Re-Kids eat free in Australia
Posted on January 3rd, 2019

Stanley Perera Melbourne, Australia.

It is absolute truth that kids eat free in Australia.  Kids have pets and there are bank accounts for the pets and and pets hospitals and pets cemetries in Australia.  It is also absolute truth that kids and their pets are Australian’s national treasure.  Kids go to school and pets go to obedience classes and get toilet trained.  When those kids grow up those entitlements and inheritanced enjoyed in their childhood are transferred to their kids.  That is the Australian National heritage enjoyed by Australians with dignity, honesty and integrity.  In my days if an English man was called a liar, he would commit suicide.  It was that truthful an Englishman those days.  In the modern day the English Prime Minister Tony Blair  was called Blair the liar by the English public when Tony Blair said a pack of lies about Sadam Husein.  As a reward Tony Blair was made the lifetime president of the Middle east peace board by Little Bush with enormous amounts of perks.  Blair’s wife was called Flats lady.


It is absolute truth that 225 kids eat free 5 course meals all day and all night 24 hours of the in in this beautiful Island Nation of Sri Lanka.  They are issued with duty free luxury BMW permits every year instead of a pet.  It is not only His,but also a Her’s.  So His’s and Her’s Luxury BMWs.  One for the master(luxury bullet proof), two for the kids and none for the naughty kids who say no to the 19A.  Majority of those kids never went to a school.  They carry knives to the play scool.  They pour water on to the class teacher’s chair, fortunately it was not that electric chair made in the USA.  Some kids call the class teach who is also a kid “Karumaya”.  One kid threw urine mixed with chilli powder which got into the eye of another kid and this kid was crying his eyes out and screaming his head off danawo “danawo, danawo”.  Some people though it was a real act of kids and some people thought it was the play school drama.  Unlike in Australian kids, these 225 Siri Lankan kids are housed in 7 star luxury hotel in the tiny little island in Diyawanna.  It is absolute truth that tose 225 Siri Lankan kids never grow up, nover go to school and never do a job.  All they do twddile their thumbs, picking their noses and arses and thinking day and night how to rob the banks.  Those duty free luxury car permis once every year come with a no repay bank loans not exceeding 500 million rupees.  The Ambassadors visit the head of the kids from time to time to check the health and welfare of the kids.  Those Ambassados in the public gallery applause whenever the class teacher discipline the kids at the play scool.  Those dispora appointed Ambassados’s main job is to puppeteer the puppet kids play school.  The head of the kids is a thug.  Some people call him Mr. Batalanda.  Some people call him white skinned Ambusados’s boot licker.  All the people call him mid night.  That is becuse when all the kids go to sleep the thug of the kids pass 19A 40A, 33A and all the As that comes to his mind.  Some people call him an arch crook.  Somebody said he is butter fly.  Pople also call those 225 kids “free loaders”.  Part 11 to be continued.

Stanley Perera

Melbourne, Australia.

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    It is a hilariously funny article, particularly the second paragraph heading “225 KIDS ALSO EAT FREE IN ISLAN NATION OF SRI LANKA”, I would love more similar hits!

  2. Christie Says:


    Try a Sugar baby man!

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