
    Again, the fact remains that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution had NOT been presented for a Referendum as required by the Constitution as well as by the Judiciary that had determined this requirement, and had ONLY been passed by the 2/3 majority in Parliament. This started the Parliament on its ego trip to declare itself Supreme with the PM as the “real” Head of State.
    The Yahapalanas then attempted to bypass the PEOPLE and blithely pass legislation and act in autocratic manner until this crisis brought into the open the whole conspiracy to carry out a co-sponsored Agenda, while the happy-go-lucky Lankans looked away.
    NOW that the “stuff” has hit the fan, they are trying to be “Goody Two Shoes” and Oh!-so-correct Parliamentarians declaring themselves vehemently as “SUPREME”, when they still do not seem to understand the very fundamental differences between a Parliamentary Democracy that they are yet stuck on, and the Presidential Democracy that it had been transformed into via the 1978 Constitution with a “Separation of Powers” that these Parliamentarians seem quite ignorant of.
    Isn’t it about time the Sovereign People of Lanka had a chance to replace these ignoramuses??!!.

  9. Nimal Says:

    I have little respect for our lawyers and the justice system. They take ages to finish a case. I lost a considerable amount of good part of my land forcibly encroached first by a senior cop and since he could not continue with the case for over a decade sold his property and my stolen land to a politician with a loan from HNB in spite of informing the bank that there is a court restriction of selling the land due to the case. After another 10 years past I had to settle for an unbuildable land elsewhere.
    Our justice system is rotten like our medieval history which was also rotten until the colonials set in.
    In all decent countries the justice system is honest and very much independent of the other governing bodies especially the politicians. This gives the innocent people a life line for justice and fair play.Politicans and their lackeys hates the honest justice system in many third world countries.
    Now my childhood friend’s house Colombo 7 is to be auctioned by a court order where a thug close to the politician has raised a loan from a well known bank in Moratuwa on a false deed where he could not pay the loan. My dear friend is hold up in her house fearing for her life and the Cinnamon Gardens police ignored her pleas for protection. We will see how this will end.
    Country need good politicans,good police and genuine justice system

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